A Practitioner

Chinese Name: 大法弟子
Gender: Female
Age: 32
City: Qian'an City
Province: Hebei
Date of Death: 2001-02-22
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention: Cuizhuang City Detention Center
Case Description:

A female Falun Gong practitioner from out of town was tortured to death while in Qianan City police custody. She went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong during the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) and was sent by the Beijing Public Security Bureau to be temporarily detained in the Cuizhuang Detention Center in Qianan City, Hebei Province.

In order not to affect her family and work unit, this practitioner refused to reveal her identity and the name of her workplace. As a result, she was brutally beaten by the local police. At 7 AM on February 18, 2001, the guards began to beat her again and did not stop until 11 PM. Then they dragged her back to her cell with wounds covering her body, leaving a trail of blood on the ground. The exposed parts of her body were covered with gruesome wounds. The eyelashes and the eyebrow of her left eye were pulled out. Her nose was charred by fire (reported to be from a cigarette lighter), and her socks had stuck to the bones of her heels with dried blood. She was left unattended and dying in her cell, completely ignored by the guards. Only when she went into a coma on February 20 did they send her to Qianan City's Chinese Traditional Medicine Hospital. This practitioner passed away on February 22.

To cover up their crime, the police cremated her on the same day and claimed that she died from a cerebral hemorrhage.

We know little about her, only that she was 32 years old and spoke with a Fujian accent.