The Facts of the Persecution of Falun Gong  -- December 8, 2005

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  • Middle School Teacher Fei Weidong Beaten to Death by Police in Jiujiang County, Jiangxi Province

  • Tortures at Jilin Province Women's Prison Cannot Change People's Hearts

  • A Brother Relates Details about the Persecution of His Sister, Professor Zhu Hang from Dalian City, Liaoning Province

  • Message Hand-Written on Cloth Escapes Harbin Women's Prison

  • Falun Gong Practitioner Ms. Li Hua From Xi'an City Illegally Sentenced to One Year of Forced Labor for Passing Around the Minghui Weekly Newsletter

  • The Persecution Cases at Fanjiatai Prison in Shayang County, Hubei Province

  • Four Practitioners from Guangdong, Liaoning and Henan Provinces Persecuted to Death

  • Brief News from China - November 21, 2005

  • Summary of Other Articles and News - November 24, 2005

  • Middle School Teacher Fei Weidong Beaten to Death by Police in Jiujiang County, Jiangxi Province

    Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Fei Weidong, a teacher at the 1st Middle School in Jiujiang County, Jiangxi Province clarified the truth in a shop on October 17, 2005. The owner reported him. The police arrived and closed the shutters to the shop, then they beat Fei Weidong to death.

    An autopsy was performed and the body was cremated soon afterwards. The ashes were returned to Fei Weidong's family. The authorities claimed Fei Weidong died from heart disease. They refused the family the right to make inquiries.

    According to witnesses, there was a large hole on each of Fei Weidong's temples, and all of his front teeth were knocked out. The police beating was savage.

    Four people at Jiujiang County Education Committee answered inquiries. (86-792-6812-022). They said, "Fei Weidong practices Falun Gong. He was buying a motorcycle at the shop. We don't know what happened. We know something happened and they called the 110 Emergency Response line, but he died sometime after the police arrived. All the questions should be answered by the police, we cannot."

    The authorities of the Jiujiang County Police Department didn't pick up the phone, and neither did the officials of the 1st Middle School of Jiujiang County.

    Fei Weidong was 41 years old. He had been detained many times for persisting in his Falun Gong practice. In late 2000 he was incarcerated at the Jiujiang County Police Department Detention Center. According to a report on the Minghui website, Fei Weidong refused to read Falun Gong-slandering books as demanded by the inmates at the Majialong Forced Labor Camp in Jiujiang City. The inmates forced him to kneel on a tungsten filament clapboard. Inmate Xu didn't allow him to use the restroom. In the daytime he was assigned a heavy workload. He was forced to stand against a wall with his feet close together and his eyes open for two consecutive nights. The inmates took turns monitoring him and often verbally abused him.

    Another practitioner, Zhang Baoxing, a farmer from Group 8 in Chengzi Town, Jiujiang County became healthy and his temperament improved after he started practicing Falun Gong. He appealed to the government and clarified the truth after the persecution began. He was tortured to death at the Jiujiang County Detention Center on January 5, 2001 and left behind four young children.

    Jiujiang County Police Department
    Main switchboard: 86-792-681-2471
    Jiujiang County Education Committee: 86-792-6812-022
    The 1st Middle School in Jiujiang County: 86-792-681-2369 (Office)
    Fax: 86-792-682-1008

    Tortures at Jilin Province Women's Prison Cannot Change People's Hearts

    At the Jilin Province Women's Prison, deputy prison head Wu Zeyun, and Li Jian, head of the Prison Administration Section personally tortured Falun Gong practitioners, using various brutal methods. They are unscrupulous and are conniving in doing their best to cover up their crimes. They tie the practitioners in spread eagle positions in bed, and they force-feed the practitioners, beat the practitioners and subject them to additional corporal punishment.

    The jailers torture the practitioners by tying their wrists and ankles with cloth ropes. They tighten the ropes until they cut into the practitioner's wrists and ankles so the practitioner cannot move. They then tie the other end of the ropes to bed posts, and pull on the rope until the practitioner's body is fully stretched out and hanging in the air. They constantly tighten the rope. They don't untie the rope when the practitioner eats or relieves herself. Almost all practitioners who were tortured this way had ongoing pain in their backs and legs. Some had heart problems, some had menstrual problems, bled constantly and could not walk normally. Some practitioners had blisters on their arms and legs, and some practitioners had swollen hands and feet that were black and blue because the ropes impeded blood circulation. This method of tying people is unprecedented in terms of cruelty.

    Beatings and other corporal punishment are commonplace at the Women's Prison. The guards order the inmates to force-feed practitioners who hold hunger strikes. In August 2002, one practitioner refused to "reform" and held a hunger strike. The guards ordered inmates to brutally force-feed her, causing her death. Inmate Zhao Yanju from Group 6 and Zhang Honghua from Group 8 force-fed the practitioners. I want to give an account of the persecution I witnessed at the Women's Prison.

