The Facts of the Persecution of Falun Gong  -- September 16, 2006

Issued by Clearwisdom Net

  • Former Senior Police Officer Zhang Yun Brutally Tortured in Luquan City Prison in Hebei Province

  • Falun Gong Practitioners Arrested and Killed by 610 Office Agents in Liaoyuan City, Liaoning Province

  • The Police in Zhoukou City, Henan Province Have Persecuted Me Since 1999

  • The Information about Practitioners Recently Arrested in Pinggu District, Beijing City

  • The Persecution of Ms. Hua Shaolan from Yinhai District, Beihai City, Guangxi Province

  • Former Senior Police Officer Zhang Yun Brutally Tortured in Luquan City Prison in Hebei Province

    Ms. Zhang Yun, a 51-year-old senior police officer, has been put in Luquan City Prison because of practicing Falun Gong. She was arrested, beaten, placed in a labor camp, tortured, brainwashed, subjected to many near death experiences, and was inhumanly persecuted by the Chinese Communist regime.

    At noon on August 10, 2006, while Zhang Yun was passing out Falun Gong truth-clarifying materials, she was again arrested by police from the Luquan City Police Station. After going on a ten-day hunger strike, on the morning of August 20 she was unconditionally released. But on the morning of August 27 Ms. Zhang was again illegally arrested at home and detained in Shijiazhuang City Labor Camp.

    Since July 20, 1999, Luquan Prison, where Zhang Yun worked, was a place that deprived people of personal freedom by fabricating crimes and having people watch practitioners. They watched her around the clock at work and at home. Later she was taken to Shijiazhuang Prison.

    In April 2001 after Zhang Yun was taken from her home, she was illegally sentenced to one year in a labor camp. While in Shijiazhuang Labor Camp she did not give up her belief in Falun Dafa. She was later transferred to Kaiping Labor Camp in Tangshan City, where due to her rejecting forced brainwashing, she suffered relentless torture. She was forced to stand outside during the cold winter, exposed for long periods to the hot sun, deprived of sleep, tortured with electric batons, and tied up and beaten until she passed out many times.

    In April 2002, when her illegal sentence ended, she was supposed to be freed and reunited with her only daughter, who was a high school student. Instead she was taken to Luquan City Brainwashing Center for four more months. However, Zhang Yun was still firm in her belief.

    On August 8, 2002, she was again transferred to the Capital City Brainwashing Center in Hebei Province, where she suffered even more inhuman torture. She was deprived of sleep for six days and nights so that when she fell over, she lost one of her front teeth, both of her arms were discolored and swollen, and she was forced to drink a pint of hard liquor. She firmly rejected the brainwashing, even though they tried to manipulate her with different tricks to coerce her into writing a guarantee statement.

    1. From Workplace to Labor Camp -- "There is no law governing how to handle Falun Gong issue."

    On April 20, 2001 at 11:00 a.m. Zhang Yun was escorted from her work place by two policemen from the 610 Office and directly taken to the 4th Group of Shijiazhuang Labor Camp. It was not until her arrival at the labor camp that she was allowed to see the so-called "sentence paper." When she asked them why she had been arrested, the answer was, "Handling Falun Gong issues needs not obey any law."

    2. Tortured Repeatedly, Even After Being Injured

    When Zhang Yun arrived at the 4th Group on April 20, she was led to the dining room. Under the direction of team leader Shang Changming (currently retired), political secretary Zhang Shuangqin, labor camp political secretary Li Aiguo (later he was transferred to the Hebei Provincial Brainwashing Center), Zhang Yun was forced by guards Geng Xingjun, Zhou Yilin, and Pei to write a "guarantee statement" to renounce Falun Gong. When she refused, three guards tortured Zhang Yun for the whole afternoon.

    The guards forced Zhang Yun to take off her jacket, leaving her only wearing one shirt. They tied her up and forced her to kneel on the floor. They twisted her arms and pulled them straight back, forcing them up towards her head. The pain almost caused Zhang Yun to pass out. Then as they continued to wrap the rope around and around from her shoulders down, they kept tightening the rope and asking her if she would sign the guarantee statement. Zhang Yun refused to give in while enduring the excruciating pain.

