Dafa practitioner Mr. Shen Guoyan, 60 years old, lived in Paizhouwan Town, Jiayu County, Hubei Province. He persisted in Dafa practice and was reported to the authorities in September 2001. The local police ransacked his home and seized his Falun Dafa books. He went to the police station and asked for the return of his Falun Dafa books, but the police refused to return them. In late September 2001, he was arrested while publicly distributing truth clarification materials and was sent to the No. 1 Detention Center in Jiayu County where the guards viciously beat him and violently struck his chest. They tortured him with various methods until his whole body became swollen and he was on the brink of death. Mr. Shen was released in October 2002 and passed away in February 2003.