    Newcomer's Team

    I was beaten, tortured and deprived of sleep in the Newcomer's Team. After the 6:00 p.m. roll call, the guards made me stand up for an entire night. Dozens of inmates were held in the Newcomer's Team. The prison authorities transferred ten inmates from the small workshop to coerce me to "reform." The inmates jostled and shoved me around and they cursed me. Liu Yangchun, an inmate from the small workshop beat me.

    One day, a guard came to "reform" me. I firmly refused to cooperate with him. He struck me to the ground, kicked me, pinched my arms and pointed at my face said, "You must 'reform' by tonight. If you don't, I'll be very upset and I'll 'take care' of you." Other perpetrators brought a pen and a sheet of paper. They held my hand and tried to make me write a "guarantee statement." They tortured me for an entire night. In the morning, after other people got up, they still made me stand there and forbid me to wash myself. Later, they took me to an empty room in an old building. The room was filled with garbage and the window glass was all broken. They made me stand in there.

    After breakfast they forced me to continue to stand. All of the inmates in the Newcomer's Team were forced to stand with me. By punishing the other inmates who didn't do anything wrong, the prison authorities were trying to incite hatred against Falun Gong and pressure me.

    Group 8

    The persecutors at Group 8 tied the practitioners in a spread eagle position to their beds. More than ten Falun Gong practitioners are held at Group 8, and at least six of them are tied up this way. Some are beaten and mentally tormented, as the perpetrators coerced them to "reform."

    Practitioner Guo Yuhua was tied for thirteen days. Large purple bumps appeared on her Achilles heel. The scars are still clearly visible. She experiences great pain when she walks.

    After practitioner Guan Zhifeng was tied up, the inmates left her there. Inmate Sun Xiuli went to the room where Guan Zhifeng was tied to look for guard Gong Zhifeng. She didn't see anyone except Guan Zhifeng tied to the bed. Guan Zhifeng's tongue stuck out of her mouth and her eyeballs bulged out. Sun Xiuli was frightened and cried for help. They untied Guan Zhifeng but she could not speak for a very long time.

    Practitioner Chen Yanmei was tied up twice for over thirty days. Practitioners Qiao Hui and Dong Huiling were also tied up this way.

    Practitioner Zhang Shuqin was detained in solitary confinement for several months, and she was mentally and physically traumatized. One day she ran out of the room, sat in the hallway and cried. She had suffered a mental collapse.

    Guard Gong Zhifeng and others tried to "reform" practitioner Ban Huijuan by torturing other people, in an attempt to "soften" her. Ban Huijuan refused to reform, and the guards beat inmate Liu Yunjie. Gong Zhifeng kicked inmate Liu Yunjie with so much force that she landed more than six feet away. Liu Yunjie could not move her back and did not recover until a long time afterward.

    Educational Group

    Many practitioners are held at the "study class," that is in fact a brainwashing class in the Education Group. They isolate the practitioners from the outside. The authorities block information on the persecution so the public does not know about it. They set up this brainwashing class on the fifth floor. Practitioner Liu Shujuan who was sent to the prison around April resisted "reform" and was sent to the brainwashing class. During the days she was held there I heard painful screams every day from the fourth floor. How many practitioners have been persecuted on the fifth floor? The truth will come to light one day and the perpetrators of these atrocities will receive just punishment.

    A Brother Relates Details about the Persecution of His Sister, Professor Zhu Hang from Dalian City, Liaoning Province

    My name is Zhu Feng, I am the younger brother of Ms. Zhu Hang, an associate professor of Humanities at the Social Science Department at Dalian Technology Institute in China. My sister and I started practicing Falun Gong at the beginning of 1998. After we started practicing, our health improved tremendously and we benefited both mentally and physically.

    Right after the persecution of Falun Gong began, we appealed to our municipal government for several days straight in an attempt to have justice returned to Falun Gong. The police beat us and detained us repeatedly.

    In late August 1999, my sister and some other practitioners went to their practice sites one morning to do the exercises, but we were arrested and taken to the Dalian City Yaojia Detention Center. Because my sister still insisted on her right to practice the exercises and study the Falun Gong teachings, she was handcuffed and her feet were shackled. The shackles were very rusty and usually used only for inmates on death-row. After the people in charge of the detention center failed in their attempts to make her give up her beliefs, the guards instigated many prostitutes from the same cell to surround her and try to force her to give up her beliefs. The prostitutes were promised reduced detention terms.

