Zhao Wenpeng

Chinese Name: 赵文鹏
Gender: Male
Age: 41
City: Guiyang City
Province: Guizhou
Date of Death: 2007-03-07
Date of Most Recent Arrest: 2006-08-10
Most recent place of detention: Guiyang City Police Hospital
Case Description:

Mr. Zhao Wenpeng, 41, was from Guiyang City in Guizhou Province. In August of 2006,

Mr. Zhao was taken away by the police and brought to Yuanyan District Detention Center in Guiyang City. He suffered all kinds of brutal torture at the detention center and developed edema all over his body in just a few months. The torture left a big wound on the side of his left thigh, which continually oozed pus. Zhao Wenpeng was taken to the Guiyang City Police Hospital. The "treatments" of injections and drugs only made Mr. Zhao Wenpeng's health deteriorate even more rapidly. He developed acro-anesthesia [numbness of limbs], incontinence and other disorders during these treatments. Mr. Zhao Wenpeng died at the Guiyang City Police Hospital on March 7, 2007. A healthy person was tortured to death after being arrested and persecuted for seven months and two days only.