Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Gao Shulan , 36, lived in Anzigou Village, Mutoudeng Town, Qinglong County, Hebei Province. She went to Beijing to appeal in November 2000, and she was arrested and detained in the Qinglong County Detention Center. There she was subjected to all kinds of torture, including lying on ice, ankle shackles, force-feeding, whipping with a leather belt, staying in an icy room, and others. On one occasion guards Wang Jin and Xie (genders unknown) removed Ms. Gao's pants, forced her to lie on a bench face down, and beat her until she passed out. Authorities extorted three thousand yuan from her family before releasing her. Upon returning home, Mutoudeng Town police harassed Ms. Gao and threatened her at home. Gao Shulan suffered tremendously both physically and emotionally, and she eventually developed uterine cancer. Ms. Gao passed away in February 2002.