    As they were asking her if she would sign the guarantee statement, guard Geng Xingjun inserted an electric baton inside the rope, causing it to sink into her flesh. Zhang Yun had difficulty breathing and her clothes were soaked in sweat. Policeman Geng taunted her, "Aren't you supposed to be pretty strong and enduring? How come you came to be like this in only four minutes and twenty seconds? Your time is a lot shorter than others." As he spoke, the rope was being loosened and Zhang Yun started dry heaving. Geng Xingjun jeered, "You know why we didn't let you have lunch? You would have made the floor dirty if you had eaten."

    Those who had been in labor camps have heard about how terrible this rope binding could be. It can interrupt blood flow. When the rope is loosened, circulation can return so rapidly that weaker hearts are unable to take and this can cause death.

    Three guards holding rubber-wrapped bats (which contain iron wires inside the rubber that can cause internal injury) pushed Ms. Zhang Yun's face to the floor. Policeman Geng Xingjun began violently hitting her hip with the rubber-wrapped bat. With his every swing he asked, "Write the guarantee or not?" Wondering how long it would take, Zhang Yun kept biting the back of her own hands without saying a word.

    Ms. Zhang Yun was unable to get up after all this torture. The guards pulled her up and used electric batons to shock her all over her body. Eventually realizing that the torture didn't seem to be working, they went outside for a little while. About half an hour later, these three guards came back shouting, "The second round now starts!"

    Policeman Geng Xingjun said, "Now let's see how you feel, getting a new beating over the existing wounds." Zhou Yilin and Geng Xingjun held Ms. Zhang Yun down on a table on her side, exposing her already swollen hip. Once in this position Pei raising the rubber-wrapped bat and violently hit the injured hip. Zhang Yun couldn't help but scream loudly, her whole body shaking. For the whole afternoon they smashed her hip, and both her legs turned purple and green. It took more than two years to slowly heal her hip, which had two hardened pieces of dead flesh.

    3. Small Cell Detention, Handcuffed Hanging

    The steadfast Falun Gong practitioners were detained in small separate rooms. Their trips to the toilet were staggered so that there was no chance to meet another practitioner. Ms. Zhang Yun was in the group headed by Cui Yanfang and Geng Xingjun, suffering long and inhuman treatment. Policewoman Cui Yanfang, 50, specialized in brainwashing, has a twisted mind and enjoys torturing Falun Gong practitioners. She is know for not allowing them to sleep for days and nights on end, demanding practitioners to remain standing for long periods of time, asking guards to carry out the beatings, writing slanderous words against Falun Gong, and more.

    Ms. Zhang Yun was detained in a small room the size of a double bed, sharing a single bed with an inmate. During the hot summer, mosquitoes and the noise from the beatings of other Falun Gong practitioners made sleep almost impossible and heart breaking.

    One day at dawn, guards brought Zhang Yun to a garage next door. She was handcuffed and hung up, with only her toes touching the ground. Guard Zhou Yilin beat her hip with a rubber-wrapped bat and guard Geng Xingjun hit her with an electric baton. Zhang Yun endured the torture, gritting her teeth.

    4. Overwhelmed with Spiritual Torture - Hair Turned Gray Within a Few Days

    On May13, guard Geng Xingjun again brought Zhang Yun to the dining room, where tables were set up with rubber-wrapped bats, electric batons, ropes, handcuffs, and guarantee statements. Guard Geng Xingjun said, "If you do not want to write, you could copy one." When she refused, he started to slap her face. As he was slapping her, he said, "I will read one sentence and you write one sentence. If you don't write, I will start torturing you and I'll see if you can take it." As he was screaming, "Write or not?" he began with an electric baton on Zhang Yun's right hand. As her endurance reached its limit and as she was struggling in both mind and body with the pain, she made a copy, against her own will, of the so-called "four promises," and as she was copying them, she was sobbing, "This is not for real and I'm being forced." Guard Geng Xingjun was happy and satisfied, "All we need is to reach the quota of 'transformations.'"

