The Facts of the Persecution of Falun Gong  -- July 20, 2006

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  • Mr. Zhang Quanfu Tortured to Death by Guard Wang Tao at Chaoyanggou Labor Camp

  • Incidents of Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners in the Lanzhou Forced Labor Camp in Gansu Province

  • Account of Falun Gong Practitioner Zhang Shunlong's Death

  • Once Severely Persecuted and Tortured, Now Forced to Become Destitute and Homeless

  • Ms. Chen Xiu Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

  • Two Practitioners from Heilongjiang and Sichuan Provinces Die from Persecution

  • Ms. Li Chunzhi Died as a Result of Persecution

  • Doubts Surrounding Mr. Wang Xiaofang's Death

  • Falun Gong Practitioner Ms. Dong Linlin Missing in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp

  • Ms. Yan Xiuying and Two other Practitioners from Yong Chang County, Gansu Province Recently Arrested

  • Mr. Zhang Quanfu Tortured to Death by Guard Wang Tao at Chaoyanggou Labor Camp

    In September I was one of over 60 detained Falun Gong practitioners transferred to Chaoyanggou Labor Camp in Changchun City, Jilin Province. Nine days later, I was jailed in the 2nd Squadron of the 6th Group. The group head is Gao Tiecheng (male), and the deputy head is Li Zhongbo (male). Li Zhongbo is very vicious. The policeman of these wards include Wang Tao from the 1st Squadron, Li Dong from the 2nd Squadron, and Liu Yan from the 3rd Squadron.

    In November 2003, guards of the Chaoyanggou Labor Camp tortured Falun Gong practitioners according to the policy of "one hundred days of attacking practitioners who steadfastly practice Falun Gong." Prior to this persecution policy's implementation, practitioner Mr. Zhang Quanfu was tortured terribly and had scabies all over his body due to the inhumane living conditions. He was forced sit for entire days and not allowed to use the bathroom. He weighed less than 30 kg, ate very little and was in critical condition. Despite this, the labor camp guards did not release him. Instead, the torture against him was even more severe, and he was forced to sit on the bench for even longer. It was very common that he was forced to sit from 5:00 a.m. until midnight.

    One day, Mr. Zhang Quanfu was asked to go to the supervisor's office. The guard Wang Tao asked him whether he still continued to practice Falun Gong. Mr. Zhang Quanfu said, "I will practice as long as I am alive." The guard Wang Tao took a bottle of boiling water and spilled it onto Mr. Zhang's hands. His hands were burned and developed large blisters.

    After that, Mr. Zhang's health became even worse. His hands became infected from the burn wounds. He could not eat or drink anymore. The camp head, Li Zhongbo, said that Mr. Zhang was pretending to be unable to eat and ordered two prisoners to haul him to the dining room every day. Mr. Zhang Quanfu was forced to sit on the bench again the day before he passed away. Finally a guard recognized that Mr. Zhang was in critical condition and sent him to the hospital for emergency treatment. He died that same night.

    Incidents of Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners in the Lanzhou Forced Labor Camp in Gansu Province

    There used to be two forced labor camps in the Lanzhou area, but now there are four. The persecution methods against Falun Gong practitioners in these camps are extremely vicious and cruel. The persecutors put Falun Gong practitioners into a labor camp without providing any reason and without going through any legal procedure or documentation. They often arbitrarily sentence practitioners to one, two or even three years of forced labor. Moreover, they extend practitioners' term at will, for several months at a time.

    Practitioners are deprived all personal freedom as soon as they are taken into the labor camp. The police utilize various inhumane methods to torture practitioners: depriving them of sleep, putting torture instruments on practitioners, verbal abuse, hanging up and beating practitioners, locking them up in solitary confinement, and forcing practitioners to squat in the basement. Sometimes the guards even forbid practitioners from eating, drinking water or going to the restroom. There have been cases where practitioners were permanently crippled or tortured to death.

    Song Yanzhao was an incarcerated doctor in the Liangzhou District, Wuwei City. He was only 31 years old when he was tortured to death at the hands of people at the First Labor Camp in Gansu Province (also known as the Pingantai Forced Labor Camp.) The beatings he suffered broke five of his ribs. They continued to beat his corpse savagely even after he had passed away.

    Ms. Hou Youfang, a Falun Gong practitioner from Jinchang City

    Ms. Hou Youfang was an award-winning physics teacher at the Xipocun Middle School in Jinchang City. She was beaten fiercely to the point that she had severe internal bleeding, and several of her ribs and her pelvis were fractured. She was beaten to death in the Pingantai Forced Labor Camp on November 29, 2002 at the age of 48.

