Zhang Youqing

Chinese Name: 张有清
Gender: Male
Age: 58
City: Longxi County
Province: Gansu
Date of Death: 2002-11-04
Date of Most Recent Arrest: 2002-01-25
Most recent place of detention: Longxi County Detention Center
Case Description:

Zhang Youqing, born in 1944, was a construction worker in Longxi County, Gansu Province.

On January 25, 2002, policeman Song Jianhua led several other policemen and broke intoZhang's home and asked if he and his wife were still practicing Falun Gong. Zhang said, "Yes." A policeman said ferociously, "If you continue to practice, we will send both of you to jail." Then they left. However, they returned just several minutes later and forcibly took the couple away. They jailed them in the Longxi County Detention Center and delivered a notice to the couple's family stating the couple was detained on criminal charges.

On November 1, 2001, the detention center informed Zhang's family to pick him up. At that time, Zhang could no longer stand up and he was emaciated. Still, the jail forced Zhang's son to write a so-called guarantee letter on behalf of his father. They then took Zhang's hand and pressed his fingerprints on the guarantee letter. Three days after his return home, Zhang passed away.