    Against her own conscience, Zhang Yun painfully made a false statement. Being coerced against her will, there were no words in the entire world that could adequately express the degree of sorrow Zhang Yun felt. Being extremely grieved, Zhang Yun's hair turned gray within only a few days.

    On August 18, Zhang Yun wrote an announcement to negate what she had copied under coercion. The guards threatened her with even more torture, but she was unfazed.

    5. Tangshan's Kaiping Labor Camp: Kicked and Struck in the Face

    On December 26, 2001, Zhang Yun was transferred to Kaiping Labor Camp, Tangshan City, Hebei Province, where she suffered even more serious persecution. Every day she had to stand for 17-20 hours for four months, causing her whole body to swell up. Her towels and toothbrush were taken away, and she was subjected to repeated beatings and kicking. One time after guard Wei Tao had been hitting her temple and face viciously, she passed out, and came to while being kicked. While kicking her, he was saying, "Get up fast and stop pretending." He always kicked her legs, causing so much pain and swelling that she could not fall asleep. Police Captain Wang Ping viciously slapped Zhang Yun in the face, causing dizziness and making her unable to hear things clearly.

    On February 12, 2002, Zhang Yun was ordered by guard Wang to stand outside from 6:00 a.m. until midnight, not allowing her to put on clothes or shoes. This caused her toes to go numb for eight months. One day guards Wei Tao, Wang Ping, and Wang were plotting to get Zhang Yun's fingerprints on a blank piece of paper so that they could write a letter of "transformation," thus getting some reward money for surpassing "transformation quotas." Zhang Yun firmly refused to cooperate. These guards hurt her hands by slicing many lines into her skin and drawing blood. In the end, they were still unsuccessful.

    Even though Ms. Zhang Yun's one year term in the labor camp had expired, the 610 Office once again illegally extended her detention to have her directly transferred to the brainwashing center for another year.

    6. Jiang Zemin's Gang Creates Human Tragedy

    On April 17, 2002, three days prior to the end of her sentence, Zhang Yun was transferred by Luquan City's 610 Office to the Luquan City's brainwashing center for four more months. During this period, Zhang Yun went on a hunger strike to protest the extended detention and was subjected to intense forced feeding, among other forms of persecution. Policewoman Cui Yanfang from Shijiazhuang Labor Camp, though retired, was in charge here, and still exerted her authority to persecute Falun Gong practitioners.

    Guards brought Zhang Yun's family to try to persuade her to give up Falun Gong. When Zhang Yun saw her daughter crying such heart-wrenching sobs, she could not help but cry herself.

    Zhang Yun's 16-year-old daughter, a high school student, had to do all her own cooking and laundry along with her school work. Her poor health was reflected in her swollen legs, and her grades suffered. During the two hour visit she said only one thing to her mother, "Come home Mom, I miss your delicious noodles." Zhang Yun said to her, "You have to be strong. The road Mom is on is righteous and not wrong. It's Jiang's group that persecutes good people for no good reason." At the time, Zhang Yun was also telling the police around them, "You created this pain, sooner or later you'll have to pay for it. It's a celestial law that everyone is held accountable for their actions."

    It is Jiang's gang that created this human tragedy. On the one hand, they arrested Falun Gong practitioners to persecute them, but on the other, they say that Falun Gong practitioners do not look after their families.

    7. Hebei Provincial Brainwashing Center: Days and Nights of Brainwashing, Forced to Drink Hard Liquor

    Four months later, on August 9, 2002, Zhang Yun was again transferred to Hebei Provincial Brainwashing Center for another eight months. Here the way they persecute people is outrageously vicious. They degrade Master Li's picture, force people to continuously watch fabricated videos, deprive practitioners of sleep, use former practitioners who have turned against Falun Gong to engage in brainwashing day and night, force practitioners to drink hard liquor, confine people to their rooms, and use two people to stand watch around the clock to make sure that practitioners cannot go to sleep.

