17. Medical School Graduate Recovers From Advanced Stage Brain Tumor

  I used to have an advanced stage brain tumor. I was born in a small village. To get out of the village, I studied very hard. As my health was very poor, I applied to attend a medical college. Luckily I fulfilled my dream of becoming a college student. During the school years, I often felt dizzy, but I took it as anemia and thought it was due to lack of nutrition. I didn't take it seriously.

  I started my medical practice right before my graduation. My dizziness got worse, and so did my eyesight. Just like other young people my age, I had to struggle to make a living shortly after my graduation from college. As the workload became heavier, my health suffered. I felt dizzier, became thinner, and began to walk awkwardly. My poor health condition finally alarmed me, so I decided to get a thorough checkup. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Everybody in my family was worried. They took me to visit doctors in various places. It was the same diagnosis in every hospital: open-skull surgery had to be performed to remove the goose-egg sized tumor. There would be a tremendous amount of medical expenses. I also knew that the consequences of the operation might be horrific. If anything went wrong, if even a single nerve was mishandled, I might be blinded, disabled, or worse.

  I began to hesitate. Unwilling to take the risk of surgery, I decided to try to make the most of my remaining days. Nevertheless, my headache was torturing me. I knew what it meant. In despair, I couldn't eat or sleep, and my spirits were very low. I felt that I was critically ill, and I completely lost hope.

  One day, a relative came to visit me. He used to suffer from stomach cancer, but he recovered from that illness after practicing Falun Gong. He explained to me how good Falun Gong was.

  It was hard for me to believe in qigong, but out of desperation, I found a copy of the book Zhuan Falun and started to read. To my surprise, I had hardly finished reading Lecture One when I started to feel hungry. I asked my nephew to buy a bowl of noodles for me. With no appetite for quite some time, I was surprisingly able to eat the whole bowl. I quickly finished reading the entire book.

  On the second day, I joined a nearby practice group to learn the exercises. Concerned about my health condition, my mother-in-law accompanied me to do the exercises. With more practice of the exercises and more study, gradually my mood became better and I regained my appetite. Two months later, my symptoms of dizziness and headache became much less severe. I no longer caught colds once every few days as before. I felt like a different person. My pale complexion became rosy again. Everybody was stunned by how quickly I had recovered from my illness. 

  After practicing for a time, I started to live a normal life, even better than before. In addition, my character experienced great changes. Before my practice of Falun Gong, I used to love to compete and argue with others, even when I knew that I was wrong. I often had conflicts with others over trivial matters. In contrast, I have changed completely after practicing Falun Gong and following Teacher Li's teachings. One day, my brother-in-law was drunk. He walked upstairs, kicked my door, and shouted that he wanted to kill me. He yelled, ^Country bumpkin, why did you treat me so badly? ̄ Half awake, I thought he was swearing at his own son, so I decided to go out to stop him. Trying to punch me through the glass in the door, he broke the glass and it deeply cut the back of my hand. Despite the pain, I forbore, without fighting back, because Teacher Li taught us that as practitioners, we shouldn't hit back when attacked or talk back when insulted. Facing such an insult, I would have fought back tooth and nail if I hadn't practiced Falun Gong. As a practitioner, I didn't even swear back at him.

  Falun Dafa has made me a better person, and I'd like to do even better. Having truly benefited from Dafa, I sincerely hope that everyone reads Zhuan Falun and receives the same benefits that I did.