1. A Physician's Testimony:

Breaking Through Existing Knowledge And Walking The Path Of Cultivation

  I am a physician and have been involved in clinical practice for over twenty years. I have had five years of formal Western medicine studies and five years of formal Chinese medicine training. I have since used the knowledge and skills of Western medicine to treat numerous patients in various specialties such as pediatrics, internal medicine, geriatrics and others. My medical practice has led me to the discovery that, although medicine continues to improve and new treatments keep being developed or invented, there are still countless illnesses that cannot be conquered, such as arteriosclerosis, diabetes, various cancers and other diseases. Moreover, strange new diseases such as AIDS, mad cow disease and the like continue to make their appearance. As a doctor, I deeply feel the patients' pain, yet so often can offer no solution. "What is the meaning of so many diseases? What method could I employ to resolve the underlying cause of the problem?" I desperately searched for answers.

  Though I am a physician, I could not avoid falling ill myself. When I was twenty years old I developed glaucoma and problems with my cervical vertebra. I knew the outcome of these diseases extremely well. One could lead to blindness and the other, paralysis. In the following twenty years, I did extensive research to find the causes and cures for these illnesses. I tried various treatments, and yet none of them solved the fundamental problem. I could only rely on medication and physical therapy to relieve the symptoms and control their progression. With advancing age I continued to develop many new problems such as diarrhea, influenza, chronic cough and joint pain. As a result I had to rely on medication. How could I be set free from all this illness and suffering? Are humans supposed to live helplessly through birth, aging, sickness and death?

  In May of 1995, one of my colleagues gave me the book Zhuan Falun, which contains the main teachings of Falun Dafa. That night I was mesmerized by the broad and profound explanations in the book. How come I had never thought of stepping out from the premises of medicine to look at illnesses from another perspective? Why is it that I had never thought of breaking through the barriers of existing knowledge to re-evaluate humanity and the universe? Holding the book in my hands, I felt like I had just received a priceless treasure and could not put it down. I read six lectures in one sitting. At the end of May I started to read the book intensely for the second time. I realized that there is another field of even broader and higher knowledge beyond what I had learned throughout the years that I could only obtain through cultivating in Falun Dafa. I repeatedly read, and through enhancing my understandings, I finally took the path of cultivation at the end of June. I also learned the five sets of exercises and followed the standards of practitioners to improve my character.

  Through cultivation, obvious changes continued to occur in my body and many illnesses vanished. Because of my cervical vertebra problem, in the past I had to wear cotton gloves when going outdoors; otherwise if my hands got cold I would lose sleep at night, for my arms would turn numb and become extremely painful. In the winter of 1995, when it was about -10oC (14oF), I did not wear any gloves outdoors, yet slept like a baby at night with no discomfort at all. My body was very sensitive to heat and cold in the past. I could not survive without a fan in the summer, and had to put on many layers of clothing following a slight drop in temperature. Now, after practicing Falun Gong I no longer feel the intense heat of summer. When others are sweating profusely I, on the other hand, do not perspire much. During the fall, I have not yet felt the autumn chill when everyone starts putting on sweaters. Furthermore, my body was also very sensitive to hunger pangs before. I would feel weak and dizzy if I missed a single meal. Now, even when my work becomes demanding and I find no time to eat, I am still full of energy.

  I am proof that a person approaching fifty with a body full of illnesses can undergo a major transformation in health by practicing Falun Gong. This is something that cannot be explained with our present-day knowledge of the human body. I realized through my own cultivation experience that what we know today is extremely limited and that Falun Dafa is a true science!