    On September 3, 2002, Zhang Yun had already gone through two weeks without sleep (in between there was a one day break). On September 3, Zhang Yun was dizzy many times, but she was not allowed to sit down because the chairs had been taken away. Under the supervision of two former practitioners, she was told to walk around without stopping. After midnight Zhang Yun passed out and fell to the ground. When she woke up, the room was full of guards. Zhang Yun's mouth was full of blood and it was smeared all over her. Her front teeth were loose and her gums were receding. Even now she cannot fully use her front teeth, and it also affects her speech. Zhang Yun questioned them, "If I should die, what would you tell my family and society?" One guard replied, "That's easy. We'll just say you died of a stroke." Guard Kong Fanyun said, "We'll have a show on T.V. about how you committed suicide."

    On December 24, 2002, guards Kong Fanyun, Yuan Shuqian, and three security guards were holding Zhang Yun down, forcing her to drink hard liquor. Guards Yuan Shuqian and Kong Fanyun pushed Master Li's picture underneath her foot and hip, and they forced a pen into Zhang Yun's hand to write words insulting Master Li. This kind of persecution caused Zhang Yun to vomit and she was unable to eat anything for three days, making her sick to her stomach and dizzy for quite awhile.

    On April 4, 2003, after suffering for two long years, Zhang Yun finally left the den of evil. But on August 10, 2006, at noon, while clarifying the truth about Falun Gong on the street, she was again arrested by police. She is now being held in the 5th Group of Shijiazhuang City Labor Camp.

    Currently there are thousands of Falun Gong practitioners being illegally detained in prisons, labor camps, and brainwashing centers suffering inhuman persecution, and some even tortured to death. Since March 2006, overseas medias have been reporting on and exposing the Chinese Communist Party harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners and selling them for money, and then incinerating the bodies to cover up the crime. The situation is extremely urgent. We call upon everyone to help us stop the Chinese Communist Party from murdering good people.

    Falun Gong Practitioners Arrested and Killed by 610 Office Agents in Liaoyuan City, Liaoning Province

    Mass Arrests of Falun Gong Practitioners

    Since April 23, 2006, the National Security Team members of the 610 Office of Liaoyuan City illegally arrested over 30 Falun Gong practitioners. The Municipal Police, Pi Fuguo, He Kun, and Hou Changzhou confiscated four computers, printers, and other personal belongings from Ms. Xiang Lijie and four other practitioners.

    The police team members told the 610 Office, the National Security Team, and their supervisors at the police station that these practitioners were a "gang of anti-revolutionaries." They illegally confiscated assets worth 10,000 yuan, but reported them as 20,000 to 30,000 yuan to the provincial level government. The assets actually worth between 20,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan were reported at an inflated value of 50,000 to 60,000 yuan. The State Security Department urged them to conclude the case within a certain period of time after learning of this case. The provincial government attached a great deal of importance to this case, and asked Pi to report to them about the case every other day.

    Pi, He, and Hou used all kinds of cruel punishments to obtain forced confessions from the practitioners. The confessions would gain these officers more rewards from their supervisors. Ms. Xiang Lijie was tied spread eagle to a bed. Then she was tortured until she developed serious urinary and bowel incontinence. They brutally force-fed the practitioners who were on hunger strikes. Pi and his cohorts ordered all police units in the city to arrest people so that they could reach the total number reported as "anti-revolutionists." They have adopted a policy that families of Falun Gong practitioners are suspects as well. If a practitioner is arrested, the homes of his or her family members and/or relatives are ransacked and the family members are interrogated. They arrest people at will without evidence. If someone is reported to be suspected of practicing Falun Gong, he or she will be immediately arrested. Even if one book, one picture of Master Li Hongzhi, or one Falun Dafa card is found or if someone just says "Falun Gong is good," he or she will be arrested. They never apply the human rights of freedom of belief and speech to Falun Gong practitioners. Those human rights that are granted in the Chinese Constitution are denied to Falun Gong practitioners. The Constitution means nothing in the eyes of law enforcers Pi, He, and Hou. They break the law and abuse human rights every day. Who is there to punish these people?

    The April 23 mass arrest is over four months in the past, and the 610 Office has transferred all the detained practitioners to the Longshan District Procuratorate for trial. The Procuratorate sent all the practitioners back due to insufficient evidence. Doesn't this show that what the Liaoyuan City Police Department officials did was wrong? To this day they haven't even found one "foreign spy."

