Shortly after the death of Dafa practitioner Peng Min, his mother, Li Yingxiu died tragically in the No. 7 Hospital. Her husband Peng, detained in the Hewan Labor Camp, was allowed to go in handcuffs to the No. 7 Hospital to view her remains. Upon seeing the bloodstains on her head, Peng, who was in grief and indignation, questioned the police and medical personnel as to the cause of Li Yingxiu's death. The doctor said her death was caused by a brain hemorrhage and the bloodstains were left due to the brain being punctured during the autopsy. However, Peng didn't believe their explanation, since he knew that Li Yingxiu, prior to her death, did not show any symptoms related to a brain hemorrhage. Upon Peng's insistent questioning, one policeman admitted inadvertently that Li Yingxiu died, because she talked too much after the death of Peng Min, her son.