Dafa practitioner Liu Senle, female, 53 years old, lived in Group One of Guilin Village, Xindu District, Chengdu City. On April 5, 2003, when Liu Senle was taking a walk in Xinguihu Park along with several friends, people from the Xindu District Police Department and the "610 Office" unlawfully arrested her, together with her five companions. Xindu District Police Department and "610 Office" authorities claimed that the practitioners were holding an "illegal gathering." Then they tried to force them to give up Dafa practice. Because they refused to do so, Liu Senle was detained for 15 days. After her term expired in the afternoon of April 22, "610 Office" personnel sent her to the Xinjin Brainwashing Center, where she was brutally beaten and tortured. When seeing that Liu was on verge of death, the thugs extorted 1,000 Yuan from her family before they released her. On May 23, the wife of a local Party secretary and two other people picked her up. She was barefoot, her whole body ached and her head was swollen. Her chest was black and blue, and her stomach was swollen. Her mouth foamed, and she had to hold her stomach with her hands all day long due to the pain. Three days after she returned home, on the morning of May 26th, she passed away.