The Facts of the Persecution of Falun Gong  -- May 14, 2007

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  • Police Beats Mr. Sun Zhonglin to Death When He Appealed for Justice on Behalf of His Wife, Their Sons Sentenced to Forced Labor

  • Ms. Zhou Zi Has Been on Hunger Strike for Two Months to Protest Tortures at Beijing Women's Prison

  • Mr. Li Hongwei Gravely Ill Due to Persecution in Shenxin Labor Camp, Shenyang City

  • Ms. Yang Wenjie Tortured for Five Years In Custody by 610 Office and Brainwashing Center in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province

  • CCP Persecutes My Father, Calligrapher Gao Zongzhen, and My Entire Family

  • Police Beats Mr. Sun Zhonglin to Death When He Appealed for Justice on Behalf of His Wife, Their Sons Sentenced to Forced Labor

    On November 7, 2004 Mr. Sun Zhonglin, husband to practitioner Ms. Wu Yuqin, went to Qianshan Police Branch looking for his wife who had been illegally arrested. The policemen from Qianshan Branch of Anshan City Police Department beat him to death. Their two sons were sentenced to forced labor because they appealed for justice on behalf of their parents.

    At about 1:00 a.m. on November 3, 2004, Zhang Chengguo, the director of the Political Security Section of Qianshan District Police Branch in Anshan City, Liaoning Province, led a group of officers in five police cars to practitioners Ms. Jin Ying's and Ms. Wu Yuqin's homes in the residential area of Yanqianshan Iron Mine, Angang Steel Company. Officer Zhang Chengguo is responsible for the torture and murder of practitioner Fang Decheng. The policemen searched the practitioners' homes, confiscated their property and arrested them, then took them to Qianshan Police Branch. On November 5 and 6, 2004 the police went to Yanqianshan Iron Mine again and arrested three more Falun Gong practitioners.

    On November 7, 2004 Mr. Sun Zhonglin, Ms. Wu Yuqin's husband, went to Qianshan District Police Branch to bring a warm coat to his detained wife, but the police refused to tell him where his wife was being held. Then Mr. Sun went looking for his wife at the First and Second Detention Centers of Anshan City in vain. When Mr. Sun returned to Qianshan Police Branch he started arguing with the policemen. Prompted by officer Zhang Chengguo, several policemen started beating Mr. Sun, and eventually killed him. They left a big hole in Mr. Sun's head and numerous electrical burns all over his body.

    To avoid accountability, the officers called an ambulance and had Mr. Sun's body taken to a hospital. When they found that Mr. Sun had been dead for such a long time, the doctors didn't attempt to resuscitate him and refused the officers' request to list the cause of death as suicide.

    After killing Mr. Sun, Qianshan Police Branch officials went to Ms. Wu Yuqin's home continuously for three days, threatening her in an attempt to force her to declare that Qianshan Police Branch should not be held responsible to her husband's death. The officers also told the family that Qianshan Police Branch would pay them 80,000 yuan if they waived their right to sue. They threatened Ms. Wu, "We still have unfinished business." They kept Ms. Wu and her family under surveillance and frequently threatened Ms. Wu, "If you go to appeal, we'll send you to prison."

    In their grief and outrage the family appealed for justice on behalf of Mr. Sun, but the murders weren't brought to justice -- instead they themselves were thrown into jail. The police fabricated false accusations to detain Mr. Sun Yonghai and Mr. Sun Yongjiang (the eldest son and second son) and sentenced each of them to one year and nine months of forced labor.

    The following is a list of the events that occurred after the killing:

    1. The officers of Qianshan Police Branch destroyed the crime scene and evidence, and moved Mr. Sun's body in an attempt to create a false scene to escape responsibility.
    2. The officers of Qianshan Police Branch went to funeral home and tampered with the body to cover up the truth.
    3. The Procuratorate of Qianshan District, Anshan City, denied their responsibility in the matter and refused to investigate the murder.
    4. One-and-a-half months later, after countless appeals from the victim's family, the Procuratorate of Qianshan District took the case, but the case wasn't handled seriously. Instead they attempted to protect Qianshan Police Branch and colluded with a medical doctor to cover up the facts.
    5. The officials collude, shield the criminals and instigate murders. The officials include Secretary General Zeng Xianming of the Political and Legal Committee of Qianshan District, former Director Chen Sanjiang of Qianshan Police Branch, the Attorney Generals of Qianshan District (Xu Xiujuan, Shen Zhiqi and Li Mingjie), and other officials of the Qianshan Procuratorate and other related government institutions.
    6. The CCP Committee and the Government of Anshan District were afraid of another round of autopsies, so they used their authority to force Mr. Sun's body to be cremated, destroying the last remaining evidence.
    7. The CCP Political and Judiciary Committee and Qianshan Police Branch used threats and surveillance against Mr. Sun's family.
    8. Anshan City Police Department fabricated accusations against Mr. Sun Yonghai and Mr. Sun Yongjiang, detained them, sentenced them to one year and nine months forced labor each, and prohibited them from appealing.