    Mr. Ouyang Wei was a 32-year-old practitioner from Lanzhou City. He was taken to the Pingantai Forced Labor Camp on October 16, 2002. In less than ten days, he was subjected to various torture methods, which led to his death.

    Ms. Cheng Guilan, a practitioner from Tianshui City

    Ms. Cheng Guilan was a practitioner from the Beidao District, Tianshui City. She was a senior engineer retiree at Nuclear Industry Ministry. Ms. Cheng was taken to the Women's Group on September 25, 2002. She was tortured to death within three days. There were large areas of cuts and bruises on her body.

    Ms. Liu Wenyu was a retiree from the Railroad Hospital in Tianshui City. The police tortured her by force-feeding, making her stomach bleed heavily. She suffered from all kinds of other tortures in the labor camp. The police in the Beidao District kept going to her home to harass her after her returned home. She died as a result of the persecution in February 2004.

    Mr. Ma Yuefang is a practitioner in Jinchang City. The guards in the Pingantai Forced Labor Camp beat him and broke his legs. During surgery to install metal plates to correct the fractures, the police forbade the doctors to apply anesthesia. Ma Yuefang suffered excruciating pain. Mr. Ma Yuefang's legs are now crippled.

    Ms. Zhang Xiaoe is a practitioner from Maguan Township, Zhangjiachuan County. She was held in the camp for two years, starting in March 2002. The police agent Wang Yonghong beat her savagely. She lost consciousness several times during the beating. Then she was handcuffed behind her back onto a bed rail for nine days in a row. She could not stand up or sit down during those nine days. She could only squat. The beating left cuts and bruises on her body, and pus seeped from her injuries. Her pants stuck onto her blood and flesh. It was very difficult and painful to change the pants.

    Mr. Zhang Ye and Mr. Zhang Zhao were mentally traumatized from the persecution. So was Si Yongqian, a practitioner from Tianshui City who was sent to the First Forced Labor Camp in Gansu Province. Mr. Chen Gang, also a practitioner from Tianshui City, was beaten so cruelly that he could not move. Cui Yonglin was hung up on a cross-like structure. Even the handcuffs were broken during the prolonged torture. It is not difficult to imagine the physical pain he had endured. Bai Xianggui and Chaiqiang were forced to stand up with the legs stretched apart and two square stools underneath the legs.

    Account of Falun Gong Practitioner Zhang Shunlong's Death

    Mr. Zhang Shunlong was a farmer from Xincheng No. 6 team, Yanping Town, Liaoheyuan Township, Dongliao County, Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province. On the morning of May 26, Mr. Zhang Shunlong, along with his wife Lu Fengling, his brother Zhang Shunming, another practitioner Pang Baojun, Zhang's sister-in-law (non-practitioner), and a neighbor Mr. Du (non-practitioner) went to Dongji Police Sub-bureau of Liaoyuan City to ask for the release of Zhang Shunlong's brother Zhang Shunhong and sister-in-law Ms. Liu Xiangzhuo. When they reached the bridge at Xincheng No. 7 team, two police vehicles stopped them. Around 20 police got out and surrounded them. They were asked to get into the police vehicle. The police alleged that they were planning to surround and attack the city government buildings. Zhang and the others refused to cooperate with the police. They told the police, "We are not going with you. We are going to see our brother. If you have an issue with that, go to the village committee office."

    Liaoheyuan police station director Zhang Chuanhong grabbed Mr. Zhang Shunlong by the hair and started beating him along with several other police officers. They also smashed Mr. Zhang's head on the support beams of the bridge. Mr. Zhang was covered in blood. The police then tried to push him into the vehicle, but he refused to cooperate with them and stuck his legs out of the vehicle. In trying to get Mr. Zhang's legs back into the vehicle, the police looked for rocks to break his leg, but could not find any, so they used the car door to do the job. Once inside the vehicle, his head was pushed into the gap between the two car seats so that he could not move. Blood mixed with the sweat dripping down his face - the scene was unbearable to watch. Zhang's wife, Lu Fengling, was also severely beaten. Her nose was broken.

    All of them were taken to Liaoheyuan police station. Mr. Zhang was detained on the third floor and interrogated by several dozen police. Around 10 a.m., he fell from the third floor. The police claimed that he jumped, yet two people failed to prevent his fall. Zhang was handcuffed with a broken leg. There were over a dozen police watching over him, and the window was very narrow. How could he have jumped out? It is obvious that he was thrown from the building. The police tried to evade responsibility upon seeing that he would not survive.

    During the entire incident, Mr. Zhang did not cooperate with the police. There was not a single word on the interrogation record.

