The Facts of the Persecution of Falun Gong  -- July 17, 2006

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  • Supplementary Information on the Case of Ms. Li Xianming, Who Was Persecuted to Death in Xiehong County, Sichuan

  • Additional Details about Ms. Wang Xiujuan from Shandong Province, Who Was Beaten to Death by Zhao Shijuan and Others in 2001

  • The Brutal Persecution at Fangqiang Forced Labor Camp in Jiangsu Province

  • Qingdao Judge Liu Lin Illegally Sentences Practitioner Couple Min Huirong and Sun Hong to Prison

  • Three Disappearances in Beijing and Liaoning Province

  • Supplementary Information on the Case of Ms. Li Xianming, Who Was Persecuted to Death in Xiehong County, Sichuan

    Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Li Xianming from Xiehong County, Suining City, Sichuan Province, was 51 years old. She was illegally arrested by four policemen from the National Security Department at about 11:00 a.m. on February 1, 2005, on her way to attend a birthday party at the guest house of the county government. The police took Ms. Li to the county detention center. She died on April 6, 2005, after she was cruelly persecuted for over two months.

    On April 6, Ms. Li had a cold and felt chilly. The prison guards ignored her when she reported her condition to them. Finally at around 2:00 p.m., they got a person with last name Pu, who used to be a veterinarian, to come to give her a transfusion. Ms. Li began to have loose bowels and to vomit shortly thereafter. At 7:00 p.m., Director Wang and the prison doctor told policeman Yang Xiu to take Ms. Li to the People’s Hospital. The doctors there said that she had to stay in the hospital for treatment. Policeman Yang Xiu refused and insisted on taking Ms. Li back to the detention center for a transfusion. At 9:00 p.m., Li Xianming was given more unknown medicines at the detention center. She began to shiver and her eyes bulged. She died at about 10:00 p.m.

    After her death, without the consent of her family members, Ms. Li Xianming's body was dissected on a concrete stand behind the county crematorium. When her family members came, they saw that her head had been sewn up after being cut open and internal organs had been placed on the floor. The main surgical doctor, Liang Haiqiao, who is the director of the pathology section of Suining People’s Hospital, took Ms. Li's organs to Suining City. Other organizations and individuals who participated in the dissection include Director Long from the city Procuratorate, the County Political and Law Committee, the county 610 Office, the county Procuratorate, and the county detention center.

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    Additional Details about Ms. Wang Xiujuan from Shandong Province, Who Was Beaten to Death by Zhao Shijuan and Others in 2001

    Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Wang Xiujuan was born in 1965 and was a farmer from Masong Village in Masong Township, Changle County, Shandong Province. Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started to persecute Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, Ms. Wang went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong three times and was arrested and transferred back to Changle County each time by the police. She was illegally detained on criminal charges twice and was detained by the county government several times. On January 21 (lunar calendar), 2001, Ms. Wang was beaten to death by the Masong Township secretary of politics, Zhao Shijun.

    In late April 2000, Wang Xiujuan went to Beijing for a third time to appeal for Falun Gong. She was illegally arrested and transferred back to Changle County by the Changle County Police and detained in the detention center. The county secretary of politics, Zhao Shijun, was furious about her appealing in Beijing and went to the detention center to transfer Wang Xiujuan and other two practitioners to an illegal prison he set up in Masong Township. He tortured these three practitioners with a vengeance to vent his anger. Wang Xiujuan was forced to keep her legs straight while sitting on a cement floor. Zhao Shijun viciously stomped her legs with his leather boots. Many people could hear Wang Xiujuan’s screams and groans.

    When Zhao Shijun was tired, he ordered his subordinates to tie up Wang Xiujuan’s thumbs using a nylon rope and hang her from the window frame. Five days later, Zhao Shijun transferred Ms. Wang and two other practitioners back to the detention center and detained them for a month. After a month, Zhao Shijun still did not allow them to go home and continued to detain them in the Family Planning Office until early August.