    All levels of CCP committees and governments of Qianshan District, Anshan City ignore the law and shield each other, while the murders remain free and above the law, Mr. Sun's two sons are suffering torture, and Ms. Wang has to raise her grandsons alone in her grief.

    Qianshan District Police Branch, Anshan City Police Department: 86-412-2312257, 86-412-6962066
    Political Security Section: 86-412-2312431

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    Ms. Zhou Zi Has Been on Hunger Strike for Two Months to Protest Tortures at Beijing Women's Prison

    Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Zhou Zi is detained in the Beijing Women's Prison. She has been on a hunger strike for 73 days, from February 26 to May 9, 2007, to protest the guards' torturing the detained Falun Gong practitioners.

    Ms. Zhou protested against Warden Zheng Yumei (female), who beat practitioners at will, while Deputy Prison Head Zhou Ying (female) refused to stop Zheng's brutality. Prison Head Li Ruihua (gender unknown) recently spoke on a Beijing television station in a program called "Civilized Management with Humanity." The speech was filled with lies.

    Guards in Beijing Women's Prison violate the law at will and torture Falun Gong practitioners at will. They do not allow practitioners any basic human rights. Anyone who dares to reflect the cruel tortures of the guards to the upper level are subjected to more severe mistreatment.

    Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Xu Na wrote a letter revealing the guards' brutality toward practitioner Ms. Dong Cuifang, who was tortured to death. Her letter was withheld by the prison administration. Ms. Xu Na was punished by being locked in a small cell (1).

    On May 20, 2004, practitioner Ms. Yuan Lin stood up in a meeting of over a thousand people. She loudly revealed, "The guards in the Tenth Ward beat people, and deprive them of sleep." Another practitioner, Ms. Gong Ruiping, also stood up and said loudly, "I can prove it." As a result, Ms. Yuan Lin was punished by being subjected to "concentrated training."

    One practitioner revealed a bit of information about Ms. Dong Cuifang being tortured to death. The guards searched practitioners throughout the entire ward and put these practitioners in the "strict control" ward.

    Ms. Zhou Zi is holding a hunger strike, requesting that the Prison Administration investigate and punish Guard Zhou Ying, who fabricated the investigation of the cruel mistreatments toward her. This fact reflected the true condition of a "civilized management with humanity."


    (1) Small cell - The detainee is locked up in a very small cell individually. The guards handcuff practitioners behind their back in a fixed position, in which the practitioners can neither move nor lie down. The small cell is very damp and no sunshine comes in. Detainees have to urinate and defecate in the cell. Only half of a regular meal is served to detainees locked up in a small cell during the daytime. During the night, the rats run around. The stench in the small cell is so bad that it is difficult to breathe.

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    Mr. Li Hongwei Gravely Ill Due to Persecution in Shenxin Labor Camp, Shenyang City

    In October, 2006, police from the Shandongmiao Police Station in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province broke into practitioner Wang Yanjie's home. They arrested her and her guests, Mr. Li Hongwei, Mr. Shi Geng, and Mr. Li Yang. Mr. Li Hongwei is being persecuted severely in the Shenxin Labor Camp, and he is currently suffering from appendicitis and is in a state of hyperthermia. Still, the labor camp refuses to release him.

    After police broke into Ms. Wang's home, they kicked and punched Ms. Wang and the other practitioners, then arrested them. They ransacked Ms. Wang's home and took away her computer.