    In order to have their terms reduced, these prostitutes swore at Zhu Hang, both day and night to deprive her of sleep. As soon as they saw Zhu close her eyes, they poked her with toothpicks on her body and face. In protest, Zhu went on a hunger strike. She was later force-fed and as a result her mental and physical health deteriorated. Within just two weeks, she was tortured to the point of deformity, with wounds covering her body. Under her family's strong request, on September 16 she was released.

    The skin around her ankle had broken from the friction with the rusty foot shackles which caused her ankle began to swell and fester. As a consequence of the state of the shackles and her health, she developed a high fever the day of her release. On the following day, she was sent to Dalian City No. 2 People's Hospital to receive treatment for her wound. Without giving an anesthesia shot, the doctor performed an operation on her ankle. He cut off her rotten skin and flesh, and cleaned up the blood and pus. Zhu endured tremendous pain, but she didn't say a word.

    The pictures that were posted on were taken the day after she was hospitalized. The authorities were made aware that pictures were posted on the internet, and in retaliation, my home was ransacked and my home PC was confiscated. My wife divorced me because she couldn't stand the fear of having her home ransacked.

    In order to avoid further persecution by the police, I had to leave home and settle down in a city in Southern China. I lost contact with my sister. It was said by her family that after she was discharged from Dalian City No. 2 People's Hospital, due to the mental and physical torture from the detention center, she suffered from mental trauma and couldn't take care of herself. After her family contacted her university, the university arranged for her to be sent to the Dalian City Mental Hospital located at Luanjin Village.

    In the summer of 2003, I went to the Dalian City Mental Hospital to visit my sister. She was on the third floor. Outside her ward is the reception area. Her ward is normally locked. Any visitor has to sign their name and be granted permission from doctors and nurses before they can visit. The doctors even examined the day-to-day stuff that I had brought for her.

    When I saw my sister again, I couldn't believe my eyes, she was a completely different person, her face was pale and she had a dull expression. She spoke very slowly, and she had to pause from time to time when talking about her experience at the hospital. She said that she had once been permitted to go outside to buy some daily necessities. She made use of the opportunity to mail materials to various work units containing the truth about Falun Gong and the persecution that she had written. Because some of the letters were overweight, they were returned to the return address at her university, where they opened the letters, discovered the Falun Gong materials, and notified hospital authorities about what she had done. The hospital then denied her the right to go out to buy things, plus they stopped all her phone calls and tampered with her medicine. There was one time when she tried to hide the medicine by placing it underneath her tongue, but it was found and from then on the doctors and nurses have always forced Zhu to open up her mouth to check that she has swallowed her medicine.

    Having been forced to take various forms of medicine for a long time caused my sister to be muddle-headed and very weak. She appears to be very sleepy. She always sits in one spot and looks dull, and doesn't want to talk.

    In the summer of 2004, my mother passed away. Initially people from her university and hospital refused to allow my sister to return to our hometown to console our dying mother. My sister later insisted, and with the permission of the Secretary of the Communist Party Committee, she was able to return home under the surveillance of two past co-workers. She was only given one and a half day's leave.

    After she returned home, everyone in our family felt sad for her upon seeing her lifeless figure. Soon after she returned home, the two co-workers prompted her to take her medicine. I took some of the pills away from her when she was about to take them without being noticed by her coworkers. I can't identify the drugs, however. I asked her what medicine she had been force to take at the hospital. She said that it was not limited to these few, but she didn't know what they were. After I asked a few more questions, she couldn't say anything, as if she had lost her memory. For the time being, she completely lost ability of taking care of herself. Even when she walks, she needs someone to lead her. A lot of the time, when you talk to her, she won't pay attention to you, as if she can't hear you. She is a completely different person than before. She said that she didn't want to stay at the hospital, where there is no freedom, the food is terrible, and people around her truly suffer from mental illnesses.

    Due to my efforts to let more people know about this horrendous persecution against those who practice Falun Gong, the police were trying to follow and arrest me. I eventually fled overseas. Now I am publishing two pictures of my sister, before and after she was persecuted, in order to expose these atrocities to the world's people, and to expose the lies of those responsible.

    My sister used to be so healthy and vibrant. She was such a good person! Just because she didn't want to give up her belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance," she was seized and taken to the Dalian City Yaojia Detention Center. She was persecuted by the Dalian City Police, the Technology Institute where she worked, and by the Mental Hospital, to the point of losing the ability to take care of herself. These are facts that no one can deny.

    Address of Dalian Mental Hospital: 179 Lingshui Road, Ganjingzi District, Dalian City
    Switchboard: 86-411-84671212
    Postal code: 116023
    Telephone of nurses room on the third floor at the Patient's Unit where Zhu Hang is: 86-411-84671212 ext. 346

    Message Hand-Written on Cloth Escapes Harbin Women's Prison

    This eye-witness account of the persecution against Falun Gong escaped circuitously from the Harbin Women's Prison on a piece of cloth. A practitioner transcribed the hand-written message on the cloth and compiled this article.