    Later, police sent Mr. Zhang to Liaoyuan City No. 2 Hospital. While in the hospital, the police asked Mr. Zhang's wife for money. When she told them that she did not have any, the police tried to pressure her into selling their motorcycle, but she refused. Mr. Zhang was only given oxygen and blood; there was no other effort to save his life.

    Before Mr. Zhang passed away, he could not speak. He was breathing heavily, and his head was severely injured. An autopsy was performed immediately after his death. His body was cremated on the morning of May 28, despite his family's protests. The police threatened his wife, "Don't tell anyone about this. If you do, your whole family will be sent to prison." Mr. Zhang's wife agreed because they have two young children at home.

    Zhang left behind his elderly mother, wife and two young children. Their situation is very difficult. Since there is no one to take care of the land, they had to rent it out. They have no way to earn a living. Zhang Shuming and Pang Baojun remain in detention.

    Once Severely Persecuted and Tortured, Now Forced to Become Destitute and Homeless

    Falun Gong practitioner Qiao Renxi was detained several times because he appealed on behalf of Falun Gong in Beijing. He was fired from his work unit, Zhazi Coal Mine, under Tonghua Mining Bureau in Jilin Province. Since then, he has become destitute and homeless to avoid further persecution.

    Qiao Renxi started to practice Falun Gong in 1998. He required himself to act according to the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" and abandoned all the bad habits and addictions he had before. He used to describe himself as "a person poisoned by all kinds of addictions". It was Falun Gong that saved him. With his practice of Falun Gong, all of his diseases gradually went away.

    In October 1999 he went to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Falun Gong, but the officials from the Baishan City Beijing Office sent him back. He was sent to the detention center in Baishan City and was illegally detained there for half a month. He only had 200 yuan with him at the time, but he was cheated out of it by officials at the Beijing Office. The Officials from the police station of Zhazi Mine, the police station of Zhazi Township, and Zhazi Township Hall continuously harassed him. In November 1999 he was sent to the detention center in Jiangyuan County and was persecuted there for half a month. In July of the following year, he went to Beijing again. In order to avoid being arrested, he was forced to become destitute and homeless. He was fired from his position and his family members were constantly harassed.

    In 2002 he was arrested again outside his hometown and was sentenced to two years in a forced labor camp. He was detained in the labor camps in Weizigou and Chaoyanggou, Changchun City respectively.

    During his detention, the policemen in the Chaoyanggou Labor Camp inhumanely persecuted and tortured him. They hammered toothpicks into his fingers and cut off the part that was outside the fingers so that the tooth sticks couldn't be taken out. This caused every finger to experience excruciating pain and fester from the wounds. Eventually he lost feeling in his fingers. The police took off his shoes and put his feet on the edge of the triangular iron bar, with one policeman hanging himself up by clutching the crossbeam of the house and forcefully stomping on his feet and grinding down. This made him nearly lose consciousness. They took wooden boards and slashed at his back and legs with them, causing cuts and bruises up and down his body. During his stay in the labor camp, he contracted scabies, which made him feel extremely painful and itchy.

    After Mr. Qiao was released from the labor camp, the officials from the 610 Offices in Baishan City, Jiangyuan County, Zhazi Township Police Station and the township hall repeatedly went to his home to harass him. In the winter of 2004, he was detained again and was sent to the brainwashing session set up by the 610 Office in Baishan City. Later on he wrote to some government departments to report his situation and demanded that his job be restored. Because of this police from Zhazi Township arrested him again. He was forced to become destitute and homeless again.

    Because Mr. Qiao practices and benefits from Falun Gong and requires himself to be a good person and act according to the principles of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance", the CCP officials arrested him several times and subjected him to severe persecution.

    The following are some other Falun Gong practitioners who have been persecuted in the Zhazi Mine:

    Yang Qingyan: He was forced to leave his hometown in order to avoid being arrested. His work unit didn't grant him retiree status though he reached the age of retirement. At the age of fifty, he was forced to leave town to do manual labor in order to make a living.

    Wang Chunling: Because she didn't give up practicing Falun Gong, the local government of Zhazi Township and the Zhazi Mine stopped paying her salary.

    Sun Yufa: Because he kept practicing Falun Gong, he was illegally sentenced to two years in a forced labor camp. He was tortured in the Chaoyanggou Labor Camp.

    Wang Guizhen: Because of practicing Falun Gong, she was detained several times in the detention center in Jiangyuan County. She was sentenced to one and a half years in a forced labor camp recently. She is at the moment detained in the Leizhizi Labor Camp in Changchun.