    On September 30, Zhao arrested Wang Xiujuan, her parents, and four other practitioners, and detained them in the Family Planning Office using the excuse that the National Holiday (October 1) was a "sensitive date". Even on the Lunar New Year’s Day of 2001, he did not allow them to go home. During all the seasons, they had to sleep on a torn mat on the cement floor and cover themselves with a thin quilt. These seven practitioners were each detained in a solitary cell, so that no one would see them, no matter how cruelly Zhao Shijun tortured them.

    In early January of lunar calendar 2001, the seven practitioners, including Wang Xiujuan, were transferred to the township community home for the elderly, where they were still locked up in solitary rooms. Wang Xiujuan’s room was the last one on the west side. The practitioners went on a hunger strike for several days to protest the persecution.

    On January 20, 2001, Wang Xiujuan’s husband Tang Zonggang was allowed to visit her. He managed to help Wang Xiujuan escape while the guards were not paying attention. Wanting to rest awhile, Ms. Wang first went to her parent’s home, since she was very weak from the more than six months of detention and hunger striking. It was beyond her expectation that the local police, led by the police station chief, would find her there. Ms. Wang lay on the bed resisting the arrest. The police jumped on the bed, wrapped Ms. Wang tightly in a blanket, carried her into the police car and detained her, back in the solitary room.

    On the second day, January 21, instigated by the Township Communist Party secretary Sun Lanxin and Secretary of Politics Zhao Shijun, the Arms Division chief Liu Gaochang, Director of Agricultural Machinery Liu He and neighborhood committee head Gao Yongrui beat Ms. Wang inhumanly. Zhao Shijun supervised the beating and he also participated. At around 3 o’clock that afternoon, Practitioner Wang Xiujuan was beaten to death by this group of thugs.

    After Ms. Wang died, her remains were transferred to the township morgue. The police did not notify Ms. Wang’s mother until 10 o’clock that night. They told her mother that Ms. Wang committed suicide by hanging herself. Two policemen carried Wang’s mother, who was dizzy, suffering extreme grief from her daughter’s death, to the morgue to take a last glance at her daughter’s remains. Wang’s mother noticed there were not any rope marks on her daughter’s neck and her daughter’s eyes were wide open. She was in tears as she closed her daughter’s eyelids.

    Right after this, Ms. Wang’s remains were moved by the police that same night to the Changle County cremation field. Wang’s husband Tang Zonggang, and other relatives, came to the township authorities and demanded to see the remains. The Communist Party secretary, Sun Lanxin, would not meet them and ordered the gate to the Township Communist Party Committee to be closed. Ms. Wang’s relatives were not allowed to see her remains until January 26. By then, Ms. Wang’s body was covered in ice and her face was beyond recognition. Her relatives requested that they be allowed to change her clothes but the police refused, fearing that the wounds would be uncovered. However, her relatives insisted on changing her clothes, as otherwise they would not allow her remains to be cremated. At last when the police allowed them to change the clothes, Wang Xiujuan’s relatives found a lump on her forehead and some wounds on her shoulder. It was impossible to make out anything on her body but it was clear that there were no rope marks on her neck. Her relatives cut open her clothes with scissors and changed her into new clothes. In tears, they allowed her body to be cremated.

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    The Brutal Persecution at Fangqiang Forced Labor Camp in Jiangsu Province

    In December 1999, under direct orders from the 610 Office located in Jiangsu Province, Fangqiang Forced Labor Camp officially became the primary location for "transforming" Falun Gong practitioners. They use the hypocritical terms "education" and "salvation" as a guise, and "transformation" as an excuse to brutally persecute Falun Gong practitioners in the forced labor camp. Their methods of persecution are extremely vicious, but accounts of the brutality are rarely heard beyond the walls of the Fangqiang Forced Labor Camp.