    Since early 2004, all Falun Gong practitioners in the Harbin Women's Prison have refused to wear jail uniforms, to respond to roll call, and to be treated like prisoners. Consequently, they have been put into solitary confinement for five, six, or more months. Jail wardens made using the toilet a privilege for practitioners and prisoners frequently scold them.

    Starting in September 2004, practitioners have suffered more severe tortures. Some practitioners were hung from the upper frame of a bunk bed by their back-cuffed hands - with feet above the ground for over three months. Others were forced to sit on the concrete floor for up to four months. These corporal punishments have been used in the First, Fifth, Eighth, and Ninth Groups in the prison. Practitioners in the Eighth Group have held several hunger strikes, each lasting about a month, to show solidarity with practitioners still in solitary confinement. Practitioner Li Yushu went on a hunger struck for over six months.

    Practitioners in the Ninth Group suffered the worst persecution. On March 12, 2004, this group organized a brainwashing class. In June, jail wardens forcibly brainwashed practitioners from the service team and the Third team. Four or five male wardens have often tortured one female practitioner from head to toe and forced her to watch brainwashing videos non-stop. Wardens seal a practitioner's mouth with duck tape, tie her hands to her head, and verbally insult her whenever she recites Falun Gong scriptures. Wardens have also goaded some inmates to kick practitioners' vaginas and breasts, to strike their heads and feet with broomsticks, and to use other physical and verbal abuses.

    The head warden in the Ninth Group has incited inmates to force feed hunger-striking practitioners with water. These criminals stand on practitioners' limbs and pinch their noses tightly. Qiao Qingyan and Xu Zhen instructed other inmates to persecute practitioners. Ms. Zhang Dan's leg was broken during force-feeding. Although she was transferred to the "sick area," she was still denied adequate sleep. Many practitioners protested by holding hunger strikes. Recently, all but two of the imprisoned practitioners have written solemn declarations, stating that all guarantees to renounce Falun Gong were made against their wills and are null and void.

    Ms. Liu Shufang in the First Group also persisted in a hunger strike for six months. Ms. Ba Lijiang was on hunger strike for four months. In mid-August 2005, practitioners in the Eighth Group were hung up with hands cuffed behind their backs in the water closet. In September, practitioners in the Eighth Group were not allowed to purchase toiletries from the prison store because they had refused to wear prison name tags.

    Ms. Feng Haibo was kept in solitary confinement for nine months. Ms. Yang Xiaolin was kept shut in a solitary-confinement cell for two months with her hands cuffed. Such cells are cold, damp, and dark.

    Persecutors in the Ninth Group include Qiao Qingyan, Xu Zhen, Guo Shuhua, Zeng Fanrong, Gao Zongyan, Sun Yumei, Tao Hong and Chen Zenglian.

    Jail wardens include Yan Yuhua and Jia Wenjun.

    Falun Gong Practitioner Ms. Li Hua From Xi'an City Illegally Sentenced to One Year of Forced Labor for Passing Around the Minghui Weekly Newsletter

    Ms. Li Hua, 45, worked at the Xi'an Power Capacitor Factory. She passed out copies of Minghui Weekly newsletters and greeting cards with the words "Falun Gong" to other workers, for which she was illegally sentenced to one year of forced labor. She is being held at the Shaanxi Province Women's Labor Camp.

    On July 15, 2005, while at work, personnel from the National Security Group called Li Hua into the office. She was told she was being investigated because she gave copies of the Minghui Weekly and six greeting cards with the words "Falun Gong" to other workers. Later, the factory security officers worked in tandem with officers from Taoyuan Road Police Station and Lianhu District National Security Group. They took Li Hua to the Switch Factory Hotel where they interrogated her for an entire night.

    The next day they ransacked Li Hua's home but couldn't find anything Falun Gong-related. On July 16, 2005 they sent Li Hua to the Lianhu District Detention Center. One month later, authorities from the Xi'an Forced Labor Camp sentenced Li Hua to one year of forced labor.

    The Minghui Weekly content is public information and everyone has the right to read it.

    On September 20, 2005, Li Hua's family asked attorney Zhang Jiankang to appeal for Li Hua.

    On October 2, 2005, attorney Zhang Jiankang went to the labor camp and met with Li Hua for the first time. Li Hua agreed to file a lawsuit.

    On November 2, 2005, attorney Zhang Jiankang went to the labor camp again to complete some legal proceedings, but the authorities made up excuses and refused to let him meet with Li Hua.




