The Facts of the Persecution of Falun Gong  -- September 11, 2006

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  • Mr. Yin Anbang Tortured to Death, Tailai Prison Officials Hide the Facts

  • Ms. Gu Changqin Cannot Walk or Talk After Long-term Persecution in Liaoning Women's Prison

  • Ms. Ma Chunli Weighs Only 55 Pounds after 500 Days of Persecution

  • More Information about Mr. Li Yutong, Who Died as a Result of Persecution in 2003

  • Mr. Yin Anbang Tortured to Death, Tailai Prison Officials Hide the Facts

    Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Yin Anbang was detained in the Second Group of the Eighth Ward of Tailai Prison in Qiqihar City, Heilongjiang Province. Because he refused to write the three statements, he was tortured to death by guard Yu (male, first name unknown) on August 15, 2006.

    Yin Anbang was from Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province. He was tortured brutally for more than six months, causing muscular atrophy and disability. His family requested to have him released on bail for medical treatment, but the Tailai Prison administration absolutely refused, and continued torturing Mr. Yin until his death. The prison administration was afraid of his case being exposed, so they did not allow other prisoners to talk to him or even go near him before he died. Guard Yu bribed other prisoners with reduced terms to force them to make false statements. The prison administration has sealed all information about Mr. Yin.

    Several Falun Gong practitioners have been tortured to death in Tailai Prison over the seven past years.

    Tailai Prison Directors: Zhang Zhicheng (male), Liu Zhiyi (male).

    The Eighth Ward Head: Yang Hongxiu (male)

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    Ms. Gu Changqin Cannot Walk or Talk After Long-term Persecution in Liaoning Women's Prison

    Ms. Gu Changqin of Gangyaoling Town, the Nanpiao District, Huludao City, Liaoning Province, has been persecuted in Liaoning Women's Prison since 2002. She is now unable to talk or walk.

    Ms. Gu, 51, is a medical doctor and used to work at Gayaoling Hospital. She went to Beijing in 1999 to appeal for justice for Falun Gong and was arrested and sentenced to forced labor for three years. She was sent to Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Shenyang City. Su Jing, the Director of the 2nd Station, and guards tortured her. Su and several policewomen stood at the door to block the entrance, while the rest hit, beat, kicked, and slapped Ms. Gu and also shocked her with electric batons. For a long time she could not lie flat to sleep and could not breathe normally. Her neck movement was hampered, and her cheeks and face were all swollen. She could only take liquids at each meal, which barely sustained her life. The labor camp sent Ms. Gu back to her hometown in 2000, but she was sent back to the camp on November 11 that same year. On May 30, 2001, Gu Changqin was in critical condition and was sent back to her hometown again.

    In 2002, Ms. Gu was again illegally arrested by the local police and sentenced to six years. They sent her to Liaoning Women's Prison. As a result of the persecution, she was just skin and bones and was almost too weak to eat. She was forced to sit on a narrow bench no more than two inches wide for a prolonged time, which damaged her back so badly that she could not sit up. Gu Changqin went on a hunger strike to protest, but was brutally force-fed, which damaged both her vocal cords and stomach. She could not talk and threw up after each swallow.

    Someone had to carry Ms. Gu out on their back each time her family members visited her. Her family went to visit her not long ago and requested her release. The prison authorities said that they could release her, but that they needed to give her an injection first, which would count as a physical examination. They said the family members needed to sign their consent for this procedure. When her family asked what kind of drug would be injected, the prison refused to say. The family members refused to sign, so Ms. Gu Changqin was not released.

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    Ms. Ma Chunli Weighs Only 55 Pounds after 500 Days of Persecution

    Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Ma Chunli from Dehui City, Jilin Province was illegally arrested on the street and taken to the police station by officers Ge Xuquan and Zhang Qingchun on December 14, 2004. Ma Chunli went on a hunger strike to protest her illegal arrest. She has become very frail and weighs only 55 pounds. The police have attempted many times to transfer her to a prison, but the prison refused to take her due to her poor health.

    Sometime around May or June 2006, Ms. Ma was secretly taken to Heizuizi Prison in Changchun City. Soon afterwards, she was sent to the Japan-China Friendship Hospital. Ma Chunli's family only learned that she had been taken to the prison after her mother received a note asking her to go the the hospital to take care of her daughter. When her family went to the Heizuizi Prison to get permission to see Ms. Ma at the end of June, the prison administrators made various excuses, rudely refusing to grant the visit. The family then tried to speak to the warden but were stopped by guards who lied and said that the warden had gone on vacation and nobody was in his office.

    In the middle of July, Ma Chunli's 7-year-old son and his grandmother went to the prison to see her again. They were again lied to and told that they would have to wait. They were told that the prison administrators would have to be consulted before they could visit Ms. Ma. When they asked one of the female police officers how long they would have to wait, she answered that they would have to wait until the office was closed. They repeatedly asked to be allowed to visit Ms. Ma, but the policewoman kept stalling. Then the little boy cried and begged: "Ma'am, please let me see my mom. I miss her so much!" His pleas must have touched the heart of the policewoman because she finally told them the truth that they would not be allowed to see Ma Chunli. She also said that even if they were allowed to see her, the visit would not take place at the office, but inside the prison. When Ma Chunli's family asked for the reason, they were told: "Because Ma Chunli cannot walk." Then, the family members again attempted to talk to the warden and were again stopped by guards who told them that everybody in charge was on vacation and that nobody was in the office.

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    More Information about Mr. Li Yutong, Who Died as a Result of Persecution in 2003

    Mr. Li Yutong was a Falun Gong practitioner from Dehui City, Jilin Province. Between August and November 2003, he was detained in the 4th Group of Yinmahe Forced Labor Camp in Jiutai City, Jilin Province. While in detention, Mr. Li resisted the re-education through labor and refused to wear a prison uniform. As a result, the guards put him in an iron cage for 15 days. Afterwards they kept him in solitary confinement.

    Mr. Li went on a hunger strike to protest and the guards force-fed him two to three times every day. It was extremely cold in late October in eastern China, but the guards kept the windows open in his cell at night and did not give him any bed covers.

    One day after being brutally tortured and carried back to his cell, Mr. Li was unconsciousness. When others helped him to use the restroom, he told Jing Zhixin that the guards had used electric batons on him and inserted a feeding tube into his esophagus.

    The labor camp did not release Mr. Li until he was on the verge of death. Several days after he returned home, Mr. Li Yutong passed away.

    The following people directly participated in torturing Li Yutong:

    Labor Camp Director Meng
    Political Instructor Zhang Mingcai
    Labor Camp Hospital Director Wang Shichun
    Labor Camp Doctor Jiang

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