    Mr. Li Hongwei, in his 40s, was an employee of the Second Real Estate Company of Shenhe District Real Estate Bureau in Shenyang City. His home is in Yiyou Neighborhood, Shenhe District, Shenyang City. Mr. Li started practicing Falun Gong in 1998 and has benefited from the practice physically and mentally. His diabetes disappeared, and his fatty liver condition was cured. After Mr. Li was arrested, he was sentenced to one year of forced labor. He is currently detained in the First Group of Shenxin Labor Camp. His wife is unemployed and they have a child in elementary school. Since both Mr. Li and his wife have to support their elderly parents as well, his family is in a great financial crisis since his arrest. Because Mr. Li refused to cooperate with the police and give up Falun Gong, the police severely tortured him. Currently, he is suffering from appendicitis and is in a state of hyperthermia. However, the labor camp shows no mercy and refuses to release him.

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    Ms. Yang Wenjie Tortured for Five Years In Custody by 610 Office and Brainwashing Center in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province

    The 610 Office agents in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province have been torturing Falun Gong practitioners since the persecution started in 1999. The following is what Ms. Yang Weijie endured.

    Ms. Yang Wenjie is 45 years old. She is a Falun Gong practitioner from Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province. At the beginning of the persecution, her employer fired her because she refused to renounce Falun Gong. She went to Beijing to appeal for justice and was held in a detention center for eight months.

    In March 2002, Ms. Yang was again arrested by agents of the 610 Office and sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp because she passed out truth-clarification materials about Falun Gong.

    On February 14, 2005, when her sentence was completed, agents from the 610 Office sent her to the Zhaoyuan Brainwashing Center, which has a very bad reputation for torturing practitioners. They used the reason that Ms. Yang refused to be "reformed" in the forced labor camp. In the brainwashing center, Liu Shuju, head of the 610 Office, and Sun Qiquan from the brainwashing center tried to force Ms. Yang to renounce Falun Gong. She refused again, so they locked her in a solitary cell and tied her onto a metal chair with metal chains for several days.

    Since Ms. Yang refused to be "reformed," Sun Qiquan, Xu Jianzheng and Zhao Xiujiang pulled her to the second floor. It was cold that day, but they took off Ms. Yang's clothes and tightly tied her to the window frame, leaving the window open. She was tied up like that for six whole days. They kept threatening her and tried to force her to slander Falun Gong and Master Li. They also forced Ms. Yang to sit on a photo of Master Li when she was tied up and could not move. Then, Sun Qiquan and Xu Jianzheng burned the photo with cigarettes.

    Ms. Yang's arms were swollen from being tied up. Even though she was tortured, Ms. Yang still clarified the facts about Falun Gong to the guards with compassion, asking them to stop the torture. She also told them that Falun Gong is very righteous and no matter what they do, she will not renounce it.

    Sun Qiquan and several other people tied Ms. Yang's hands and feet tightly at her waist, with her limbs stretched out to the extreme. Therefore, she could not move at all. Her wrists were swollen. It was cold, but the window was open and one of her hands was locked to the window frame. The guards did not give her enough food and she was tortured like that for more than 10 days.

    One day, Sun Qiquan was very mad that Ms. Yang refused to be "reformed." He slapped her on the head and face the entire afternoon. Her whole face was distorted. Sun did not stop until he was very tired.

    The guards did not give Ms. Yang food for several days and did not allow her to use the bathroom. She did not want to be tortured like that anymore, so she hit her head against the wall and passed out. (Editor's note: Harming oneself is against Falun Gong's requirements. We hope that all the practitioners can follow Falun Gong's requirements in any situation and cherish the opportunity of cultivation. Of course, Ms. Yang's behavior was due to the torture she experienced. The perpetrators will be punished for their behavior.)

    When Ms. Yang woke up, Xu Jianzheng kicked her. Later, she was sent to a hospital. After they stitched her wound in the hospital, the guards tied her up again to the window frame with her limbs stretched. Since she lost a lot of blood, Song Shuqin, the head of the 610 Office, told the guards to tie her on a bed. Four days later, they tied her to the window frame again.

    The guards tortured Ms. Yang in that way for more than 20 days, but she still refused to be "reformed." They tied her up on a metal chair with metal chains. She could not move at all. Guards Liu Yujiu and Liu Cuihua did not give her food and did not allow her to use the bathroom. She had to urinate in her pants.

