My Experiences on the Path of Falun Dafa

Chowa Choo, Sweden


My name is Chowa Choo. I am 46 years old. I was born in Malaysia, but I have been residing in Sweden for more than 20 years.

Before coming into contact with Falun Dafa, my idea of a good and successful life was to have a lot of money, to maintain a high standard of living, to have a prestigious profession and enjoy a high social status. This so-called good life was slowly destroying me. I was engaged in an endless struggle for no important purpose. I was always worrying. I slept poorly and never had any piece of mind. In order to feel important I worked long hours, but I worked inefficiently. A lot of the extra hours that I had put in my work were just a way of covering up my inability to manage my work well. Sometimes I would feel good about myself for doing some jobs well or earning some rewards, but these periods of contentment never last long. I was actually very unhappy. I over indulged in food and drink during the weekends in order to convince myself that I was living a good life. In fact, I was feeling inadequate both at work and at home. My health was also deteriorating. I suffered from insomnia, palpitations and pains in the chest.

About half a year ago, my spouse joined a local Falun Gong practice group. I took the opportunity to attend a video course by Master Li. The words of Master Li have made a great impact on me. In the beginning, I did not understand a lot of what he said, but I decided to start my cultivation practice according to the Dafa principle. I had never heard anyone explain in such a way the workings of the universe. He explained what it means to be a good person and how one might become one. Soon changes in my life began to take place. I lost weight, and pains in my chest disappeared. For many years, I have been troubled by palpitations. Suddenly they subsided so much that I could hardly feel my heartbeat. Because of Falun Dafa, I now feel totally alive.

The attachments of pride, prestige and other pettiness have been causing me a lot of physical and mental pains for many years. After I had understood the relationship between losses and gains, I observed how people at my office pretended to be nice to each other. Actually they were struggling for personal advantages and prestige. What they do not realize is that all these petty gains have to be paid for in one way or another. At first I felt quite lonely with this new understanding of the principle of the universe and human behavior. Later on I learned to take it lightly when conflicts arose. It became clearer and clearer to me that attachments of prestige, pride and other pettiness that I have acquired in the past have been a great burden to me. They were the cause of a lot of my unhappiness. I had to let go of them! When a conflict arose, I tried not fight back although I felt unjustly treated. Later I could take it very easy so that I was emotionally unaffected. Today I am aware of the anxiety and unhappiness that envelopes many people. Sometimes I can feel compassion for those people who are trapped in sufferings caused by fighting for fame and fortune.

For me, learning the Dafa is like going to school again. Only this time I am preparing for my real future. However, the indoctrination that I have acquired in the past has proven to be a hindrance in my path of cultivation. For a period of time, I was obsessed with the attachment of trying to seek knowledge about life beyond our physical world and in other dimensions. I was trying to study Dafa as if I was studying another new subject in school. I even tried to explain Falun Dafa to my friends from a scientific point of view. This became quite a strong attachment and made me careless about what I said concerning my personal level of development-heart nature.

I took part in the recent New York Convention and during that period, I came to realize that seeking this kind of knowledge was the wrong way to study Falun Dafa. Master Li once said that the human knowledge and language are very limited. Consequently, I concluded that I cannot study the Dafa by using the ordinary way of learning.

In my heart, I have no doubt that learning and practicing the Dafa is vital to me. The Dafa has given my life meaning. What I have experienced is beyond words. I understand now the limitations of the human language and the limitations of our knowledge compared to the teachings of Master Li. All I need to know is in the book Zhuan Falun.