The Persecution of Mr. Zhang Hongzhang in Fujian Province

( Around April 20, 2009, the police at the Wuyishan Vista Area in Fujian Province tortured and killed practitioner Mr. Fu Ziming from Jianli County, Hubei Province. Ten days later, on April 30, officers from the Wuyishan Police Department and agents from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Nanping City arrested practitioner Mr. Zhang Hongzhang, of the City Education Bureau in Wuyishan.

On April 30, Mr. Zhang was arrested by CCP agents and the Wuyishan police. It was said that Mr. Zhang was summoned by the director of the Education Bureau on the morning of April 30, and was later arrested. The police also went to his home and ransacked it, seizing all his belongings. Participating officers included Zhou Guisheng, Peng Min, Cao Da, and also Yang Zibao from Wuyishan City Police Department and Tang Dazhong from the National Security Squadron.

Mr. Zhang once served as the chairman of the Education Bureau workers' union, and manager of the finance department in the Education Bureau. Due to the pressure from their superiors over the fact that Mr. Zhang practiced Falun Gong, the Education Bureau released him of both positions. Mr. Zhang has excellent moral character, and was well known in the Education Bureau as a good person.

Brutal persecution caused Mr. Zhang to develop many illnesses and he suddenly passed out during an interrogation around May 9, with his blood pressure reaching 220-240. The police had to take him to the hospital to be examined. Many of his friends and colleagues visited him in the hospital. Worried that people would learn the truth about why he was ill, the police transferred Mr. Zhang out of the hospital that same day, when his condition was most critical. He is now being detained in Wuyishan City Jail.

Although the city officials in Wuyishan City put Mr. Zhang's home under tight surveillance, people still were able to spread the news of his situation in detention.

National Security Squadron, Wuyishan City Police Department: 86-599-5307023
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Wuyishan City Court: 86-599-5113322, 86-599-5108105, 86-599-5113913
Wuyishan City Procuratorate: 86-599-5302832
Chief, Guan Shaohua, and Political Director, Guo Weiquan, Wuyishan City Police Department
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CCP Secretary, Wuyishan City: 86-599-5316807
National Security Department, Wuyishan City: 86-599-5232355

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Original article date: 6/13/2009
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