    The persecution can generally be divided into three stages:

    The first stage occurred between December 1999 and early 2001. It focused on using excessive labor as the main means of persecution. Beatings, verbal abuse, sleep deprivation for prolonged periods of time and stealing funds (usually given to practitioners by family members for buying necessities from the camp store) were used as secondary forms of persecution alongside the hard labor. The arduous labor was aimed at physically torturing practitioners’ bodies, while the secondary forms of persecution were meant to destroy their will power. They hoped to achieve "transformation," meaning to force practitioners to relinquish their practice of Falun Gong.

    Here is just one example: A Falun Gong practitioner, surnamed Wu, was a university graduate who had never done any farm work. He was ordered to remove mud from a frozen river right after the Chinese Lunar New Year. Normally, forced labor workers would wear thick waterproof boots to do this job. He was told to complete the job with bare feet. They wouldn’t allow him to buy a pair of waterproof boots. As a result, his feet were always stuck in the mud. The guards assigned two people to a pallet for moving the mud. They had to carry the mud from the river floor to the embankment. Mr. Wu’s pallet always received a few more shovels of mud before he had to carry it towards shore. His partner had very poor vision, but the guards insisted he lead the way to shore. The load was too heavy and his vision too poor, therefore he slipped often and they would fall into the river. The labor supervisor would not help them, instead, he would yell about how lazy the college graduate was being. Then he would beat him while brutally stomping him into the deep mud. This was the main reason why Mr. Wu could never accomplish his "assignment." Every night when others showered and got ready to sleep, Mr. Wu was forced to stand by the toilet bowl until 11:00 p.m.

    Mr. Wu managed to endure the persecution despite being tortured every day. One day, he slipped off the slope because of the heavy load he was carrying, and as usual the labor supervisor brutally stomped him into the mud. Suddenly, all the forced labor workers stopped their work and glared at the labor supervisor. Perhaps they were unable to watch this human tragedy anymore; maybe their consciences had awakened. They questioned the supervisor, "We are all here to do forced labor and suffer. Why are you treating him this way?" The supervisor replied, "Do you think I really want to treat him this way? I have no choice."

    The second stage of persecution began in early 2001 and continued through 2003. It mainly focused on "transforming" Falun Gong practitioners through other methods.

    Since arduous forced labor, reprimands and severe sleep deprivation (prolonged periods of not being allowed to sleep) had failed to destroy the willpower of most Falun Gong practitioners, the camp decided to change their tactics. They invited a group of collaborators led by Cai Bi and used a tactic that used twisted understanding to attack Falun Gong’s teachings and Teacher Li, the founder of Falun Gong. They hoped to destroy the practitioners’ faith, so they would give up practicing Falun Gong. This group used all the knowledge of "transforming" that they had previously acquired at Masanjia Forced Labor Camp to mislead Falun Gong practitioners into abandoning their beliefs. At the same time, they also compelled the practitioners' work unit managers, partners, parents, siblings and friends to persuade practitioners to give up their belief. If the practitioners remained steadfast, their sentences would be lengthened, their children would be suspended from school, they would be fired from their jobs or their positions in school would be taken away.

    Once "transformed," individuals are forced write what are called the "Five Statements." These include the guarantee statement – a vow not to practice Falun Gong again; the repentance statement – an admission of guilt for practicing Falun Gong; a "disassociation statement" – disassociating oneself fully from Falun Gong and Teacher Li; a "criticizing statement" – criticizing Falun Gong and Teacher Li. If any practitioner relinquished their practice of Falun Gong, they would be given better food and provided with various forms of entertainment. They could play card games, chess, watch movies (most of which contain content slandering Falun Gong and Master Li) and even get out of forced labor. The persecutors know that practitioners should practice only one school of cultivation, so the police made those involved in brainwashing the practitioners display Taiji in front of them. Especially, after forming the 2nd Group specifically for persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in the labor camp, the camp often invited external "assistant education groups" (groups of collaborators) to spread their absurd theories. 