    Plaintiff: Ms. Li Hua, 45 years old, employee at Xi'an City Power Capacitor Factory, currently held at the Shaanxi Province Women's Labor Camp
    Defendant: Xi'an City Labor Reeducation Administration Committee
    Legal representative:
    Address: West Street, Xi'an City
    Telephone number:
    Purpose of appeal: The defendant should rescind its unlawful decision and protect the plaintiff's personal freedom and freedom of belief in accordance with the law.

    Facts and Reasons:

    On July 13, 2005, the plaintiff passed along several copies of the Minghui Weekly, which is published online and accessible to all and also handed six greeting cards with the words "Falun Gong" to other employees in the workshop. The factory security officials learned about this and confiscated the Minghui Weekly newsletters. They also ransacked the plaintiff's home but couldn't find any incriminating evidence.

    Because of this incident, the plaintiff was first interrogated at the Taoyuan Road Police Station. Then she was held under criminal detention at the Lianhu Police Department. On August 11, 2005, Xi'an City Labor Reeducation Administration Committee personnel issued Decision No. 1410 pertaining to Reeducation Through Labor, based on the plaintiff's public distribution of Falun Gong truth clarification materials. The decision states that the plaintiff is sentenced to one year of forced labor, from July 16, 2005 until July 14, 2006.

    The plaintiff asserts she did not commit any illegal act by distributing Falun Gong truth clarification materials. If she did not violate any law, she did not commit any crimes. The defendants arbitrarily accuse the plaintiff of "using an x cult organization to disrupt the administration of law." What factual and/or legal evidence do they have to support this charge? Since July 22, 1999, not even one judicial organ, legal agency/bureau or administrative institution in Mainland China has labeled Falun Gong as an "x cult." Upon which law does the Committee base its charge? Moreover, the plaintiff and other Falun Gong practitioners only get together because they share a common belief and spiritual pursuit. They are free to come and go as they wish, and they are never under coercion to believe in anything. They don't have an administrative body or hierarchy, so they don't even constitute an organization. How can the defendant label Falun Gong an "x cult organization?"

    Regarding the charge "disrupting the administration of law" - would the plaintiff's action truly result in disruption of the administration of law? No! If clarifying the truth is disrupting the law, would public lies uphold the administration of law? The plaintiff has basic freedom of speech and freedom of belief, which is protected by the Constitution of China, and no organization (regardless of its nature) or individual (regardless of his/her government rank) is allowed to deprive the plaintiff of her rights. If the defendants thinks the plaintiff's printed information does not reflect the truth, the defendant is free to present what they think is factual and repudiate the plaintiff. Instead, they mobilized the government machinery against a citizen who clarifies the truth, and they have abused the resources of the state to persecute an innocent citizen who exercises her freedom of belief. Who is it that disrupts the administration of law [in this case]?

    Based on the above findings of fact, the plaintiff thinks the administrative punishment issued by the Committee lacks factual and legal grounds, therefore the plaintiff requests the People's Court to rescind this unlawful decision and restore the plaintiff's personal freedom and freedom of belief.

    The Persecution Cases of Practitioners at Fanjiatai Prison in Shayang County, Hubei Province

    Newly arrested practitioners arriving at the Fanjiatai Prison in Shayang County, Jingmen City, Hubei Province, are initially isolated. The authorities then order criminal inmates to watch the newcomer to prevent him from understanding the prison's real situation. At the same time they find collaborators to argue with the practitioners incessantly and unreasonably. After a period of time, if the practitioner does not compromise, the prison guards take turns talking with him and cursing Falun Gong. They do not allow him to rest. During the day, the practitioner is forced to do heavy labor and at night he is forced to study whatever the prison authorities require. The newcomer can only rest for two or three hours per day. If he still refuses to cooperate, the guards beat him at the work site and torture him in various ways.

    The following are some instances of persecution of Falun Gong practitioners.

    Practitioner Mr. Chen Qiji from Jingmen County, Hubei Province, currently suffers from many illnesses due to the torture he has experienced in Fanjiatai Prison. A doctor's diagnosis showed that he suffers from high blood pressure, an enlarged heart and an adrenal gland tumor. His health is extremely precarious, and he could die at any time.

    In June 2004, 54-year-old practitioner Mr. Liu Qingshui from Wuhan City was beaten several times by a criminal inmate named Ma Jiayan, who was ordered to watch him. Mr. Liu refused to cooperate. Prison Warden Liu Muyang personally ordered criminal prisoners Li Guangming and Ma Jiayan to strip off Mr. Liu's clothes and force him to wear the prison uniform. Mr. Liu was repeatedly dragged to the brickfield and forced to do highly intense labor. Since he did not cooperate in the brickfield, the criminals heavily loaded his chest and back with bricks and forced him to stand up. Mr. Liu was also beaten many times and his back was injured as a result. Afterwards he had to use his hands to hold his back when walking for a long time. The prison guards who participated in the persecution included group head Xiao Tianbo, instructor Xiong Zuguo, instructor assistant Wang Qingyi, and Zhang Jianguo. The criminals included Ma Jiayan and Fa Yaoping, whose sentence is over ten years.

