Mr. Li Mingyue was 69 years old. In February 2002, he went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa along with three other family members. They were all arrested and sent back to Huozhou City, detained more than one month in the Huozhou City Detention Center, and extorted out of more than three thousand yuan.

At midnight on February 5, 2002 (Chinese New Year's Eve), more than ten police officers came and ransacked his home. They also abducted four family members. One day during detention, Mr. Li Mingyue was humiliated by being paraded on the street. He was sentenced to forced labor for one year.

In October 2002, four to five police officers came to his house again to harass him. Mr. Li could not bear such severe mental pressure. He became very weak and died three to four days later.