41. Chronic Illnesses Lasting Ten Years Disappear

After Practicing Falun Gong For Two Months

  By A Practitioner In China

  I am a government employee and am forty-one years old this year. Over ten years ago, when I was just twenty-eight, I suddenly became partially paralyzed while I was proofreading a manuscript at work. Although I was able to walk after a month of treatments, I suffered from a series of side effects such as anxiety, inability to concentrate, difficulty in breathing or talking, oxygen deficiency, muscle tension, and memory loss. I was very frustrated, plus misdiagnosis and errors in prescriptions exacerbated my condition. I constantly felt weak and extremely sensitive to cold weather. I even had to wear three layers of hats in winter, and sweaters and coats during summer. Warm hats and thick socks were necessary accessories to sleep at night. Nevertheless, my heavy wardrobe never seemed to stop the chills from within, and I ended up sweating and shivering at the same time. To prevent sweat from soaking through my clothes, I tucked a long towel behind my back and tried to hide everything with an oversized sweater. People always looked at me strangely, and some even asked if I was using drugs.

  In the ensuing eleven years I was too ill to return to work. Although I attempted to go back to work several times, I could not withstand the load and continued to stay home. After a while, they removed my desk from the office and new colleagues didn't even know I existed. Back then I was unable to drink water or eat any fruit. I could tolerate neither heat nor cold. Besides taking medicine each day, I consumed a lot of Chinese herbal teas.

  With so many ailments, it was impossible to calculate how many kinds of medicine I had taken over the years. In the end, I knew the functions of so many Chinese herbs that even I could write a prescription! I tried all kinds of treatments in eastern and western medicine, tried qigong, the spectrometer, oxygen tank and other treatments, yet my health did not improve. Doctors could find no cause for most of my illnesses, yet they continued to increase with each passing year. By the beginning of autumn I found myself already wearing three layers of woolen pants, hats and gloves! I wouldn't dare to go near a fan or air conditioner. I was constantly on the alert for things that would make my body uncomfortable. At only thirty years old, I was unable to focus my mind, talk fluently or adjust my wardrobe to the weather. For fear of wind, light and water, I never wore a skirt in the summertime. Every inch of me was entirely bundled up throughout the year.

  This, however, was not the end of my misfortunes. It appeared that more bad things were always waiting around the bend. The setbacks I experienced in my health, life and work (in addition to the physical pain) had brought great emotional strain. Faced with such heavy burdens, I was exhausted and on the verge of a breakdown. I could find no purpose for my existence, for I was truly incapable of facing the world.

  I considered using my life savings to travel around the world in search of a good teacher to cure my illnesses and teach me cultivation. I called several phone numbers in the yellow pages but could not find a satisfactory teacher. Some of them were sham teachers and damaged my health even more. In the summer of 1996, after being ill for 11 years, an MRI exam and subsequent diagnosis revealed abnormal pathologies in my brain. The physician recommended surgery. If my body couldn't even withstand the slightest discomfort, how could I survive surgery? Yet, did I want to continue living in such misery? In the end, I chose to undergo the gamma knife surgery. Even though I had not yet reached 40, I completely lost hope in life and prepared to resign from my job if I could survive the surgery.

  I prepaid 40,000 yuan for the operation. When everything was arranged and the operating room disinfected, I ran out of the hospital in great fear and anxiety. Soon afterwards I obtained the primary book of Falun Gong, Zhuan Falun, and my life was miraculously renewed and transformed. After finishing the book, I experienced a huge change in my mentality and I finally saw the meaning behind all my sicknesses. I also found the answers to all of my questions in this book. Zhuan Falun made me realize the purpose of my existence and led me to the oasis of my life. The moment I finished reading the book, both my mind and physical body underwent a series of transformations. In the past, I suffered from oxygen deficiency, dry hair, as well as blurred vision and disorganized thoughts. For many years I couldn't watch television or read the newspaper. My brother once said to me,  ̄You have neither the skill nor the heart to learn. ̄ However, I read Zhuan Falun twice in its entirety in just the first week. Aside from eating and sleeping, I spent all day reading. Surprisingly, I never got a headache or became short of breath. Ten days later, on August 21, 1996, I began doing the Falun Dafa exercises. On the fourth day of doing the exercises I removed the heavy blanket I had used over the past eleven summers and once again smelled the fragrance of the straw mat. On the sixth day I could participate in conversations without getting short of breath. The next day I found myself writing fluently without getting a headache. On the 16th day I could wash my clothes, using cold water again. I started eating cold foods on the 21st day. And one month after practicing Falun Gong I was able to wear a skirt. My memory also recovered. After two months of practicing Falun Dafa, I returned to work fulltime!

  In the past, I experienced the pain of not being able to take control of my health and my life, but now I am energized and strong. My thoughts are coherent, and I am able to read and write as I choose. I no longer have dietary restrictions and am also able to do chores such as scrubbing floors, laundry and other things. My temperament changed a lot as well. Suffering so much pain had turned me into an extremely irritable person. I couldn't see eye to eye with anybody and easily lost my temper. I had acquired the habit of kicking stools and throwing things whenever I was in a bad mood. I couldn't care less what others would think of me, because I was so tired of being ill. After each incident, however, I sank into deep regret, made excuses for myself, and became even more pessimistic. Since the day I began reading Zhuan Falun, I have never lost my temper or scolded anyone. Nowadays, when I encounter people I had disliked in the past, I feel great remorse for having treated them badly.

  Within about two months of practicing Falun Gong, my chronic illnesses of ten years had disappeared. This phenomenon created a stir at my workplace, and everyone saw for himself how extraordinary Falun Gong is. I am also deeply amazed by its vastness and magnificence. Falun Gong teaches people to look into their own hearts and minds, guiding us to see the reason behind sickness and unhappiness. In addition, we learn how to be good people in society and to have a positive attitude toward life. All this I obtained after relinquishing my resentment toward society, my life, and other people.