The Facts of the Persecution of Falun Gong  -- May 15, 2007

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  • Guard Tied Ms. Cui Huanying to a "Death Bed" and Whipped Her Across the Eyes with Saw Blade at Brainwashing Center in Wangdu County, Hebei Province

  • Falun Gong Practitioner Ms.Wang Lingzhi Details Torture by Police in Letter to Procurator

  • The Police from Fengtai District 610 Office in Beijing Arrest Liu Yonghui, His Wife and His Mother

  • Guard Tied Ms. Cui Huanying to a "Death Bed" and Whipped Her Across the Eyes with Saw Blade at Brainwashing Center in Wangdu County, Baoding City, Hebei Province

    On January 3, 2002, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Cui Huanying was taken to the brainwashing center in Wangdu County, Baoding City, Hebei Province. When she did not follow the authorities' orders, she was barbarically force-fed, beaten, and whipped with a saw blade across her eyes. She has lost sight in her left eye, both of her arms are disabled, and she can no longer take care of herself.

    At noon on January 3, 2002, Ms. Cui was having lunch at home when Mu Pingdao (male) from the township government led several people to to her home. One of them said, "We are calling on you to take you to Wangdu."

    She replied, "I won't go."

    They claimed, "It's not up to you."

    Four of them dragged her into their vehicle.

    One person in the vehicle held a picture of the founder of Falun Gong and asked Ms. Cui, "Who is this?"
    She answered, "He is my Teacher!"

    As soon as she spoke, the person holding the photo slapped Ms. Cui several times, which caused her mouth to bleed. She was taken to the township government. She saw that over a dozen practitioners from the villages of Jiacun Township had already been illegally arrested and detained there.

    That evening the arrested practitioners were taken to Wangdu Brainwashing Center. Upon arriving there, they protested by not following orders. The guards at the brainwashing center started to barbarically force-fed them. They tied up Ms. Cui on a Death Bed, pulled her arms straight, and tied them to wooden clubs in the shape of a cross. Both of her arms became disabled.

    The guards tried to force Ms. Cui to listen to audio recordings slandering Falun Gong. She refused. Guard Liu Yonggang then sutured up Ms. Cui's eyelids. Another time, she was tied up on a bed when guard Wang Huimin came in. Ms. Cui looked at him. The guard claimed that she was staring at him, so he whipped her across her eyes with a saw blade, leaving bloody trails from each stroke.

    Ms. Cui Huanying can no longer see out of her left eye, and she cannot take care of herself because her arms are disabled.

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    Falun Gong Practitioner Ms. Wang Lingzhi Details Torture by Police in Letter to Procurator

    Background: Falun Gong Practitioner Wang Lingzhi, from Tianshui City, Gansu Province, was arrested when she posted flyers about the persecution of Falun Gong. She was tortured and interrogated by policeman Feng Jitang from Maiji District National Security Team. The following is Wang's statement to the local Procurator.

    Honorable Procurator:

    My name is Wang Lingzhi. I am a 53-year-old woman. I am suing Feng Jitang from Maiji District National Security Team for torturing and interrogating me for three days and three nights straight (approximately 70 hours).

    I am a Falun Gong practitioner. Because I posted flyers that clarified the facts about the persecution, I was arrested at about 10:30 p.m. on February 9. I was taken to Daobei Police Station. In about 20 minutes, Feng Jitang appeared. Before he said anything, he kicked me in my back. I almost fell on the ground. Then they put us in a van and took us to the office of the National Security Team. He handcuffed me to a bedpost, cursed me and took one of his leather shoes and hit my head and ears like a madman. I was hit so hard that my mind became unclear. I heard ringing in my ears, and I couldn't see clearly. I almost passed out. Feng then handcuffed me to a railing in the hallway. After some time, he took me to the room again and used a wooden club (about 3 feet in length and 1.5 inches thick) to hit me. He also said, "I am going to beat you to death today!" He beat me so hard that he broke two clubs. He got another one and continued beating me. I cried out from the severe pain.

    As my mind was fading in and out, I vomited and could not control my bowels and bladder. Inside, I felt very sad. I needed to use the bathroom, but my legs were severely injured and I could not bend my knees. The pain was intense, and I was shaking and felt dizzy and could not see things clearly. It became very difficult for me to go up and down the stairs. Since I was walking slowly, Feng pulled me with the handcuffs and yelled, "Faster, faster!" Because my whole body was injured, I had a hard time even untying my pants. After I used the bathroom, Feng took me back to the room where he tortured me, and he then began interrogating me. I couldn't remember anything. He tricked and forced me to say what he wanted me to say. Since he tortured me first and took testimony later, what I said was purely due to the torture.

    While Feng was torturing me, Gao Xingzhi, the political instructor of the National Security Team, occasionally stopped by to assist him. He cursed at me and kicked me a few times. As daylight began emerging, I had gone through the most painful, terrifying, and difficult night of my life. For the whole day on February 10, they interrogated me. At about 10:00 p.m. that evening, Feng said that there was still one question I had not answered clearly, and he continued torturing me. Feng and Li Xiaojun forcibly removed my jacket, held me to the side of the bed with their knees, stretched my right hand over my shoulder and behind my back, then pulled my left hand behind my back from below, and handcuffed both hands together. The pain was so intense that I felt that my heart and lungs were being torn apart. My eyes and nose were both running. I felt that my life was stretched to the limit. I don't know how much time passed before I was released from that position. My mind was blurry, and I couldn't remember at all what was said.

