Zhou Qingtian

Chinese Name: 周清田
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
City: Xi'an City
Province: Shaanxi
Date of Death: 2004-07
Date of Most Recent Arrest:
Most recent place of detention: Zaozihe Labor Camp
Case Description:

Mr. Zhou Qingtian was a retiree from the Shaanxi Province Xi'an City Chang'an District Party Committee. He was illegally sent to Shaanxi Zaozihe Labor Camp in 2002 to be "reeducated through forced labor" for one year. During this period, the police ordered some drug addicts to torture him by piercing his fingers with steel needles.

After he was released from the labor camp, Mr. Zhou was arrested in 2004. In July 2004 he was tortured to death by Xi'an police.