Ms. Wang Xiuqing, 57, was a retired worker living at Tanji Dormitory, West Xiqiao District, Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province. Before she cultivated and practiced Dafa, she had many diseases, and was frequently hospitalized. Soon after she began cultivating, she fully recovered from all of her ailments. In 2000, Ms. Wang practiced at the Railroad Park and posted Dafa banners. She was arrested by the Gongrenxincun local police station in West Xiqiao District and Shenjiatun local police station twice, and was illegally detained and fined. Later, the Gongrenxincun local police station and the residents' committee often harassed her. Her body and mind were seriously harmed, and she suffered a relapse of her illnesses. She died around New Year's Day, 2005.