Sha Naiyu

Chinese Name: 沙耐玉
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
City: Da'an City
Province: Jilin
Date of Death: 2007-07-14
Date of Most Recent Arrest: 2007-07-12
Most recent place of detention: Da'an City Police Department
Case Description:

At around 10:00 a.m. on July 13, 2007, Mr. Sha Naiyi was arrested to the Liangjazi Town Police Station by two policemen who didn't provide any legal documents. Mr. Sha worked at the Honggang Oil Extraction Factory at Jilin Oilfield. Later that day, the police sent Sha to the National Security Team at the Da'an City Public Security Bureau. His family went to visit him at around 2:00 pm on July 14, 2007, but they found out that he died on the ground outside the police department building.

According to witness, the National Security Team at the Da'an City Public Security Bureau was trying to extract a confession from Mr. Sha between the evening of July 13 and the following afternoon, but he did not cooperate. On July 14, sometime after 2:00 p.m., Sha Naiyi's wife Zhang Shuhua and an administrator visited the Public Security Bureau and the 610 Office officials. Zhang suddenly heard a loud thud. She then saw Sha's body lying on the ground facing up. His body had dropped from a third floor window. The third floor window was small, Sha was overweight, and there were several guards watching him, so it is impossible that Sha jumped from this window intentionally. But the authorities concluded that "Sha Naiyi committed suicide by jumping from the building."