    Practitioner Mr. Yu Ganghai, 58, has kept practicing firmly since he arrived at the Fanjiatai Prison in January 2003. The prison guards have been taking turns torturing and cursing him until early in the morning. During the night he has been forced to stand in an army posture alone for periods of over one hour. The guards didn't allow him to talk to others. One day at noon Mr. Yu just dozed off. As a result he was kicked and beaten severely. In July 2004, criminal inmate Li Bing tortured Mr. Yu in various ways. In the morning Li refused to let Mr. Yu eat his breakfast and at noon he didn't allow Mr. Yu to rest. On top of all this, Mr. Yu was forced to do a lot of work every day, but he could not endure it all. When he was sent back to the second floor where his cell was located, he had to use his hands to help himself get upstairs.

    Four Practitioners from Guangdong, Liaoning and Henan Provinces Persecuted to Death

    Ms. Zheng Guizhen, 52, was a Falun Gong practitioner in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. In February 2000, she was arrested and sentenced to a year's forced labor because she distributed truth-clarifying materials. After she was released before her term ended due to illness, the local police continued watching and harassing her. Both her mind and body were severely injured. She passed away in August 2005 after her cancer returned.

    Mr. Cao Dejiu was over 70 years old. He lived in Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, and learned Falun Gong before 1998. After July 20, 1999, when the persecution began, he still persisted in studying the principles of Falun Gong and practicing the exercise. The local police and neighborhood association watched him and went to his home to harass him. He was severely tortured mentally, which caused his health to deteriorate. Later, he suffered lung and heart problems and was taken to a hospital for treatment. He died in late 2001.

    Ms. Ma Rangliao, 66, lived in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province. After she started practicing Falun Gong in 1996, she quickly recovered from many illnesses of her heart, liver, kidneys and joints. After the persecution started on July 20, 1999, she was forced to report regularly to the Dongfanghong Police Station for more than a year. Because she spread the truth about Falun Gong, her home was illegally searched and her property was confiscated many times. She was held in a detention center and sent to a brainwashing center twice. The police threatened her and her family repeatedly and did not allow her to have contact with others. However, she firmly believed in Falun Gong. Because of the long-term harassment and intimidation from the police and other authorities, she endured intense mental and physical pressure. Her health began to deteriorate in 2002. She passed away on October 22, 2002.

    Ms. Wang Liqun, 55, was a practitioner in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province. After July 20, 1999, she was detained in a detention center many times because she clarified the truth to people. The police tried to illegally arrest her and take her to the brainwashing center twice, but she escaped each time. Because of the long-term harassment and intimidation from unlawful personnel, she died on August 8, 2005.

    Brief News from China - November 21, 2005

    1. [Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province] Wu Yongxin and Yueqin Arrested

    Falun Gong practitioners Wu Yongxin and Yueqin from the Xiangcheng District of Zhangzhou City were arrested in late October 2005. Wu Yongxin is from Tianbao Town, Xiangcheng District and had been sentenced to three years of imprisonment for practicing Falun Gong. This time when s/he was arrested again, police also confiscated a computer and a fax machine. Yueqin had worked for the Zhangzhou City Overseas Chinese Hospital. At present, both practitioners' whereabouts are unknown.

    2. [Chengdu City, Sichuan Province] Personnel from the Jinniu Police Department Arrest and Torture Zhu Junxiu

    Practitioner Zhu Junxiu was released at the end of September 2005 after being held for over three months at the Chengdu City National Security Group. One month later, personnel from the Jinniu Division, Chengdu City Police Department again arrested her. When personnel from Chengdu City Police Department had arrested Zhu Junxiu on September 29, 2002, they also confiscated 200,000 yuan from her home. Three years have passed, yet they still haven't returned the money. In early November 2005, Zhu Junxiu went to the Jinniu Division to ask for her money, but was arrested instead. She is now being held at the Pi County Detention Center. She was tortured so badly that she needs assistance when using the washroom.

    3. [Dalian City, Liaoning Province] Police Arrest Fu Yilong While He Posts Truth-Clarifying Signs

    On November 7, 2005, practitioner Fu Yilong rode a bike from Jinzhou City to his hometown in Dongjiagoujianshan. Policemen spotted him along the way as he was posting some Falun Gong truth-clarifying materials in Ershilipu. He was later put into the Jinzhou Detention Center.

    4. [Jinan City, Shandong Province] Meng Lijun is in Peril Due to Torture

    Practitioner Meng Lijun from Zhangqiu City was arrested on September 27, 2005, and has been held at the Jinan City Detention Center for 53 days. She staged an extended hunger strike and is now in peril. Ms. Meng has been sent to the detention center's hospital. On November 19, her 83 year-old mother and two daughters went to visit her, but the police refused to let them see Ms. Meng.

