Ms. Xiao Yali was 37 years old. At about 7:00pm on the night of February 28, 2004, Township Political and Judiciary Committee head Gao Jinpeng, local police station deputy head Bai, township government staff members Hu Zongshen and Li Yaosheng, along with three or four others broke into Ms. Xiao's home and took her to the local police station. Ms. Xiao was later jailed in Shuangcheng City Detention Center. At about 6:40pm on March 6, Ms. Xiao's family members received a phone call from the detention center telling them to bring money to the emergency room for Ms. Xiao's medical treatment. About 10 minutes later the detention center called again saying the family could come the following day. At that point, Ms. Xiao had already died from the abuse she suffered. That night more than 20 family members went to the hospital, but the police did not let them see Ms. Xiao. On March 7, the family members saw Ms. Xiao's body, which was horrifying to look at.