48. The Story Of A Native-American Woman From Peru

  Cuzco, a famous ancient city in Peru, is one of the ten most famous historical sites in the world. Machu Picchu is the most famous Native American historical site, which is also called the "Lost City of the Incas." The city was constructed on a steep mountain at an elevation of 3,800 meters. Questions about how ancient Native-Americans transported the giant stones up the great mountain still remain.

  Hulia, a Native-American woman, lived in a beautiful village of the "Lost City of the Incas" surrounded by mountains. She was born and grew up there. She painstakingly planted the corn and herded cattle and sheep every year. However, the corn that she planted never grew well due to the poor soil and the plateau's dry and cold climate. Hulia and her husband had a very hard life. Even her four sons had to leave their hometown one by one and go to other places in order to make a living. The eighty-one year old Hulia had many diseases, which made her suffer a lot. It made her even sadder when she lost the hearing in both ears one night. Every day, as Hulia stood at her front door looking out at the deep and green woods and the undulating mountains, she continuously wiped her tears with her work-hardened hands and hoped to see her sons returning home. One day, one of her sons finally came back home.

  The mother looked at her healthy son in astonishment and anxiously asked how his serious spinal problem had been cured. Staring at his mother, who had lost her hearing and had deep wrinkles on her face, her son cried. He took his mother outside on the grass and showed her the five sets of Falun Gong exercises, and then, he solemnly handed the book Falun Gong to her. When Hulia opened the first page of Falun Gong and saw the Teacher's picture, her tears ran down. She tightly held Falun Gong to her chest and looked up at the sky with her lips shaking. She couldn't express her feelings in that moment.

  So Hulia said goodbye to her hometown, where she had lived for eighty-one years, and came to Lima, the capital of Peru. One sunny weekend, people saw an elderly Native-American lady and her son come to the Falun Gong exercise site. When the graceful Falun Gong exercise music played, the mother started her journey of cultivation. After practicing the exercises and watching the Teacher's nine lectures, the next day, her ears were painful and itchy, and then, the magnificent world was not quiet any more, as she could hear again. Once more, her tears fell down without stopping. She could not express how thankful she was to the Teacher, who gave her a second life. She now studies Falun Dafa books every day without wearing glasses. There is a photo of the Teacher on the wall in her room. Every day she stands in front of the Teacher's picture and quietly looks at it for while, then gently says, "Thank you, Teacher!"