    Personnel primarily responsible:
    Yu Jinyuan, director of the Tianqiao District Police Department
    Yang Yili (team leader), Lu Ping (female, leader of No. 5 Team) from the Jinan City Detention Center
    Liu Guorong, Jinan City's 610 Office deputy head: 86-531-82038137

    5. [Beijing] Doctor Li Weixiong from the Anesthesia Section of Hui National Hospital Sentenced to Two Years of Forced Labor

    Mr. Li Xiongwei, who is in his 30's, was a doctor working for the Anesthesia Section of Hui National Hospital in Beijing. Around May 2005 he clarified the truth of Falun Gong to his instructor and classmates while doing postgraduate study at the Beijing Friendship Hospital. His instructor later expelled him from the university. On around June 10, three unknown persons took him from his home at midnight. The next day they took a box from his home. Li Xiongwei was held for one month at the Dongcheng District Detention Center. He is now being held at the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp where he was sentenced to two years of forced labor.

    6. [Mishan City, Heilongjiang Province] Yang Xiaolin Suffers Tortures in a Small Compartment at Harbin City Women's Prison

    Practitioner Ms. Yang Xiaolin from Mishan City, Heilongjiang Province is being held at the No. 9 Ward of the Harbin City Women's Prison. She is tortured in a small compartment with her hands handcuffed behind her back and her mouth taped shut. She is forced to watch videos slandering Falun Gong.

    7. [Bejing] Practitioner Qi Yuzhen Employed at the Renmin University of China Arrested When Distributing Truth-Clarifying Materials

    On November 17, 2005, practitioner Ms. Qi Yuzhen, who is employed at the Renmin University of China, was arrested while distributing "truth-clarifying" materials at the university's eastern entrance. At present, she is being held at the Haidian Branch Police Department of Beijing.

    Handian Branch of Bejing Police Department: 86-10-82519110
    Chief: Zhang Weigang
    Political commissar: Wang Jucheng

    8. [Qian County, Shaanxi Province] Qin Yingchang Secretly Sent to the Zaozihe Forced Labor Camp

    On July 28, 2005, personnel from the 610 Office and from the National Security Team at the Qian County Police Department arrested practitioner Qin Yingchang from his home. Police secretly tortured Qin in a detention center. Qin Yingchang kept clarifying the truth while being held. He once clarified the truth of Falun Gong to the people who were standing by the gate of the detention center, but police beat him with a wooden club and took him into the center. Qin was later bailed out for hospitalization. Since Qin's family didn't have much money to spare, they did not have much of an opportunity to visit Qin. He has since been sent to the Zaozihe Forced Labor Camp.

    9. [Changchun City, Jilin Province] Police Arrest Practitioner Bai Yujie When She Distributed Falun Gong Truth-Clarifying Materials

    During the evening of November 15, 2005, personnel from the Beihai Road Police Station in Changchun's Development District arrested practitioner Ms. Bai Yujie when she was distributing truth-clarifying materials. Afterwards police ransacked her home and confiscated a computer, a printer, and Falun Gong books and materials. Bai Yujie is currently being held at the Daguang Detention Center.

    10. [Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] Wang Lixin Forcibly Sent to the Wuchang Brainwashing Class

    At around noon on November 15, 2005, Li Minghong and Guo Baoxiang, from the Pingfang District Police Department, along with personnel from the Baoguo Police Station, arrested 37-year-old practitioner Mr. Wang Lixin. The arrest happened at his workplace, the No. 204 Workshop, Micro-engine Company, Harbin Aeronautics and Astronautics Industry Group. Police ransacked his home and sent him to the Wuchang Brainwashing Class.

    Responsible persons:
    Li Minghong, Political Security Section chief, Pingfang District Branch Police Department: 86-13504513538 (Cell), 86-451-86501523 (Office), 86-451-86503538 (Home)

    11. [Pingjiang County, Hunan Province] 610 Office Personnel Put Hu Weirong into the Yueyang City Brainwashing Class

    On November 18, 2005, personnel from the Pingjiang County National Security Team and from the 610 Office arrested practitioner Mr. Hu Weirong from Yuping Town in the county and put him into the Yueyang City Brainwashing Class. This was an act of retaliation, because previously they had arrested four practitioners and held them at a detention center. Hu Weirong and other practitioners had intervened to urge them to release those detained practitioners.

