Ms. Sun Guangjuan, 42, was a resident of North Shijiawu Village in Langfang City, Anci District. One day in October 2001, Yang Baoying from the North Shiwu General Office came with 20 other people to arrest Ms. Sun. They sent her to Langfang City brainwashing class, against her will, for persecution. Under the personal supervision of the 610 Office, several collaborators took turns attacking her, depriving her of sleep, and otherwise physically and mentally abusing her. Under these very severe tortures and psychological abuses, she finally gave in and "reformed." Later she was forced to write the so-called "four statements" to defame Falun Gong's founder. After that, she was mentally traumatized. Her mental balance was destroyed by the brutal persecution. In July 2002, she jumped into a river and died.