    On the morning of February 11, despite my wounds and injury, Feng forced me to do labor that was not assigned to me, such as mopping the stairwell, hallways, and bathrooms. On the morning of February 12, he ordered me to repeat the work I did the day before. Then he asked me to sign and leave my fingerprints on some records. That afternoon, they sent us to Maiji District Detention Center. During the routine intake exams, the director of the detention center and other detainees all saw the bruises on my body, including on my head, ears, face, legs, hips, buttocks, shoulders, and wrists. The injuries were documented by the detention center. The first night after they admitted me, my wounds began to hurt severely all over my body. I felt dizzy and short of breath. My ears were ringing, and my heart palpitating. My feet were so swollen that I could not even wear shoes. My mind was at the edge of collapse. The inmates got some hot water to soak my feet in, in order to help me relieve the pain.

    After two or three days (I cannot recall the dates), Li Xiaojun and others from the National Security Team asked me to sign the arrest warrant. As soon as I saw them, the image of their torturing me flashed in my mind. I removed my outer-pants to show others my wounds. Everyone there was shocked. My legs were shaking so hard that I could not stand or walk. My mind collapsed again. Two inmates took me to the medical room. I had muscle spasms all over my body and the shaking intensified. The labor camp asked the doctor to give me medication and injections. Since I began practicing Falun Gong nearly ten years ago, I had not taken any medicine and had been completely healthy. This time, Feng's severe beating caused me to take medication and injections.

    Feng has inflicted tremendous physical and mental damage on me and threatened my life. My physical aches are less intense now, but I still suffer from headaches, ringing in the head, tinnitus, heart palpitations, muscle spasms, sleeplessness, and deteriorated memory. My mind continues to be in a state of extreme anxiety, and I see images of Feng beating me every minute, regardless of whether my eyes are open or closed.

    I am suing Feng Jitang for the following reasons: 1. Using his position to commit violent acts, including beating and other physical abuse; 2. Using wooden clubs and leather shoes in the beating; 3. Forcing the victim of abuse to do hard labor after severe beating and injury; 4. Obtaining testimony from the victim after severe beating; 5. Keeping the victim under illegal detention even when the victim's life is in danger.

    I ask the Procurator to arrest and prosecute the perpetrators of this crime immediately, and to bring justice to the world's kind-hearted people.

    Plaintiff: Wang Lingzhi

    March 9, 2007 at the detention center

    Appendix: Ms. Dong Peilan from Qinzhou District, Tianshui City, Gansu Province, Ms. Wu Lijun from Inner Mongolia, and Mr. Zhang Ping from Qin'An County, Tianshui City were followed and arrested on September 14, 2006, by Feng Jitang from Maiji District National Security Team. Ms. Dong Peilan was sentenced by the Municipal Middle Court to four years in prison. She was scheduled to be sent to Lanzhou Women's Prison in Gansu Province on May 4, 2007. There are still five or six Falun Gong practitioners currently being detained in Maiji District and Jinzhou District detention centers in Tianshui City. Dong's husband Zhao Lanzhou, also a Falun Gong practitioner, is still imprisoned at the Tianshui Third Prison.

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    The Police from Fengtai District 610 Office in Beijing Arrest Liu Yonghui, His Wife and Mother

    On April 24, 2007, the policemen from Fengtai District in Beijing arrested Mr. Liu Yonghui and his wife, Ms. Zhai Huiling, while he was working.

    At around 2:00 p.m. on April 24, a group of police officers took Mr. Liu to his home. His mother, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Yang Tiezhen, refused to open the door, so the officers broke in and ransacked his home. Afterwards, they took him away. His mother, and his mother-in-law, who lives in another city and had come to visit them, and his and his wife's baby, who is less than two years old were left at home.

    Two days later on April 26, the police returned to arrest Ms. Yang Tiezhen. The baby was left in the care of Mr. Liu's mother-in-law. She lives in another city and is more than 70 years old. In addition, she has to take care of her mother, who is over 90. She had been preparing to go back home. After this incident, however, she had to reconsider. The baby's health is also not good. With few other options, Mr. Liu's mother-in-law asked her husband to come help her out.

    The old couple took their granddaughter with them to Dong'gaodi Street Office to appeal. After listening to what the old couple had to say, the officials said, "Please take care of the child."

    Practitioner Liu Yonghui works for the 508th Institute of the 5th Academy of China Space Technology Group. He was sent to brainwashing centers many times over the past few years. Practitioner Ms. Zhai Huiling is a doctor at Fangzhuang Hospital in the Fengtai District. She was sent to Beijing Women's Forced Labor Camp a few years ago.

    These arrests were directly arranged by officials with the Fengtai District Police Station.

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