    Practitioner Mr. Zhan Shunlong Dies as a Result of Abuse in Police Custody

    On the morning of May 26, 2006, Zhang Chuanhong, Director of Liaoheyuan Police Station, took over 20 people to arrest Falun Gong practitioner Me. Zhang Shunlong and others who had visited Mr. Zhang's detained brother, also a practitioner. Director Zhang Chuanhong grabbed Mr. Zhang Shunlong by the hair and started beating him. Several other police officers assisted. They smashed Mr. Zhang's head on the support beams of a bridge. Mr. Zhang was covered in blood. The police then tried to push him into a police vehicle, but he refused to cooperate with them and his legs stuck out of the vehicle. The police smashed one of his legs with the car door and broke it. Villagers standing by shouted at Mr. Zhang to give up and go with them, because they didn't want him to get beaten up. Once inside the vehicle, his head was shoved into the gap between the two car seats so that he could not move. Blood mixed with sweat dripped down his face. The scene was unbearable to watch. Mr. Zhang's wife, Lu Fengling, was also severely beaten and her nose was broken.

    All of them were taken to Liaoheyuan Police Station. Mr. Zhang was detained on the third floor and interrogated by several dozen police officers. Around 10 a.m., he fell from the third floor. The police claimed that he jumped, but two people failed to prevent his fall, he was handcuffed, he had a broken leg, there were over a dozen officers monitoring him, and the window was very narrow. It seems highly unlikely that he even could have jumped. In all probability the police had a hand in this tragic occurrence. Seeing that he would not survive, the police tried to avoid being held responsible for his death.

    At the hospital, Mr. Zhang was only given oxygen and blood. There were no other efforts made to save his life. Mr. Zhang could not speak, his breathing was labored, and his head was severely injured. On the morning of May 28, 2006, Mr. Zhang died. An autopsy was performed immediately and his body was cremated in spite of his family's protests. The police threatened his wife, saying, "Don't tell anyone about this. If you do, your whole family will be sent to prison." Mr. Zhang's wife cooperated for the sake of their two young children. The police asked Mr. Zhang's wife for money. When she told them that she did not have any, the police tried to pressure her into selling their motorcycle, but she refused.

    Mr. Zhang Shunlong left behind his elderly mother, a wife, and two young children. There is now nobody to farm their contracted land, and they are in very difficult circumstances.

    Pi Fuguo, He Kun, Hou Changzhou, Zhang Chuanhong, and others' crimes will one day be severely punished by the law.

    The Police in Zhoukou City, Henan Province Have Persecuted Me Since 1999

    I went to the Henan Provincial Committee of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to appeal for justice for Falun Gong on July 20, 1999. Hundreds of police officers armed with guns and batons surrounded me and threatened me with their weapons. The officers took me to a school building, which they surrounded. I resisted their attempt to take me back to my hometown of Zhoukou City. In the evening, six armed policemen from the Zhoukou City Police Department took me to the Political and Security Department of Zhoukou City. Officer Zhou Feng and others tortured me, ransacked my home, and confiscated my Falun Gong books.

    On the evening of July 22, Zhou Feng and policewoman Li Fengli informed the deputy minister of the Department of Culture of Zhoukou City that I would be held in a hotel in Zhoukou and kept under surveillance. A person surnamed Ji from the Zhoukou City Discipline Inspection Committee was involved in the surveillance. He extorted 1,000 yuan from me.

    In March 2000, I tried to go to Beijing to appeal and was arrested by police officer Gao Feng and others. I was taken to Shangshui County Detention Center, where I was detained for over two months and fined more than 8,000 yuan. Li Yuzheng and several others handcuffed me and took me to the Shangshui County Police Department. They pointed a gun at me and threatened and cursed at me. On the same day, staff from the Department of Culture brought my daughter in and tortured me more cruelly. Yang Zishan, deputy minister of the Department of Culture, dragged me around the room by my hair. He made my daughter watch this cruel treatment and asked me, "Do you still want to go to Beijing?" I replied, "Yes. I will seek justice for Falun Gong." Yang Zishan then dragged and pushed me while cursing at me.