    If a practitioner was not "transformed," another round of physical tortures began along with periods of confinement, and prison terms were extended. Beating steadfast practitioners with electric batons was a common scene. At that time, all the practitioners in the 3rd Group of Fangqiang Forced Labor Camp went on hunger strikes to protest against such persecution. The main reason for the protest was that Falun Gong practitioners follow "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance" to be good people; they did not commit any crimes and should be released, immediately! But, they were all brutally persecuted using electric batons and various other tortures by the personnel brought in by the secretary of the forced labor camp. Falun Gong practitioner Dr. Zhang (PhD.) refused to be transformed, so he was assigned to a group with two extremely strong laborers. No matter what work was assigned, he always got the dirtiest and most tiring work. During the barley drying season, under the scorching sun, Dr. Zhang was assigned to clean the output end of the winnower. Barley, dry grasses and dust blew towards his head and face, leaving layers and layers of dirt on him. Dr. Zhang was covered with mud before long. At night, the perpetrators made Professor Zhang wear nothing but shorts and stand beside the toilet bowl with mosquitoes biting him until 11:00 p.m. or midnight. His back was severely bloodied by the sharp coverings of the barley stalks that he had to carry. Even his food was filled with trails of blood.

    The third stage of persecution commenced in early 2004 and continues today. The main focus is on the use of inhumane means of persecution. Misleading the practitioners is used as a supplemental form of persecution. Soon, however, many practitioners who initially were unsure of Falun Gong practice finally understood. Therefore, the evils' tactic became useless and failed to "transform" them.

    When a practitioner enters a forced labor camp, personnel who received a higher education are assigned to mislead them. This might include forcing them to watch movies with a lot of Falun Gong slandering material. The goal is always to "transform" the practitioner in a short time. If practitioners are not "transformed," the forced labor personnel resort to physical abuse, like using a shoe to slap him/her, brutal beatings, the use of wooden planks to smash practitioners’ hands and fingers on a stool, forcing him/her to stand against the wall while others repeatedly kick his/her head, chest/breasts, legs and private parts. If the practitioner still refuses to be "transformed," then toilet use is restricted. He/she would not be allowed to go to the toilet for long periods of time. Practitioners would be forced to urinate in their clothing and suffer in agony. If a practitioner still refused to "transform," he would get no water, or his daily food portion would be reduced or taken away for days. The practitioner was only given a few hours of sleep for days. In more severe cases, the practitioner could be totally deprived of sleep for many consecutive days. All of the above persecution begins from the first day a Falun Gong practitioner steps into the forced labor camp.

    Practitioners of all ages are treated cruelly. A sixty-year-old Falun Gong practitioner was persistent in his beliefs. This resulted in him being tortured until he nearly suffered a mental collapse. The tortures affected his balance, making him weave back and forth when he walked. Those practitioners new to the forced labor camp experienced the torture known as "Three Broad-axes," where they were fiercely pounded with a wood board several times. If they refuse to be "transformed," the practitioners are sent directly to the 4th Group. The 4th Group was formed in October 2002 mainly to "transform" practitioners. Steadfast Falun Gong practitioners were tortured for long periods of time. Those who were extremely persistent in their beliefs were isolated from the rest, monitored by four to five personnel and persecuted in secret.

    In the forced labor camp, it was difficult to tell day from night because most practitioners got very little sleep. If situations required it, all the windows and doors would be covered. Several of the persecution methods are listed below:

    1. Prolonged squatting: Falun Gong practitioners were deprived of sleep. The guards were afraid that practitioners would fall sleep while standing, so they forced them to squat like soldiers with their backs straight. They were not allowed to change the position of their feet. During the winter, pans of water were placed on either side and below the buttocks of the squatting practitioners. If the practitioners were sleepy, the guards might trickle drops of icy water down their throats. Sometimes, they even removed the practitioners’ cotton clothing and poured icy water on their bodies. If the practitioners’ feet were too sore to squat and they touched the water in the pans, the persecutors would open the windows. The winter winds would blow on the practitioners, chilling them to the bone.