    Pingjiang County 610 Office: 86-730-6224345
    Pan Jiancheng, 610 Office secretary: 86-730-6224972, 86-13327303555 (Cell)

    12. [Lanzhou City, Guansu Province] Practitioners Sentenced to Forced Labor and Imprisonment

    Ms. Jin Xiaoqin, sentenced to four years of imprisonment, currently being held in the Lanzhou City Women's Prison.
    Zhang Luchan was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment.
    Ma Yongkang and Luo Xiufeng are thought to be held at the city's No. 1 Forced Labor Camp.
    Ma Jianchun is being held at No. 1 Squadron, No.1 Group of the city's No. 2 Forced Labor Camp.
    Ms. Lei Hongmei is being held at the city's No. 2 Forced Labor Camp.
    Li Jun, an employee of the Gansu Province People's Hospital, is currently under surveillance in the hospital.

    13. [Yinchuan City, Ningxia Autonomous Region] Practitioner Ding Fadong Arrested

    Practitioner Mr. Ding Fadong from Yinchuan City was tortured so severely in a forced labor camp that he suffered a deformity. He was released on June 17, 2005 after his detention term expired.

    On November 15, personnel from the Qianjin Street Police Precinct in the Xingqing District of Yinchuan City followed Ding Fadong to the Yinchuan City General Merchandise Building and arrested him. Later they searched his house and confiscated Falun Gong books and truth-clarifying materials. They even confiscated the borrowed laptop, which his child used to study. Furthermore, they threatened his wife. According to a witness, on November 16, policemen beat Ding Fadong cruelly and interrogated him under additional torture. He is currently being incarcerated at the Yinchuan City Detention Center.

    Phone numbers for the Qianjin Street Police Precinct, the Xingqing District Police Department, Yinchuan City Police Department:
    Wang Hongbin, head: 86-13323518110 (Cell), 86-951-5031979 (Office)
    Li Xi, political head: 86-13909582688(Cell), 86-951-6087456 (Office)

    14. [Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province] Four Practitioners Arrested and Taken to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp

    Practitioners Liu Deqing and Jiao Wanhui are employees of the Jinzhou City Heavy Machine Factory in Liaoning Province. On October 29, 2005 they went to Laoguanpu Village in Tashan Township, Huludao City to distribute truth-clarifying materials. Village head Zhang Baolin informed the Tashan Police Station. Thus, policemen arrested the two practitioners and transported them to the City Qitun Detention Center. Seven days later they transferred the two practitioners to another detention center and did not permit their families to see them.

    On October 30, the relatives and friends of the two practitioners accompanied by four practitioners went to the Township Police Station to gather information. Personnel at the police station detained all four practitioners and sent them to the Qitun Detention Center. On November 11, personnel from the Tashan Police Station sent the four practitioners to the Shenyang City Masanjia Forced Labor Camp for two years. Liu Yanqiu, one of the four practitioners, went on a hunger strike soon after. So far, ten days have passed. Liu Yanqiu is being detained at the No. 3 Squadron, No. 3 Group, No. 1 Women's Division.

    Phone number for the No. 3 Squadron, No. 3 Group, No. 1 Women's Division: 86-24-89212252
    Wang Xueqiu is the chief

    Summary of Other Articles and News - November 24, 2005

    1. The Persecution Facts at Shengli Oil Field, Shangdong Province

    Recently, three brainwashing centers at the Shengli Oil Field (Resource Company, Transportation Company and Collecting Company) are filled with Falun Gong practitioners who were secretly arrested. On the morning of November 9, 2005, Mr. Li Xiaodong was illegally arrested from his home, and his home was ransacked. Mr. Zhou Baoshun, from the Eighth Branch of the Shengli Oil Field, was again sentenced to forced labor. The 610 Office affiliated with the oil field has been targeting Falun Gong and deceiving people using all sorts of means. Recently they worked on a poster display that slanders Falun Gong.

    2. Ms. Zhang Ping from Lanzhou City Detained More Than Four Months

    Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Zhang Ping, 36, is from Lanzhou City, Gansu Province. She became homeless so as to avoid being arrested at home. In June 2005, she was reported and arrested. She was detained in Hualinping Second Detention Center in Lanzhou City. Her family was never notified. The police took her bank card with a balance of over 30,000 yuan when they body searched her. She has been detained more than four months. Her mother, Long Lianqiu, also a practitioner, did not know of her whereabouts and was very worried about her. The police from Jingyuan Street Station often came to her door to threaten her. She died on September 11, 2005.

    3. Persecution Crimes Committed by Police from Xinle City, Hebei Province

    On October 29, 2005, the police from Xinle City arrested Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Du Erxing and took him to the Daliu Police Department. They cuffed him to a tree in the yard for an entire day and ransacked his home. The police took away his daughter's TV and VCD player without showing any warrants. They tried to extort 5,000 yuan from his family. His family members, who are non-practitioners, were coerced to bribe officials with 3,500 yuan to have him released.