The Facts of the Persecution of Falun Gong  -- May 20, 2007

Issued by Clearwisdom Net

  • Ms. Song Guide from Sichuan Province Relentlessly Tortured, Her Disabled Daughter Died as a Result of the Persecution

  • The Police in Yantai City, Shandong Province Abduct Falun Gong Practitioners, Six-Year-Old Boy Missing

  • The 5th Group of Shanghai Women's Forced Labor Camp Uses Unknown Drug to Torture Falun Gong Practitioners

  • Tortures in Suihua Forced Labor Camp

  • Ms. Song Guide from Sichuan Province Relentlessly Tortured, Her Disabled Daughter Died as a Result of the Persecution

    Falun Gong Practitioner Ms. Song Guide, in her 70s, is a good-hearted country woman. She began practicing Falun Gong in 1997. 

    In July 1999, former Chinese Communist leader Jiang Zemin started the persecution against Falun Gong, and Ms. Song went to Beijing to appeal. She was twice unlawfully imprisoned and subjected to brainwashing. Her daughter, who is disabled, was forced twice to leave home and live in a mental hospital. Ms. Song's daughter died and her body was not found until three days after her death.

    Ms. Song's husband died in 1998. Her sons moved out of the family home and started their own families. Her daughter, Ms. Gong Taiqin was 22 and her legs were disabled. She also had a slight mental disorder and couldn't take much stress. Ms. Song took care of her daughter and they had to live on only a little income. On January 2001, after Ms. Song returned from Beijing, Ao Benqing, an official from the township government, illegally detained Ms. Song for three months in the Zhangba Brainwashing Center. Ms. Song told Ao that her daughter was disabled and suffered from a mental illness and no one was at home to take care of her. Ao claimed that the government would pay 10 yuan a day for someone to take care of her daughter Gong Taiqin. According to a villager, once Ms. Gong stood in the rain for a long time just waiting for Ms. Song to return home. Ms. Gong had nothing to eat and no one took care of her. She tried to leave home to look for her mother. Someone saw her leaving home and took her to a nursing home. Ms. Gong believed the township government that her mother would come home in a couple of days. However, her mother didn't return for a long time. Ms. Gong was very distressed and suffered from severe anxiety. She stopped eating and drinking and cried for her mother. The township police then handcuffed Ms. Gong to a bed. She struggled in anger and screamed at all times.

    One day, with many people escorting her, Ms. Song went to see her daughter in the nursing home and put a pair of new shoes on her. Ms. Song found that her daughter's feet were swollen, that she was handcuffed to a wood rod, and was injured everywhere from being beaten. About 15 minutes later, the township government, 610 Office, and police tried to take Ms. Song away. Ms. Gong grabbed her mother and cried, wanting to go with her. The two were separated by force. A policeman pushed Ms. Gong to the ground and slapped her.

    Ms. Gong left the nursing home, but had no money to support herself. She sold her hair for 30 yuan. She looked for her mother. One day she got to Qiancao Town and fell down due to exhaustion. A few kind ladies found out that she was looking for her mother and hired a tricycle to take her to her mother. Ms. Song saw her daughter at the brainwashing center. She was shocked to see her leaning on a stick looking so filthy and smelling awful. Ms. Song felt so angry and sad. The brainwashing center informed the 610 Office. The 610 Office ordered the township government to have the police take Ms. Gong away. A practitioner tried to give Ms. Gong 50 yuan, but the police stopped it. Gong was pulled away from her mother and left. She had no money.

    Three months later, Ms. Song went home. She didn't see her daughter but her house was in disarray, as the police had ransacked it. The next day, Ms. Song learned Qiancao police took Ms. Gong to the village secretary Yang Mingzhen's house. She went to pick her up. That evening it rained very hard and thundered. Ms. Song asked Yang if they could stay for a night. Yang yelled at them and told them to get lost. Ms. Song then asked to stay outside of Yang's house under the cover for a night, but Yang refused. Ms. Song and Gong had to walk home in the rain. In the pouring rain, Gong couldn't walk with her stick. She had to climb in the muddy cold field. It took them the entire night to walk the three miles to get home.

    Three days after they were reunited, the township police arrested Ms. Song again at her home. Ms. Gong couldn't see her mother and ran out after them. Ms. Song had her picture taken at the police station and rushed home. She missed her daughter on her way home. Ms. Gong didn't go home because she thought her mother wasn't coming home like last time and so she kept looking for her.

    Ms. Song didn't find her daughter at home. She had her daughter's clothes with her whenever she went out to sell vegetables and sugar cane to make a living. A month later, she found Ms. Gong lying in a field a mile away from their home. She was emaciated, pale and had severe diarrhea. Ms. Gong's mental state turned worse and she had to be treated in a mental hospital.