    Ms. Chen Xiu Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

    On the morning of June 23, 2006, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Chen Xiu was secretly put on trial and sentenced to four years in prison by the Tiexi District Court in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province.

    Ms. Chen Xiu, 40, was arrested on March 3, 2006 at the home of one of her fellow practitioners'.

    On June 23, 2006, none of Ms. Chen Xiu's friends or family were allowed to be present at the court, but people from the 610 Office and CCP Political and Judiciary Committee were all there. The prosecutor (female) read out Ms Chen Xiu's "crimes," and Ms. Chen Xiu defended herself, requesting an appeal. The trial ended quickly.

    Two Practitioners from Heilongjiang and Sichuan Provinces Die from Persecution

    Ms. Liu Yanxia, 63, was a new practitioner from Wumahe District, Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province. She was diagnosed with uremia for many years. She spent tens of thousands of dollars on medical bills to no avail. She was literally waiting to die. In March 2005, she was lucky enough to hear a practitioner clarifying the truth of Falun Gong to her. She started practicing Falun Gong, and she was cured in a little over ten days. She was happy and smiling again. The effects of her practicing Falun Gong and the miraculous healing of her sickness were profound. After she began the practice, the Wumahe 610 Office began to harass her constantly. She suffered from mental pressure for a long period of time, and passed away on June 3, 2006.

    Ms. Rao Yulin was about 80 years old, and a retiree of Yudian Middle School, Fengming Town, Pengshan County, Ershan City, Sichuan Province. Before she practiced Falun Gong, she was diagnosed with all kinds of sickness and it was difficult for her to move. She couldn't be without her medicine. After she learned Falun Gong, all of her sickness vanished. No one would believe she was close to 80 years old. After the persecution started in July 1999, she was steadfast in Falun Gong practice, and she clarified the truth of Falun Gong to other people. Since 2002, her school bribed her neighbor Jin to monitor her. Jin sometimes even openly interrogated her. In the spring of 2004, Rao was giving out Falun Gong materials and someone who didn't know of the truth about Falun Gong reported her. Seven thugs, including Xiao Deyuan from the First Group of National Security, County Police Department arrested her at her house. Xiao Deyuan publicly defamed Master and Rao Yulin. Disregarding Rao's old age, and that she had to take care of her mentally ill son, they took her away and confiscated all of her Falun Gong books, tapes, and truth-clarifying materials. They even took away a $10 coin she placed on an altar. That night the school leader, the people from the residence, and her niece brought her back. Rao suffered a great deal both mentally and physically, and she passed away in December 2004.

    Ms. Li Chunzhi Died as a Result of Persecution

    Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Li Chunzhi, 41, lived in the Family Housing of the Baoding City Second Cadre Retirement Home in Hebei Province. She started to practice Falun Gong in August 1995 and was a volunteer assistant of the Binhe Park Group Practice Site in Baoding City. She went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong on July 22, 1999, and was arrested, detained one month in Beijing Public Transportation Detention Center, and later detained for another 20 days in Baoding Detention Center. She was fined 1600 yuan by Religion Affairs Office Head Tang (gender unknown) of the Baoding City Police Department.

    On January 2, 2001, police officer Wang Yuehua (gender unknown) and others arrested Ms. Li from a hospital, where her parents had been taken for emergency treatment due to gas poisoning. Ms. Li went on a hunger strike to protest, but her father died before she was released.

    Before January 24, 2001 (the Chinese New Year), Ms. Li was again arrested and detained, this time for two months in Xushui County Detention Center. She went on a hunger strike until she was near death. Political Security Office Head Lu Guanjiang (male) of Beishi District Police Department insisted on detaining her in the Baoding City Detention Center, but the Center rejected her due to her physical condition. Finally Lu Guanjiang had to allow her husband to carry her home.

    On April 25, 2001, Ms. Li unfurled a banner on Tiananmen Square. She was arrested and detained in the Yanqing County Detention Center in Beijing. She was cursed at and beaten with sticks, so she went on a hunger strike for 24 days. After she was released, she had to leave home to avoid being arrested again.

    In July or August 2001, Ms. Li was arrested by policemen from Youanmen Station in Beijing. Four male officers stripped her, shocked her with an electric baton when she had only her underwear on, verbally abused her, and beat her. She was released after she stopped eating for four days.

    On February 17, 2003, policemen from Beishi District Department in Baoding City arrested Ms. Li when she visiting her daughter. She was sentenced to three years of forced labor and detained in the Baoding City Forced Labor Camp for three months. She was released after she went on a hunger strike for 47 days.

    Over the past several years, due to the police's constant harassment, threats, arrests, and detention, Ms. Li Chunzhi had no stable life, and that greatly damaged her physical and mental health. She died on June 19, 2006.

