Ms. Zhang Ying was 66 years old, and lived in Wuhan City, Hubei Province. In 2002, she peacefully and legally appealed for Falun Dafa in Beijing. As a result, she was detained in the Shijingshan Detention Center by police in Beijing. Later, the Deputy Chief of the Wansong Street Police Station in Wuhan brought her back to Wuhan City. On his way to Beijing, the Deputy Chief asked Ms. Zhang's husband to accompany him. When they returned to Wuhan, he even threatened Ms. Zhang's husband, telling him that the government would sentence Ms. Zhang and put her in jail. He also told them that Ms. Zhang should report to the authorities if she wanted to go out to a hospital or a park. Ms. Zhang was subjected to such cruel persecution that she fell to critically ill with pancreatic cancer. On February 11, 2003, Ms. Zhang Ying passed away.