    2. "Flying the airplane:" Several labor camp personnel would make the practitioners lie face down on the floor or a table and tie their hands behind their backs. Then they would straighten their legs and trample the practitioners or slam them against the wall. The practitioners felt nauseated or dizzy and their heads would bleed. Every time a practitioner’s head was banged against the wall it was counted as "flying the airplane" once. There was a Falun Gong practitioner who was tortured this way during the midnight hours. The next day, his head was full of bruises and blood flowed from the wounds on his head.

    3. Smoked with mosquito repellent: The labor camp personnel would light smoke repellents in a toilet bowl and close the lid. When it was completely filled with smoke, the practitioner’s head would be pushed into the bowl by two guards. The other people would pin the practitioners’ legs. They even used the mosquito repellent coils and/or cigarette tips to scald the soles of the practitioner’s feet.

    4. Squatting in a metal box: Practitioners severely deprived of sleep would constantly doze off with their minds in a state of confusion. The perpetrators would make banging or screeching sounds next to their ears or push them into a metal box. They would bang and shake the metal box to produce loud noises to irritate practitioners. The aim of such persecution was to destroy the practitioners mentally, making it easier to "transform" them.

    5. Electric Batons: A person’s skin and flesh is torn apart by electric shocks from electric batons. There was a Falun Gong practitioner persecuted for so long that he could no longer stand. The perpetrators then used two electric batons on him simultaneously, using his inability to stand as an excuse.

    6. Icy shower: In the heart of winter, the perpetrators would rip off practitioners’ clothing and make them run around indoors. This was a common occurrence. They might even drag practitioners to a water basin and shower them with icy cold water before forcing them to stand in front of an open window for half an hour. The cold of the winter wind caused practitioners to shiver and tremble uncontrollably and some people even turned purple. Such persecution was commonly used at least once a day. A Falun Gong practitioner with the surname of Liu was reduced to skin and bones from the abuse suffered at the labor camp. His initial weight was more than 130 lbs, but he weighed only 80 lbs as a result of torture and forced labor. Yet he was stripped naked and dragged to the clothes drying area. The perpetrators cracked open the layer of ice covering the water in a few buckets that were prepared the day before and threw it onto the practitioner’s bare body. Then, two people dragged him out to the open window to expose him to the freezing northern wind. They firmly pressed his hands against the icy metal rim of the window. At this moment, even the perpetrators wearing thick jackets could no longer stand the cold. They backed away from the window, and the practitioner used this opportunity to run away from the window. However, he was seized, hit with mops and brutally kicked. Then, they pushed him down, bloodying his head on the frozen cement floor. The officials in charge of "transforming" practitioners watched the cruel scene from the door!

    7. Forced feeding by infusion: Some practitioners went on hunger strikes to protest the persecution. Initially, the labor camp personnel ignored them, but when practitioners’ health began to fail, these perpetrators started to "save" them by forcefully inserting plastic feeding tubes through their noses. Practitioners could not use the toilet during the fluid infusions and many were forced to wet the bed at night. There was a Falun Gong practitioner persecuted in this manner for a long period of time. Every time he was force-fed, mucus and fresh blood would ooze from the plastic tube as it was removed.. The most horrifying thing about this torture was the fact that the labor camp personnel would insert fecal material into the tube before inserting food.

    8. Standing facing the wall, sitting on stones or squatting on bricks: The perpetrators made practitioners stand facing the wall, with their noses touching the wall and arms hanging down. Practitioners were compelled to stand for long hours, and when they were tired and moved a little, they would be beaten up. When practitioners were tired and began to fidget, the perpetrators might also ask them if they wished to sit down. If practitioners said yes, then collaborators would make practitioners sit down on Teacher Li’s photo or a copy of Zhuan Falun placed on a chair. If practitioners refused to sit, they would be forced to by brute force, and if they still refused despite this, they would make practitioners sit on the floor. However, they would first place many stones with sharp edges or broken glass shards before stripping off the pants of the practitioners and forcing practitioners to sit on the floor. Then they would drag practitioners on the floor, until their buttocks and thighs were covered with blood.

