Excerpts from Recognition of Falun Dafa
"Falun Dafa, an advanced Qigong system with an ancient Chinese heritage, offers self-refinement of both mind and body; 

Falun Dafa started in China in 1992, and its activities of exercises and practices are based on the universal quality of Zhen-Shan-Ren, which means Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance; 

Falun Dafa is designed to help people improve their physical condition, cleanse their mind, uplift their moral standards, and rid bad habits; and

Falun Dafa has helped to preserve precious human traditions such as honesty courtesy, loyalty and unselfishness."
-- Proclamation of "Falun Dafa Week", Washington D.C.

"Falun Dafa practitioners practice the principle of Zhen-Shan-Ren (truthfulness, benevolence, forbearance) and incorporate it into their daily lives, striving to become better people in all environments and situations. In addition, they cultivate their bodies by practicing smooth and tranquil exercises that can improve their overall physical health."
-- Proclamation of "Falun Dafa Day", Philadelphia

"As the founder of Falun Dafa, an advanced system of spiritual cultivation, Li Hong Zhi has gained the respect and admiration of people around the world."
--"Honorary Citizen", City of Houston

"Li Hongzhi is making an exceptional contribution to mankind with his Falun Dafa teachings."
-- Treasure's Award, the State of Illinois

"By instructing and encouraging people around the world to cultivate their mind, body and spirit through the exercises known as Falun Dafa, Master Li Hongzhi has helped thousands to lead more serene and focused lives. His efforts to assist people achieve spirituality through exercise and contemplation are deeply appreciated É "
-- Proclamation of "Master Li Hongzhi Day", Chicago

"Falun Dafa is a system of mind and body which has ancient historical roots in oriental culture. Its teachings have helped many people improve their health, elevate their mind, uplift their spirit, and deepen their understanding of life, humanity, and the universe." 
-- Proclamation of "Falun Dafa Day", Philadelphia

"Falun Dafa transcends cultural and racial boundaries. It resonates the universal truth to every corner of the earth and bridges the gap between east and west. 

Li Hong Zhi has worked tirelessly to convey Falun Dafa from China to the rest of the world. Along the way, he has touched the lives of countless people in many countries, earning an acclaimed international reputation."
--"Honorary Citizen and Goodwill Ambassador", City of Houston

"Falun Dafa is a compelling discipline of exercise, meditation and study that promotes good spiritual and mental health and nurtures the mind, body and spirit;

We salute Master Li Hong Zhi for bringing Falun Dafa to the world and for his commitment to the health and well being of people from all social backgrounds, races and religions."
-- Proclamation of "Li Hongzhi Day", Baltimore

"Master Li Hongzhi is being acknowledged for his remarkable history of steadfast commitment to improving health in mind, body and spirit and to enhancing the well-being of people from all social backgrounds, races and religions;

Master Li Hongzhi has demonstrated exemplary dedication to the citizens of this State by educating residents in the smooth and tranquil exercises that can improve them physically and by promoting the universal qualities of truth, compassion and tolerance that may strengthen them spiritually;

Master Li Hongzhi has made selfless and tireless efforts to benefit others by conveying the practice of Falun Dafa from China to more than thirty countries throughout the world;

An array of honors and awards bears witness to the remarkable accomplishments of Master Li Hongzhi and attests to the high regard in which he is held by numerous United States officials and representatives of international communities; 

Within all the spheres of his life and work, Master Li Hongzhi has established a model to emulate and set a standard of excellence toward which other might strive."
-- State Assembly Resolution, New Jersey