Cong Peilian

Chinese Name: 丛培莲
Gender: Female
Age: 64
City: Chaoyang City
Province: Liaoning
Date of Death: 2007-05-13
Date of Most Recent Arrest: 2002
Most recent place of detention: Dabei Prison in Shenyang City
Case Description:
Ms. Cong Peilian was from Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province. Ms. Cong and her husband began cultivation in 1994. After the persecution began on July 20 1999, the local police constantly went to her home and disturbed her. They forced her to sign a guarantee statement promising not to practice Falun Gong. She and her husband decided to move elsewhere to avoid harassment. In 2002, some people in Beipiao City who did not know the truth called the police and Ms. Cong and her husband were arrested. This older couple was sentenced to ten years in prison. Ms. Cong's husband died as a result of abuse at Dabei Prison in Shenyang City. Ms. Cong's health deteriorated in 2005. She sweat all the time and developed a severe tremor in her head. She was bailed out on medical parole, but Dabei Prison officials forced her family to provide them her medical reports several times and continuously disturbed them. The family had to provide reports proving she was sick every six months. Ms. Cong Peilian died at age 64 on May 13, 2007.