    On October 3, 2000, I went to Beijing to appeal. At the Beijing train station, I was arrested and taken to the police department. I was later transferred to the Zhoukou Beijing Office. Gao Feng and other officers, as well as Deputy Minister of the Zhoukou Department of Culture Gao Zhenhuan, Curator of the Cultural Center Zhao Guangzun, and Liu Xinping tortured me. Gao Feng grabbed me by my collar and shouted, "I will beat you to death. Even if I beat you to death, I still will not feel that I have vented my anger." As he shouted, he hit my head against the wall and attempted to force me to remain kneeling for five hours. I firmly refused to kneel down. In addition, 9,000 yuan was extorted from me.

    On October 6, I was taken back to Zhoukou City. For more than 10 days, I lived under the surveillance the Cultural Center staff. After that, Mu Fang from the Security Department of my work unit took me to a detention center. I was held there for more than two months before Deng Weiqiang of the Political and Security Department took me to Shibalihe Women's Forced Labor Camp in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, without following any legal procedure. I was imprisoned in the labor camp for three years and five months.

    I suffered severe persecution at the labor camp and lost my personal freedom. Policewomen Hu Xiuxia, Jia Meili, Wang Nan ,and others confiscated my Falun Gong books. They forbade me to study the principles of Falun Gong or practice the exercises. Because I insisted on studying the Falun Gong books and practicing the exercises, my term was repeatedly extended. The officers forced us to perform 13 to 14 hours of heavy labor daily. We were forced to work every weekend and to continue working until dawn.

    One day, I refused to do the calisthenics. The officers ordered drug addict inmates to drag me around and kick me until my hands were bleeding. Even now, there are large scars on my hands from that beating. On another occasion, others were allowed to go to bed after work, but the guards singled me out and attempted to force me to sit on the floor. I resisted. As a result, policewoman Hu Xiuxia ordered two "personal cangues" (1) to kick and beat me for nearly half an hour. I was blue and purple all over and I could not raise my shoulders and hands as a result of the torture. I was forbidden to take a break and was forced to perform physical labor all day.

    We once joined together to resist the persecution. We refused to go to work, sing songs, participate in military drills, or do their so-called "homework." The guards removed our pants and socks, leaving only our underwear, and attempted to force us to kneel on the snow-covered ground. We resisted and instead sat cross-legged. The guards verbally abused and videotaped us to embarrass us. Because I refused to do the "homework," guard Wang Nan and others deprived me of sleep and forced me to stand on the balcony in the cold winter. On top of the physical punishment, I had to perform labor during the day. The officers often conducted body searches and checked our clothes. When policewomen Wang Nan and Ma Lan searched me, they even checked my underwear and used scissors to cut my clothes and quilt.

    When we refused to be "transformed," the officers handcuffed and tortured us. Because I didn't give in, they ordered five drug addict inmates to beat me. One of them sat on me, two of them held my hands, and two held my legs. I was in pain for several days.

    My daughter mailed me a watch but Wang Nan confiscated it. She even said to me, "It's for your safety. I will keep it for you so that the drug addicts cannot steal it from you. I'll return it to you when you are released." However, she did not return the watch to me when I returned home in March 2003.

    Because I persisted in practicing Falun Gong, the police refused to let my family to visit me. When my son came to visit, the officers said to me, "Do you want to see your son? There is one condition to be met. Be 'transformed.'" I replied, "I really do wish to see my son. It is my right. But you will never succeed in 'transforming' me. You are too vicious."

    In the summer of 2002, in order to "transform" Falun Gong practitioners, the police used all kinds of torture methods, including the tiger bench, hanging us up by our hands cuffed behind our backs, taping our eyelids, sleep deprivation, stuffing towels into our mouths to muffle any sounds, and forcing us to listen to vicious slander against Falun Gong. They also beat us with batons, leather shoes, whips, and broom handles and subjected us to electric shocks. At that time, almost every single practitioner suffered such torture. I resisted the evil and didn't suffer the torture. However, I was given two injections and my term was extended by five months.

    One morning, all detainees were ordered to gather inside a big room. Guards armed with guns and batons surrounded us. The police head, Jia Meili, said, "I'll give you half an hour to think it over. If you agree to be 'transformed,' step out and you won't suffer any torture. If you don't step out, you will be tortured immediately and you will wish you could die. Now you have to choose--be 'transformed' or be tortured!"