    Since his tactics did not work, Sun Qiquan told guards to tie Ms. Yang's hands to a metal pipe. Her body was lifted in the air and her feet barely touched the ground. The guards tortured her like this for 50 days. During those 50 days, Ms. Yang was tied on a bed for only four days, and the other 46 days she was hung up in that very painful position. The guards not only tortured her physically, but also asked some collaborators to brainwash her, paying several of them.

    One night in July 2005, guard Zhao Xiujiang was drunk. He entered Ms. Yang's cell and beat her with shoes. Her head was injured and she had to lie in bed for three days. Due to the injury, she vomited for three days. She complained to the head of the 610 Office, Song Shuqin, but he ignored her.

    Ms. Yang used to be very healthy, but now, due to torture, she is very weak. Her heart rate is high and she has developed high blood pressure.

    After being tortured in the Zhaoyuan Brainwashing Center for 50 days, Ms. Yang was held in a detention center for eight months. After that, officials from the 610 Office sentenced her again to three years in a forced labor camp. On October 9, 2005, she was sent to the labor camp. The labor camp refused to take her, so the head of the 610 Office, Liu Shuju, contacted the provincial labor camp bureau and forced the labor camp to take Ms. Yang. Since every ward of the labor camp knew that Ms. Yang is a very solid practitioner and refused to renounce Falun Gong, nobody dared to accept her. They were afraid that their salary and bonus would be affected if they could not "transform" Ms. Yang. Eventually, the labor camp imprisoned Ms. Yang in a solitary cell of about 70-80 square feet. It was very cold in the winter and very hot and humid in the summer.

    Ms. Yang's father passed away while she was in the labor camp, but she was not allowed to attend his funeral.

    On September 22, 2006, Ms. Yang was released. Agents of the 610 Office in Zhaoyuan learned that she had not been "reformed," so they took her to the brainwashing center again. Ms. Yang Wenjie kept clarifying the facts about Falun Gong to officers of the 610 Office, including Liu Shuju, Song Shuqin and Du Weixian. She also exposed the torture she experienced in the brainwashing center. She exposed that the guards in the brainwashing center extorted money from practitioners and used the money (500,000 yuan) funded by the government for themselves. She also exposed the behavior of Liu Shuju and Li Jianguang.

    The officials in the 610 Office often extorted money from practitioners. Ms. Yang reported what she had seen in the brainwashing center to the provincial government and relevant departments of the Yantai City government. Because of this, the 610 Office officials in Zhaoyuan used all kinds of excuses refusing to release her. They held Ms. Yang and practitioner Ms. Zhao Yuhong in a room with no windows. They had to drink the water from the toilet and did not receive enough food.

    One afternoon, Xu Jianzheng and guard Liu (surname) took Ms. Yang to a room. They forced her to hug her legs with her hands, then tied her hands and legs together, so her whole body was tied into an "S" shape. They then inserted an iron stick between her legs and hung her up with her head hanging towards the ground. Four guards, including Du Weixian, Xu Jianzheng, Cao Haijun and Liu, beat her hands, face and feet with electric batons. The guards tortured Ms. Yang like that for two years, and she almost passed away. When they released her, she could not stretch her legs and could not stand up. They detained her in the dark room again. Due to the torture, Ms. Yang's health was badly damaged. Her heartbeat and blood pressure had raised. Her family asked officials at the 610 Office to release her several times, but the requests were rejected.

    Before the New Year in 2007, Ms. Yang Wenjie and practitioner Ms. Wang Shupei started a hunger strike to protest the torture. After more than 10 days, Xu Jianzheng and Cao Haijun force-fed them. They locked Ms. Yang onto a chair and inserted a pipe through one nostril of her nose; her nose was injured and bled. Then they inserted the pipe through the other nostril. Ms. Wang tried to stop them but was beaten. Later, Ms. Wang was sent to a prison.

    After being released by the labor camp, Ms. Yang was detained in the brainwashing center for six months. The guards tried to force her to write a guarantee statement, but she refused. They also extorted money from her. She was not released until March 2007, when she had become very weak due to the hunger strike.

    Ms. Yang was tortured for five years because she refused to renounce her belief. When she was finally released in March 2007, she saw her son, Qunchao, for the first time in five years. He had grown up and looked like an adult. Ms. Yang cried and asked, "Qunchao, do you recognize me?" He answered, "Yes. I know you are my mother." Everyone who witnessed this cried. It was the first time that Ms. Yang heard her son calling her "Mom" since she was put in prison five years before.

