Mr. Cheng Jingshan was a farmer from Guyi Village, Liulintun Town, Luancheng County, Hebei Province. At the end of 2003, Cheng gained his release after 28 months of unlawful detention in a forced labor camp. In the fall of 2004, someone reported Cheng when he was distributing truth-clarifying materials. The perpetrators arrested and detained him in the county detention center. They beat him cruelly. He became disfigured. Subsequently, Cheng was transferred to a brainwashing center in Shijiazhuang City, and then to a forced labor camp for a 3-year term. Mr. Cheng was tortured until he was in a critical condition. In May 2004, his family members carried him home. He was brain damaged. Cheng's mind was not clear. He died on January 11, 2005.