    Doubts Surrounding Mr. Wang Xiaofang's Death

    Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Wang Xiaofang lived in Penglai City, Shandong Province. In the latter half of June 2006, he died strangely in Beijing while trying to seek justice for his wife. His wife was a Falun Gong practitioner. Her name was Ms. Wu Hong, and she was tortured to death. Mr. Wang Xiaofang's younger brother went to Beijing along with some policemen. The police told him that Mr. Wang Xiaofang was arrested at Tiananmen Square, but was sent to a hotel, where he jumped off the building from the eighth floor and died. This is very suspicious.

    Mr. Wang Xiaofang, 43, started practicing Falun Gong in 1998. He was a policeman in Penglai City. Because he refused to give up his practice in Falun Gong, he was dismissed from his job. His wife, Wu Hong, was arrested at home on May 30, 2006, and was locked up in a brainwashing session held by the 610 Office. On the morning of June 6, 2006, Ms. Wu Hong was sent to Penglai City Hospital for emergency treatment. Reportedly, Ms. Wu Hong's skull was smashed, and she fell into a deep coma before dying on June 9, 2006.

    Before Mr. Wang Xiaofang went to Beijing, he tried to request that the 610 Office be brought to justice for his wife's death. He had evidence that proved Ms. Wu Hong was tortured to death by 610 Office workers. The existence of the evidence caused some people to become afraid.

    The following are the reasons why Mr. Wang Xiaofang would not commit suicide:
    1. Mr. Wang Xiaofang had been practicing Falun Gong many years and knew that suicide is considered killing, which is not something a practitioner would do.
    2. Mr. Wang Xiaofang was seeking justice for his wife Wu Hong's death.
    3. Mr. Wang Xiaofang told his fellow practitioners before leaving for Beijing, "The 610 Office might try to harm me, so please help me." This shows that he felt that he was being followed.
    4. He had evidence to prove that his wife was tortured to death by the 610 Office staff.

    Falun Gong Practitioner Ms. Dong Linlin Missing in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp

    Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Dong Linlin was sentenced to three years of forced labor. She went missing while she was detained in the Masanjia Labor Camp in the beginning of 2006.

    Ms. Dong Linlin, in her 30s, was a resident of Fushun City, Liaoning Province. In November 2004, she was arrested and sentenced to three years of forced labor. Under the evil persecution, Ms. Dong was once forcibly "transformed." In January 2006, she made a statement in which she declared that everything she had written was invalid and she continued to practice Falun Gong. Police put her into the Strict Administration Section. Following that, she went missing.

    According to other people who were in the Strict Administration Section, Ms. Dong was arraigned soon after she was sent there and did not return. The practitioners were afraid that Ms. Dong would be sent to the secret concentration camp. She was young and healthy.

    Ms. Dong's husband, Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Wang Hongjun, was sentenced to 13 years in prison. Mr. Wang's sister, Ms. Wang Guoying, was sentenced to nine years in prison. Ms. Wang Guoying's husband, Dou Zhenxiang, was sentenced to life in prison. Ms. Dong Linlin's parents are very old and live in Heilongjiang Province. This is the reason why no one could look for her after she went missing.

    Mr. Guo Xiaojun Missing for Six Years

    Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Guo Xiaojun, 36, lived in the Dafoba District, Tongnan County in Chongqing City. He was employed by the Huier Technology Company. His boss was Wang Qiang whose telephone number is 86-23-68622763.

    Before October 1, 2000, Mr. Guo Xiaojun was arrested and detained for seven days by policemen from the Xietaizi Station in Chongqing City. After he was released, he returned to work. He has been missing since December 15, 2000. For six years, his family members have been looking for him but have no information.

    Ms. Yan Xiuying and Two other Practitioners from Yong Chang County, Gansu Province Recently Arrested

    [Note: The following is a shortened version of a longer and more detailed article that appeared on the Minghui website, the Chinese version of Clearwisdom.]

    In late June, Ms. Yan Xiuying and two other Falun Gong practitioners from Yong Chang County, Gansu Province, were arrested. At present, these three practitioners are illegally imprisoned in the county jail.

    Practitioner Ms. Yan Xiuying, 56, is from Nanba. On June 26, 2006, she was arrested in the town of Hexibao, Yongchang County while distributing truth-clarification material. She is also detained in the Yongchang County Jail.

    Another practitioner, Mr. Li Jingji, 40, is an elementary school principal in the Town of Shuiyuan. He was illegally arrested around June 23.

    Zhang (gender unknown), 60, from the same town, was also arrested around the same time.