    It is difficult to describe in words the torture Ms. Yang experienced during the last five years. In China, there are thousands of Falun Gong practitioners who are being tortured like Ms. Yang. We call upon the international community and kind people to pay attention to the situation and help us to stop this brutal persecution.

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    CCP Persecutes My Father, Calligrapher Gao Zongzhen, and My Entire Family

    By Gao Yang

    In the spring of 1999, when I read Zhuan Falun for the first time, I was only 14 years old. Though I couldn't understand its real meaning deeply at that time, I knew that Zhuan Falun is a book that teaches people to become better and to be good people. "Truth, Compassion and Tolerance" deeply impressed me. I wanted to become a devoted Falun Gong practitioner.

    However, I had never expected that the Chinese government would start a mass suppression of Falun Gong practitioners and utilize the entire state machinery to defame Falun Gong. Zhuan Falun had also become a forbidden book. Falun Gong teaches people to be good; why is it suppressed in China? Why have the kind-hearted Falun Gong practitioners become the target of suppression and persecution? Why do the policemen, who are supposed to "serve the people," use violence to brutally suppress their own people? These questions gradually enabled me to see the true nature of the wicked Chinese Communist Party (CCP) at a young age.

    My father -- calligrapher Gao Zongzhen -- was also within their sights for persecution. Under the influence of the media, controlled by the wicked CCP, the life and work of Falun Gong practitioners' family members were also affected to different extents. At school, because of lies propagated by the evil CCP, teachers and students were all very harsh to me, saying that I was the daughter of a Falun Gong practitioner. In order to realize personal political gain, many vicious policemen often came to my home to harass us. They used both "harsh and soft" methods to try to manipulate my mother to help them persuade my father to give up his belief in "Truth, Compassion and Tolerance." They threatened my mother by saying, "Gao Zongzhen has practiced Falun Gong. It will become very difficult for your entire family to find any jobs in the future. Your children won't be able to go to school or find a job either. If you can ask Gao Zongzhen to give up Falun Gong, we will ensure his job in the future; and the family won't be effected, either."

    Because my mother had read Zhuan Falun before and believed that justice would overcome evil, she drove these vicious policemen out of our home. This greatly enraged them. Both my father and mother were fired from their workplaces. Seeing that they couldn't get anywhere [with my mother], the police started to threaten and entreat my elderly grandfather. Under their threats, my grandfather couldn't stand the pressure and passed away on March 6, 2001.

    Whenever my father went out to distribute flyers and expose the persecution to deceived people, I helped him by watching out for the police. If we were ever caught, what awaited us would be physical and mental torture. Even our family members would be affected. In China, if a student is discovered to be a Falun Gong practitioner, he or she will be expelled from school. I had no other choice but to secretly do the exercises at home.

    After my father was illegally arrested, the vicious police officers forced my family to pay a penalty of 20,000 yuan. When my mother asked for a receipt, they groundlessly refused to issue her one. This showed that they were just bandits. Fearing that the vicious police wouldn't give our father any food, my sister and I bought lots instant noodles and sausages. We also took father's clothes and went to the Tianzhu Police Station (in Beijing). However, we were not allowed to leave anything for our father. Instead, we were spit on and cursed by the vicious policemen. I remember it was an extremely windy day in Beijing. The wind seemed to be pouring out the crimes of the CCP. After leaving the Tianzhu Police Station, facing those vicious, beast-like policemen with human faces, I made a decision that I must expose the truth to all people. I must expose their crimes. Justice would definitely defeat the evil.

    At the end of 2006, the vicious policemen suspected that we were hiding Falun Gong truth-clarification materials in our home. They arrested my father and took him away. When I learned this, I quickly transferred all the materials at our home to a fellow practitioner's home. Sure enough, several monstrous policemen went to my home and raided it like bandits. They threw things everywhere and smashed all the vases and cups. When my mother tried to stop them, they pushed my small, slim mother so hard that she fell to the ground. They pointed at her and shouted, "Watch out what you are doing!" Even my young sister was slapped with much force several times. As I had transferred the materials in time, they didn't find anything. But they took away our computer and TV set.

    Now I am able to clarity the truth and expose the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in the free land of Australia.

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