Mr. Wang Shaodong, 25 years old, was from Huolongdian Village, Changzhuang Town, Yanshan County, Cangzhou City in Hebei Province. He first learned Falun Gong in 1996 and had very good health thereafter. In December 1999, he went to appeal in Beijing and was arrested. He suffered from beatings, torture and mental abuse. The torture caused him to have a mental breakdown. After he was released, he studied the Fa and did the exercises again and basically recovered. In 2001, he took a train to find a job in another place. On the train, the police searched him against his will. They found his copy of Zhuan Falun and detained and tortured him again. His just-recovered mental status could not bear another round of abuse and he again suffered a breakdown. Additionally, he was diagnosed with lung cancer. In November 2003, Mr. Wang Shaodong passed away.