    Practitioners might also be made to squat on bricks. With their shoes and socks removed, practitioners were made to squat for a very long period of time on two bricks. If the practitioners were tired and tried to straighten their backs or rest their feet, they would receive severe beatings. Otherwise, instead of receiving beatings, the torturers might lift practitioners up and placed them back into the squatting position. Such persecution for a prolonged period of time caused practitioners to develop swollen legs, which were extremely painful. In severe cases, practitioners' ankle bones might be injured, rendering them immobile.

    9. Being tied up on a wooden board: Practitioners were immobilized on a wooden board, with both of their limbs stretched out and tied up for long periods of time, so that they were forced to urinate and defecate on themselves. A cruel person with the surname of Xie, tried with all his effort to make Falun Gong practitioners to insult Teacher Li Hongzhi and Falun Gong. They would place a picture of Teacher Li, or the book Zhuan Falun on chairs. They would not let practitioners sit, or would coerce them to sit on Teacher Li’s photo or Zhuan Falun. The perpetrators took used toilet paper and placed it on Teacher Li’s photo or Zhuan Falun. Sometimes they would tie the practitioners’ hands together and forcefully insert Teacher Li’s photo into the practitioners’ underwear. Such despicable methods were a manifestation of pure evil.

    10. Changing environments: Sometimes practitioners persistent in their belief were sent to other forced labor camps or brainwashing centers to be further persecuted. Practitioners from other areas were taken in for "transformation." The innocent Falun Gong practitioners who were persecuted thought that what was happening was unknown to the police. The practitioners went to report these atrocities to the police, only to find that the police were in collusion with the persecutors; yet they acted as if nothing happened. Falun Gong practitioners were being closely monitored. Their rooms had surveillance cameras that monitored them twenty-four hours a day. The labor camp police sat in the control room, watching that everything was being carried out as they had ordered.

    Fangqiang Forced Labor Camp in Jiangsu Province has committed many crimes in the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners. They have shed too many practitioners’ blood over the years. The "transformation" is in fact a trail of the Falun Gong practitioners’ blood and tears. Since July 20, 1999, Jiang Zemin’s evil regime has been executing their policy of "Education, Salvation and Transformation," and behind it is a series of human tragedies happening even at this very moment in all the forced labor camps, prisons and brainwashing centers throughout China.

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    Qingdao Judge Liu Lin Illegally Sentences Practitioner Couple Min Huirong and Sun Hong to Prison

    On June 7, 2006, Judge Liu Lin, in Licang District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, sentenced Falun Gong practitioners Min Huirong and Sun Hong, husband and wife, to five years in prison. The sentence was groundless even under the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) unlawful codes, and was based on fabrications.

    Sun Hong is an acupuncture doctor in the Chinese Medicine Division of Qingdao City Hospital. Min Huirong was originally a teacher in the Qingdao School for the Blind. They were previously sentenced to three years of forced labor starting in December 1999 and September 2000, respectively, because they persisted in their belief in Falun Gong. Mr. Min was also fired by the school where he had worked. Both were illegally arrested again on September 21, 2005, within ten months of their recent marriage.

    The 610 Office and the police department in Qingdao City tortured the couple physically and psychologically continuously for four months to try to force them to "confess." Their family members hired local lawyers to help them, but the 610 Office directed the police not to let the lawyers meet with them. The justice department in Qingdao City also pressured the lawyers to stop helping the couple. Their family members could not help them locally, but went to look for lawyers in other cities to help.