    On October 15, 2001, to make a living, so she could take better care of her daughter, Ms. Song took her still sick daughter to Lantian Town to do some business. Ms. Song settled her daughter in Lantian Town and went home to get some clothes. On her way back to Lantian, the village secretary Yang Mingzhen stopped her. Yang told her to come to the township government and that he would take her back to Lantian Town later. Ms. Song was taken to Qiancao Brainwashing Center and imprisoned illegally. The head of the 610 Office Wang Xu told Ms. Song that she hadn't "asked for permission to take a leave." Ms. Song had no idea why she had to "ask to take a leave" and whom she had to ask for permission.

    Ms. Song was very anxious in the brainwashing center because she couldn't get in touch with her daughter and worried about her. Ms. Song many times told the head of the brainwashing center, Wang Yongzhen, that her daughter was sick and had just been released from the mental hospital. She explained that her daughter needed to take her medication on time and couldn't take any more pressure. Ms. Song told Wang that her daughter was new to Lantian Town and there wasn't anyone to take care of her and feed her. Wang lied to Ms. Song that "the government knows to take care of your daughter," "You daughter is well taken care of and that's why she isn't coming to find you." In fact, the government didn't send anyone to take care of Ms. Gong. None of Ms. Song's sons were informed about what happened to the two. Ms. Gong couldn't find her mother and was in extreme terror and distress. She couldn't stop crying and kept on muttering, "My mother doesn't want me anymore. My mother doesn't want me anymore..." Ms. Gong struggled in desperation and pain for nine days and refused to eat. Finally, she died.

    Before her death, a villager found Ms. Gong's life was in danger and spent a great deal of effort to find Ms. Song. The villager called Qiancao Brainwashing Center and informed them that it was urgent for Ms. Song to see her daughter immediately. Wang Yongzhen and Sun (first name unknown) received the call but did nothing to save Ms. Gong's life. They didn't inform Ms. Song nor her sons about Ms. Gong's situation. Ms. Gong lost her life and no one knew she died until three days later.

    After Ms. Gong's death, the 610 Office and Qiancao Brainwashing Center didn't tell Ms. Song about it. Wang Xu, head of the 610 Office, told Ms. Song that after she was released from the brainwashing center that the government would give them a house and 100 yuan a month and a bed. Meanwhile, the township government and the 610 Office tried to coerce Ms. Song's other family members to sign a release so they could cremate Ms. Gong's body. They even asked Ms. Song's son and daughter-in-law to tell Ms. Song that her daughter "died of a drug overdose after emergency rescue and had seen her brother and sister-in-law before death." Ms. Song's son and daughter-in-law refused to cooperate. The township government found one of Ms. Song's relatives to tell Ms. Song this lie in front of other villagers.

    On May 11, 2004, the Supreme People's Procuratorate announced that it would investigate and prosecute those who abused their job authority and violated human rights. The "activity" would last a year. Ms. Song wrote her story and gave it to the Procuratorate. The township government and 610 Office falsified evidence and colluded with one another, claiming that they had informed Ms. Song's sons about Ms. Gong's situation.

    Ao Benqing, head of the township government, told Ms. Song's son and daughter-in-law that if Ms. Song agreed to write a statement renouncing Falun Gong, everything would be all right and the government would admit to making a mistake. If Ms. Song refused to write the statement, that meant the government didn't make a mistake by torturing Ms. Song. Falun Gong practitioners have no human rights in the City of Luzhou in Sichuan Province. None of the practitioners' cases were taken care of and none of the criminals who tortured the practitioners were punished. The Supreme People's Procuratorate's announcement to "investigate and prosecute human right violations" on May 11, 2004, was nothing but another CCP trick to deceive the nation and the international community.

    The Police in Yantai City, Shandong Province Abduct Falun Gong Pracitioners, Six-Year-Old Boy Missing

    On April 17, 2007, the police from Yantai City, Shandong Province unlawfully broke into the homes of and arrested several Falun Gong practitioners. The main perpetrators who participated in the arrests and torture are: Gao You (male), Zhang Chunjie (male), and Liu Yueguo (male). The main units involved in the persecution include Xidajie Police Station, Neighborhood Committee, and the Security Force of Yantai City.

    It was in the morning, and many people outside came to see what had happened. Many of them talked among themselves, "Who are those people dressed in black? They seem to be policemen but they were wearing plainclothes and driving a police car.

    The above Falun Gong practitioners are detained in the "Xingfu" Brainwashing Center. They were handcuffed, shackled and forced to watch slanderous videos about Falun Gong. The persecutors also said, "Nobody can leave here until they are "transformed"."

