Practitioner Ms. He Liming, 60, lived in Jingzhou City, Hubei Province. On July 20, 2000 she went to Beijing to validate Dafa, and returned safely. In September 2001 her husband was reported to police while distributing truth clarification materials. The two of them left home to avoid being persecuted. They clarified the truth in Tianmen, Shayang and Xiangfan. Later, they returned and continued to validate Dafa. Because officers from the Jingzhou City 610 Office and from the Political and Security Division of the police department constantly pursued them, they were forced to live an unsettled lifestyle, and could not eat well. As a result, He Liming's health suffered and she could not walk after October 2004. In December 2004 she was diagnosed with metastasized lung cancer and passed away on April 25, 2005.