Mr. Li Zetao was about 24 years old. He came from Qilong Village, Xianheng, Shimo Town, Jiangjin City, Chongqing City. He was an employee of the Zongsheng Motorcycle Parts Factory of Chongqing City. Because he was reported for clarifying the truth about Falun Gong, he was arrested by the Jiulongpo District Police in Chongqing City at the end of June (the Lunar calendar) 2000. At the time, Li Zetao was only wearing underwear. The money in his house, his clothes, and notebook were all confiscated. During his detention, his family members were forbidden to visit him. On April 11, 2001, his family suddenly received a notification from the Shimo Police Station saying that Mr. Li was life-threateningly ill and immediately needed his family to visit. Only when his family members arrived at Chongqing City did they learn that he was detained in Xishanping Forced Labor Camp.