    The 5th Group of Shanghai Women's Forced Labor Camp Uses Unknown Drug to Persecute Falun Gong Practitioners

    Guards from the 5th Group of Qingpu Women's Forced Labor Camp in Shanghai are persecuting Falun Gong practitioners with an unknown drug. In order to further persecute those practitioners who firmly believe in Falun Gong, the female guards imprison them separately from others and put the drug into their food. After eating their meals, the practitioners not only suffered vertigo, but also their mental state and memory was seriously impaired.

    After an older practitioner ate the drugged meals, she acted confused all the time. She was even unable to count. Because the guards have isolated the steadfast practitioners, their vicious crimes have been completely concealed. Even now some practitioners don't know that they have been eating poisoned meals every day. For instance, practitioner Ms. Li Jinyu unknowingly ate the meals until she was released.

    The unknown drug dissolves into water quickly. It is colorless and tastes slightly bitter. Most people can't detect it easily while eating their drugged meals. Group head Xu Jiejie incited the detained drug addicts to put the unknown drug into the practitioners' food. One practitioner witnessed how a drug addict put the unknown drug in the food of unsuspecting practitioners. The practitioner then strongly protested against this vicious conduct.

    Xu Jiejie then took the practitioner to her office, cursed her loudly and accused the practitioner of talking nonsense. The drug addict was also taken to her office and cursed. Due to this case, the drug addict was demoted. When Xu Jiejie gave a speech to all the drug addicts, she said, "This drug is very expensive. One pill cost 7 to 10 yuan, so you can't admit that this is a toxicant."

    The Shanghai Women's Forced Labor Camp still severely persecutes practitioners. I hope that practitioners who learn the facts about the camp persecuting fellow practitioners with the unknown drug will reveal these facts to world's people and appeal to relevant departments for their release.

    The names of the drug addicts who have participated in the crime or know about the crime include Li Li, Yu Wei, Ju Wenxian, Wang Xingdi, Gu Meiwen, Lu Yan, and Peng Hong.

    Tortures in Suihua Forced Labor Camp

    In autumn 2006 a number of male practitioners were transferred from various forced labor camps to the notorious Suihua Forced Labor camp, where they have been severely tortured by several guards. Led by deputy group leader Liu Wei,  political instructor Gao Zhonghai, deputy political instructor Long Kuibin, squadron leader Lian Xing, and deputy squadron leader Diao Xuesong used very brutal torture techniques.

    Liu Wei and Diao Xuesong used toothpicks to stab Falun Gong practitioner Peng Chen's fingers and legs. His legs now no longer function normally, so he has to use his hands to move his legs. Another practitioner, Miao Shujung from Muling City, was beaten so badly that he has not been able to eat anything since. Whatever he eats he throws up. He used to weigh 209 pounds, but after being tortured he now only weighs 132 pounds. Due to his serious condition, they finally released him to receive medical treatment. It will be a wonder if he can survive. Another practitioner, Li Cangxin, was tortured so severely that he now needs assistance to walk.

    In January 2007, practitioner Li Shaotie was told by prison guards to sit on a small bench, but he didn't comply, so they started beating him. The practitioners on the scene tried to stop the guards and told them, "Falun Gong is good." One guard then beat Sheng Yanqin and Lian Tao and hung them up for ten days in a solitary cell. Both Sheng and Lian were unable to walk when they were released. Li Shaotie was then beaten so badly that he lost consciousness. He is still unable to manage his daily life.

    Guards tortured Bai Shulin and Zhao Dezhi with electric batons and forced Bai Shulin to sit on a prison chair and listen to the "Sound of Hell" tape. Mr. Bai pulled out the earplug headphones, but the guard then taped the earplugs into his ears and turned the volume to high. Bai protested with a hunger strike. Guard Gao Zhonghai kicked Zhao Zhonghai's neck, and opened the door, causing them to freeze. Then both Bai and Zhao were confined in a solitary cell for 18 days. They were released from solitary confinement on February 15, 2007.

    On March 15, 2007, guards used the excuse that Zhao Dezhi had not participated in his assigned work, so they hung him up between two bunk beds and shocked him with electric batons. They also burned his fingernails with cigarettes. Guard Lian Xing kicked Mr. Zhao's chest causing him to suffer long-term chest pain.

    On April 24, 2007, for doing the Falun Gong exercises, practitioner Dong Xianghui was brutally beaten by the prison personnel.

    On April 27, 2007, for saying "Falun Gong is good," practitioner Xu Yushan from Shuangcheng City was brutally beaten. When Mr. Xu was transferred to a different prison ward on October 11, 2006, he again said "Falun Gong is good" and the guards brutally beat him. Mr. Xu is now locked in the "strict controlled team."