    On April 4, 2006, the 610 Office organized the executive officials, prosecutors, and judges to try Min Huirong and Sun Hong in the Licang District Court. The participants included judge Liu Lin, court recorder Liu Tao, and prosecutor Wang Chengxin. Because the fabricated "evidence" was shown to be invalid by the two defendants and their lawyer, the first trial ended abruptly. Afterwards, the prosecutor interrogated the couple many times in order to fill in the blanks of the so-called evidence.

    The second trial was originally scheduled for 9:30 a.m. on July 7, 2006, at the Licang District Court. Due to exposure of this case by the Minghui/Clearwisdom website, the court suddenly switched the location of the trial to the Qingdao Dashan Detention Center and did not notify the family members until after 9:00 p.m. the night before the trial.

    On the morning of July 7, 2006, there were only five to six audience members in the so-called court in Qingdao Dashan Detention Center. They were Mr. Min and Ms. Sun’s relatives. Judge Liu Lin read the "verdict" and illegally sentenced Min and Sun to five years in prison. The adopted evidence was that which had been proven invalid at the first trial. This time, from out of nowhere, the prosecutors included "witness" Wang Hua, who allegedly saw some pamphlets, greeting cards and a few scrolls of calligraphy when the police searched the couple's home, and another person alleging that eight-hundred Falun Gong articles were stored on the hard drive of Ms. Sun’s desktop computer at home. In reality, no such person named Wang Hua existed. Also, as the lawyer pointed out in the first trial, the documents on file showed no desktop computer on the list of items confiscated from Sun Hong’s home, not to mention the hard drive and files.

    Sun Hong told Judge Liu Lin at the court, "You yourself are guilty of sentencing innocent people as guilty."

    Min Huirong said to Liu, "You are doing everything you can to declare us guilty. You should know that good or bad, one is to reap what one sows. I hope that you will think twice for yourself and your family members." Liu kept pounding the table to try to stop Min Huirong from talking.

    Mr. Min and Ms. Sun’s family members asked Liu at the court, "Why do you sentence innocent people as guilty? What is wrong at all with trying to be truthful, compassionate and tolerant?" The police walked up and asked the family members to leave and said, "We know all this, but we cannot help. It is our job. Why don’t you appeal?!" The judge slipped away when people weren’t paying attention. Prosecutor Wang Chengxin did not say a word throughout the session.

    SunHong’s colleagues were all very upset and felt it hard to believe upon learning about the sentencing. They thought that without evidence again them, Ms. Sun and Mr. Min would have been released, as opposed to being sentenced to five years in prison. They used to not believe too much that Falun Gong practitioners were persecuted. With the facts in front of them, they all believe it now. One policeman broke into tears when he learned about this case.

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    Three Disappearances in Beijing and Liaoning Province

    Dalian Practitioner Mr. Zhang Zuobin Missing for Over Four Years

    Zhang Zuobin, 56, was a practitioner from Dalian City, Liaoning Province. His home address was 71 Huanghe Street, the Xigang District, Dalian City (near Wuyi Square in Dalian). He disappeared in March 2002 and has been missing for over four years.

    When Mr. Zhang's family inquired about him at his workplace, they learned that three women and a man had come to see him at around 10:00 a.m. on the day of his disappearance and asked him to go with them. No one has seen or heard from him since.

    Mr. Zhang worked at the Hualian Hotel in the Laohutan area of the Zhongshan District. His family remains extremely worried about him.

    Beijing Practitioner Mr. Cui Xiangjun Missing for Three Years

    Cui Xiangjun, in his 30s, was a resident of Changping County, Beijing. On July 1, 2003, Mr. Cui was arrested in the Zhongguancun area. At that time he had been forced to leave his home to avoid persecution. Mr. Cui was detained in the Changping District Detention Center. His current whereabouts are unknown.

    Xingcheng Practitioner Ms. Zhou Fengchun Missing for Almost Six Years

    Zhou Fengchun, in her 50s, was a resident of Baitie Village, Yang'an Township, Xingcheng City, Liaoning Province. On July 24, 1999, she went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Gong. She never returned.

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