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Outrages Committed against Falun Gong Practitioners in Jining City, Shandong Province

August 30, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Jining City, Shandong Province, is the birthplace and hometown of Kong Zi and Meng Zi, ancient cultural saints. With unimaginable cruelty, the Chinese regime has persecuted Falun Gong practitioners, who cultivate Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, in this area for nine years. Since the ruling regime restricts dissemination of the truth to the outside world, we list here practitioners who have died as a result of persecution, who have been sentenced to imprisonment or forced labor, or who were admitted to mental hospitals. The information is incomplete, and much about these and other persecuted practitioners remains unknown.

Practitioners who died as a result of persecution

Mr. Wang Chan, age 39: In August 2002, agents from the Jining City 610 Office and from the Police Department grossly abused him and caused his death. Jining police officer Guo Hongtao arrested him at the Liangshan County Bus Station. While Mr. Wang was imprisoned, his captors tortured him barbarically. Although he was taken out of the detention center for interrogation, he died in Jining Detention Center between August 21 and August 29, 2002.

Mr. Liu Xuguo, only 29 years old: From Zoucheng City, Mr. Liu was once employed at the Zoucheng City Yihua Group. When the ruling regime started the persecution in July 1999, he went to Beijing to appeal in October 1999. The "610 Office" agents sentenced him to three years of forced labor. He began a hunger strike to protest and was force-fed through a nasal tube. The personnel who administered the rough and inexperienced force-feeding severely injured his trachea and caused an acute lung infection. Doctors at the hospital didn't provide proper care and treatment. Liu Xugo died on February 11, 2000.

Liu Xuguo's wife, Man Li, was under house surveillance for three months and was sentenced to three years of forced labor at the beginning of September 2001. She was incarcerated in the Jinan Women's Forced Labor Camp, leaving an aged father-in-law and mother-in-law and a three-year-old son to fend for themselves.

Mr. Li Quzhu, in his 50s: Police from the Zhong District Police Department and from the local police station beat him until he was disabled. He died in 2003.

Mr. Shao Mingzhu from Beibo Village, Liangcheng Township, Weishan County, Jining City: He was sentenced to one year of forced labor for practicing Falun Gong in 2002. He was sentenced again to two years of forced labor in 2004, with a one-month extension. While in the camp, he was tortured so severely that he was unrecognizable and became a helpless wreck. He died of a lung infection on May 30, 2006.

Mr. Cui Zonggui, 74, who worked at Liangshan Phosphate Fertilizer Factory: Agents from the Beiguan Police Station detained him for clarifying the truth about Falun Gong. To avoid additional persecution, he decided to live leave home. He was mentally stressed and traumatized for a long time and died in the spring of 2006.

Mr. Wang Xiezhang, in his 50s: Mr. Wang was once a deputy director of the foreign trade committee in Liangshan County, Jining City. He had heart disease and hypertension prior to practicing Falun Gong. After taking up the practice, all his illnesses disappeared. The 610 Office agents arrested him twice and took him to a forced labor camp in October 2000 and in the spring of 2004. While in the labor camp he suddenly lost consciousness. Officials sent him to a hospital for emergency care. The 610 Office agents interrupted the treatment, and he went into a vegetative state. He died in the winter of 2006.

Ms. Liu Yuelan, 73: She was a retired officer of the Liangshan Audit Bureau. Regime agents arrested her several times. She was handcuffed, force-fed, and burned with lit cigarettes. Nanguan Police Station officials compelled her to kneel for many hours with her hands tied behind her back. She eventually decided to leave home, which meant losing her salary and other penalties. She died on February 22, 2008. During the funeral, police department and Politics and Law Committee heads took police officers to her home to harass the mourners.

More than 400 practitioners sentenced to jail terms or forced labor

More than 400 practitioners were sentenced to jail terms or forced labor. Most of them were detained at Jinan Forced Labor Camp, Wangcun Forced Labor Camp in Zibo City, and Jining Prison, for two to five years.