    We all remained silent, forming an indestructible body. Half an hour passed. Not a single practitioner stepped out. Head guard Jia Meili and deputy head Hu Xiuxia turned from screaming to fidgeting and then were dumbfounded. In the end, they ordered, "Give each of them a desk, a piece of paper and a pen, and order them to write! Let the personal cangues get them to write [the guarantee statement]!"

    No practitioner followed their orders. A few of us wrote: "Falun Dafa is great!" and "Zhen-Shan-Ren is great!" on the paper. The guards had no choice but to say, "Go back and think it over again."

    I remember a drug addict inmate once said to me, "We got special treatment again today. The head of the guards asked us to pretend to be Falun Gong practitioners when a group of people came to visit the labor camp. The head instructed us on how to answer the questions, such as saying we stopped practicing Falun Gong, and told us to say good things about the labor camp."

    The guards used all kinds of deceptive tactics. A fellow practitioner, my cell mate Su Shimei, was taken away by three drug addicts. They were going to hang her up. One week later, the drug addicts told us, "Su Shimei's mouth was stuffed with a towel and she was hung up. She suffocated. Her family came to get her body." The police released two of the three drug addicts before they had served their terms. In addition, four other fellow practitioners including Ms. Xu Bishan from Zhengzhou City were tortured to death.

    Whenever practitioners' family members came to visit, they were asked to write an anti-Falun Gong statement at the entrance; otherwise, they would not be allowed to visit us. Many practitioners were not allowed to meet with their family members for very long. The guards confiscated the food that the families brought and searched their clothes, even tearing their clothes into pieces when they conducted their so-called "security check."

    In November 2005 after I was released, two police officers from Beiyongxing Police Station broke into my house and took me to the police station. The reason they gave was that I was one of those at large for whom the national police network had issued a search warrant. Even some of the police officers and their family members thought it was unfair to arrest me and felt indignant about such persecution. It was not until later, when I was transferred to Shabei Police Station, that I found out that Li Yuzheng and other officers from Shabei Police Station had made a false statement so that they could arrest me. They asked me during the interrogation whether I would continue to practice Falun Gong. I said, "Yes, I will." However, they recorded, "I will not practice anymore" on the interrogation form. It has become habitual for police to falsify statements. They also extorted 2,000 "yuan" from my family.

    In early April 2006, Gao Feng ordered two policemen and two policewomen from the Political and Security Department to break into my residence and ransack my home. They confiscated two exercise music tapes and took me to the Political and Security Department. In their office, they slandered Falun Gong and Master and read to my son the so-called "transformation statement" written by others. Liu Min, Gao Feng, and another woman then pushed me into a van and took me into custody for 15 days. With Master's protection and rescue efforts on the part of fellow practitioners, I returned home with the power of a righteous mind.


    (1) "Personal cangues" -- A "cangue" was an instrument of torture, but the term is now used to indicate the person or persons designated to supervise a Falun Gong practitioner's behavior.

    The Information about Practitioners Recently Arrested in Pinggu District, Beijing City

    On August 6, 2006, police from Binhe Police Station in Pinggu District, together with police from the National Security Bureau, illegally arrested Lu Jianping and Mu Dongya, a couple in Pinggu District. This left their young daughter and her grandmother, who is over 70, living alone together, and their life is very difficult.

    At 9 a.m. on August 3, Mao Zhenjiang, a practitioner in Duoyukou Town, Pinggu District, was arrested at home.

    The above three practitioners are now being held in Pinggu District Detention Center.

    Zhang Peihua used to be the National Security Section chief of Pinggu District Police Department. Last year he led a team to confiscate the household belongings of Ma Zhanquan and Tian Shurong, a couple that live in Pinggu District. Zhang also signed the arrest certificate. This year, Zhang was transferred to the position of Yukou Town Police Station chief, where he continues to persecute practitioners.

    On June 20, 2006, five practitioners were arrested at home in Zhangzuo Village, Jinhaihu Town, Pinggu District. Except for practitioner Ms. Ma Shuhua, 59, the other four practitioners have returned home. Ms. Ma is now still detained in Pinggu District Detention Center.

