Ms. Jin Guilan was in her 50s and lived in Qitaihe City, Heilongjiang Province. Ever since she went to Beijing to validate the Fa, she has been harassed by local police and the Neighborhood Administration. She went to Beijing again in October 1999, where she was detained for 15 days and extorted by the police. Ms. Jin went to Beijing a third time in June 2000 and was sentenced to three years of forced labor upon returning home. The Labor Camp rejected her due to her physical condition, but the Qitaihe City 610 Office and police would not let her go home, so they kept her in the Qitaihe City First Detention Center. One month later, her condition worsened, so the detention center sent her to the door of the 610 Office. When they saw that she was truly dying, they released her. Ms. Jin never recovered and died in May 2001