In addition, more than 2,000 practitioners were seized and taken to the Jining Detention Center. Some practitioners were arrested several times, had their homes ransacked and all their belongings taken away, were subjected to fines ranging from several thousand to more than ten thousand yuan, and were beaten or fired from their jobs. Over the past nine years, many practitioners' families have been destroyed, and many now live elsewhere to avoid arrest.

For nine years, agents from the 610 Office, from the Dashi Police Department, and from the Zhong District Police Department have sent practitioners to brainwashing centers on "sensitive days." The practitioners are subjected to brainwashing, physical torture, and monetary penalties. Those responsible have tried their best to aggravate the persecution and have attempted to make practitioners denounce their belief. It is estimated that more than 7,000 practitioners have been seized and taken to brainwashing centers and fined.

Practitioners tortured at a mental hospital

Ms. Qiao Xinxia, 40: She is a tailor at the No. 2 Jining City Plastics Mill (now a toy factory). She has a husband, son, parents, and a younger brother. She was healthy and had never had mental illness.

She was arrested because she did the Falun Gong exercises at Kuai Huolin. She was taken to the Jining Detention Center where she remained for 17 days. Police department officials and those from her factory pressured her family to have her sent to Jining Mental Hospital. On December 17, 1999, without examining her or providing an official diagnosis or treatment plan, personnel pushed her onto a bed and forcibly fed her drugs. Since she had no mental illness she refused to cooperate, but they tied her up, beat her, and fed her drugs. The nurses monitored her until she ingested the drugs. She was imprisoned there for 22 days.

Ms. Qiao had to pay 2,000 yuan for her hospital "treatment." One of her family members was ordered to sign a document. After ingesting the drugs, she was very thirsty and her tongue became stiff. She couldn't stand firmly and couldn't walk. She was fidgety, weak, and sleepy and had memory difficulties and all-over body pain. Furthermore, she had restless leg syndrome and itched all over. Her family tried to get her released and paid bribes in the amount of more than 6,000 yuan in gifts to police and doctors. She left the hospital on January 8, 2000, without a diagnosis statement.

Ms. Lu Dongmei, 35: She is a staff member at the Jining Luxin Real Estate Developing Company. She was detained in Jining Mental Hospital for more than two months, became mentally disoriented, and was unable to walk when she left the hospital.

Mr. Li Fenzhi, 24: A staff member at the Jining Mouth Hospital, he had been dismissed for practicing Falun Gong. He was admitted against his will to Jining Mental Hospital for more than two months. When he left he was near deal, with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. He was then imprisoned in Wangcun Forced Labor Camp.

Mr. Wang Jiming, 40: Mr. Wang worked at the Jining Infectious Disease Hospital and was detained in Jining Mental Hospital for more than a month. He was then sentenced to four years of imprisonment

Shi Shuping, 48: This person, a doctor at the Jining Chinese Medicine Hospital, was detained at the same mental hospital and then sentenced to three years of forced labor at the Jinan Forced Labor Camp.

Practitioners still in Jining Detention Center

Ms. Zhao Jin: Ms. Zhao was an employee at the Zhong District Gukuai Housing Management Office. She was arrested when she accompanied an arrested practitioner's relative to the 610 Office to ask them to release the practitioner. She was then held in Jining Detention Center for a month and sentenced to forced labor for one and half years. She is now in Jinan Women's Forced Labor Camp.

Also arrested were:
Mr. Li Ruifeng, in his 40s: A deaf and mute, Mr. Li is from the Hongxi Residential Area, Zhong District. His father, Li Shuliang, and mother were arrested at the same time.
Ms. Zuo, in her 70s: She is from the Yushan Residential Area, Zhong District.
Ms. Yue Lihua, in her 40s: She works in the steel business and lives in the Beimen Residential Area, Zhong District.
Mr. Han Jiwen: He is a staff member at the Lukang Medicine Group.
Ms. Zhang Baohuan: Ms. Zhang is a practitioner in Laizhou City.

In addition, practitioner Mr. Zhou Ning from Jinan was arrested in Jining City on September 12, 2007, and has been held in Jining Detention Center until now. He was abused until he was near death.

It has been said that Sun Shougang, Jining City Party head, was personally involved in planning and directing these outrages.