Mr. Bai Jinqi was a practitioner who lived in Gaojiazi Village, Panjin City, Liaoning Province. He was taken to Benxi Forced Labor Camp in mid-August 2006. After he was unjustly imprisoned, he was examined and labeled mentally and physically fit, so he was forced to carry objects up and down the stairs. Guard Liu Shaoshi (male) confined Mr. Bai, subjecting him to both mental and physical torture. Under Liu's orders, 24 hours a day, inmates tried to coerce Mr. Bai into writing the three statements against Falun Gong. He was even badgered while he ate and used the bathroom. Two people always accompanied him. He became seriously ill. He ate very little. Liu kept Mr. Bai under close surveillance for more than five months, until Mr. Bai was bedridden and dying. Mr. Bai's family was then notified and allowed to take him home. Mr. Bai died on February 7, 2007, not long after his release.