Ms. Zhou Zebi from Chengxi Township, Dazhu County, Sichuan Province was tortured with a variety of methods while detained in the notorious Zizhong Nanmusi Forced Labor Camp in Sichuan Province. She was subjected to extended periods of torture, which left her on the verge of death and in an emaciated state. The torture caused her to have injuries, which caused her to cough terribly, vomit blood, and also have bloody stools. One of her relatives carried her out of the forced labor camp on his back in April 2001. At that time, she already had serious edema, her lower abdomen was distended, and she could only exhale but not inhale very deeply. The torture left her with such severe injuries, she looked like a dead person. In May 2001, Ms. Zhou Zebi died from complications resulting from the extended torture she received by the authorities.