Ms. Zheng Hailing, sixty-five years old, retired from the Fruit and Food Company in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. In July 1994, she attended the fourth in a series of Falun Gong lectures given by Master Li in Guangzhou City. After that, her old diseases were cured. Because all her family members were Falun Gong practitioners, the police broke into and ransacked their home many times after the persecution started. Her husband was sentenced to a labor camp. The local police arrested her daughter and illegally detained her in a brainwashing center many times. Policeman Hu Wensong constantly harassed and threatened Ms. Zheng. She suffered a lot mentally and physically, which finally induced a stroke. She was alone at home and no one could take care of her. On May 19, 2002, she lost consciousness and with no one around, she passed away.