    Around 9:30 am on July 20, 2006, Yukou Town Police Station Head Zhang Peihua, together with about seven people from Pinggu District including Wang Xiaohua, arrested practitioners Cui Ruyi, Zhang Chunhong, Liu Guifen, and Chen Youwen in their homes.

    Practitioners Mr. Ma Zhanquan and his wife, Ms. Tian Shurong, have been sentenced to three years of detention. Ms. Tian is currently detained in the 8th Group of Daxing Women's Forced Labor Camp in Beijing, and Ma Zhanquan is detained in a prison in Tianjin City. This couple's son, Ma Jian, is in the fifth grade. After the arrest of both of his parents, Ma Jian has to live with his elderly grandparents. Without any income, their lives are tough, and they cannot afford to pay for Ma Jian's tuition. They are also regularly harassed by thugs.

    Li Xiaofeng, another practitioner in Pinggu District, was sentenced to one and a half years in a labor camp in 2001. After being released, Li Xiaofeng practiced Falun Gong diligently, recovered quickly, and soon joined truth-clarification efforts. In March this year during the National Congress, staff from the National Security Team and the 610 Office arrested Li Xiaofeng again and confiscated his property.

    Zhang Haicheng, a practitioner in Pinggu District, was reported by someone while clarifying the truth to others in Dulihaoting Community. His whereabouts are currently unknown, and we hope anyone who has information will please share it with us.

    The Persecution from Ms. Hua Shaolan of Yinhai District, Beihai City, Guangxi Province

    [Note: The following is a shortened version of a longer and more detailed article that appeared on the website (Chinese version of]

    Since July 1999, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Hua Shaolan, 35, from Yinhai District, Beihai City, Guangxi, has had her home ransacked four times, and a dozen Falun Gong books and materials confiscated.

    In July 2000, police from Longtan Local Police Station broke into Ms. Hua's home, arrested her and her husband, her husband's fourth elder sister and her brother-in-law, and took them to the Longtan Local Police Station, where they were forced to write a guarantee statement. In late 2000, Ms. Hua was also forced to attend brainwashing sessions held in Quwan Village.

    In March 2001, Ms. Hua and her husband were taken to the brainwashing session held at the Longtan Village office. They were imprisoned for sixteen days.

    In 2002, police officers Huang Xin, Huang You, Li Wenbo and others from Yinhai District illegally arrested Ms. Hua, took her to the brainwashing session in Beihai Municipal Drug Rehabilitation Center and forced her to watch videos slandering Falun Gong and the founder of Falun Gong. Ms. Hua and fellow practitioners did not cooperate, so the police dragged them to the drilling ground to torture them, exposing them to the scorching sun, and forcing them to do military drills. When Ms. Hua did the Falun Gong exercises, she was beaten and abused by the security people, who were trying to force her to write a repentance statement. She did not accede, so she was beaten by policeman Huang You. Ms. Hua was imprisoned for 26 days.

    In March 2003, policemen Huang Xin, Li Chuangjie, Lin Shaoguo and others broke into Ms. Hua's home and took her to the Beihai Second Detention Center and detained her for fifteen days. In October of the same year, Ms. Hua was once again arrested by the local 610 Office and taken to Yinhai District Police Department, where she was detained for three days. After that, she was transferred to Beihai Second Detention Center and held for fifteen days. At the detention center, when Ms. Hua studied the principle of Falun Gong and practiced her exercises, she was locked up in an iron cage and exposed to the sun for fourteen hours by policemen surnamed Xia and Feng. She went home when her term expired. But three days later, she was again arrested by the Beihai 610 Office and taken to the city police station, and released only after being interrogated for a full day and night.

    In March 2004, Liu Sheng, Lin Yongbo, Huang Xin and others broke into Ms. Hua's home and arrested her. They took her to Yinhai District Industry Park for brainwashing. She was held for four days.

    Since 2005, Zhang Yuyi, Lai Yaxiong, Li Wenbo, Wang Hexi, Wang Hefa, and other lawless people have come to Ms. Hua's home to harass her on numerous occassions.