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Two Female Falun Gong Practitioners Subjected to Cruel Torture in Yueyang City, Hunan Province

August 18, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner Ms. Wang Ping Subjected to Persecution

Ms. Wang Ping is from Yueyang County. Persevering in her belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance," she went to appeal in Beijing in 2000 and police officers from Yueyang County arrested her. She was imprisoned at a detention center, severely tortured there and then illegally sentenced to forced labor. She was sent to the Baimalong Forced Labor Camp in Zhuzhou City and held there for two years, while being subjected to various tortures.

When Ms. Wang had just entered the Baimalong Forced Labor Camp, guards forced her to stand for three days and nights continuously and then they handcuffed her for 24 hours. They subjected her to brainwashing and handcuffing if she didn't cooperate. Wang Ping experienced eight kinds of cuffing: back cuff, "five horses splitting a body" cuff, hanging up in the air while being cuffed, squatting while cuffed and others. Sometimes they forced her to sit on a small stool with ridges on the seat for an entire day.

One day in 2001 guard Liu Jie dragged Wang Ping to his office. After closing the door, the guard beat her about the head, and kicked her in the stomach and private parts. On another day, at 11:00 p.m., more than ten guards force-fed practitioners. They blocked practitioners' mouths for about six minutes, making them almost suffocate, and then loosened their hands. As soon as the practitioners opened their mouths for air, the guards force-fed them. The next day all the guards wore raincoats and continued the force-feedings. Practitioner Zou Shuchun from Changsha City died as a result of force-feeding that day.

As Wang Ping refused to renounce her belief, the authorities extended her prison term for another year. She returned home on September 30, 2002, but was once again arrested in 2003, for handing people truth clarification materials. She was sent to a detention center four times and was tortured to her last gasp of breath. The police sent her to the Changsha Women's Prison on May 10, 2003, where she was subjected to another four years of cruel persecution.

Ms. Wang returned home on February 28, 2008. On June 2, local police came to take her away again under the pretext of keeping her until the Olympic Torch Relay passed through Yueyang City. She didn't cooperate. The officials handcuffed her and dragged her on the ground. Her hands bled from the cuffing and dragging. The police brutally beat her, and her internal organs were injured. While at the county detention center she spat and passed blood. The captors feared her death and released her.

Falun Gong Practitioner Ms. Jiang Xiyuan's Suffering Under the Persecution

Ms. Jiang Xiyuan, 52, is a peasant in Yueyang County. Officers from the Gongtian Police Station arrested and detained her at the station for four days. The persecutors had to release her, as she was vomiting blood. The officials continued harassing her, but she resisted with the power of her righteous thoughts. Officers from the Yuetian Police Station arrested her on the evening of November 29, 2004, as she was distributing truth clarification materials. Practitioners Liu Wanglong and Chen Xiang were also arrested, as were practitioners Chen Liqun. Jiang Xiyuan and Liu Wanglong, the next day. They were sent to the Yueyang County Domestic Security Division.

Once there, division head Guo Shenxiang slapped Ms. Jiang and then beat her mouth with a thick rubber block. Then police officer Li Xiaomao pushed her to the ground and Guo struck her head and abdomen with a heavy club. A very large button from her clothing was broken into pieces from the beating. The police station driver couldn't bear to see this and persuaded Guo to stop the beating. The driver helped Ms. Jiang to stand up. The Yuetian Police Station head then kicked and beat Ms. Jiang. He also stepped on her's foot with his leather shoes, grinding it into the floor. Then Guo and Li pushed Ms. Jiang on the floor again. Guo jabbed her face and nose with a sharp, wide bamboo strip. Li used his fingers to pinch her face and Guo stabbed Jiang's face with the bamboo strip. They also jabbed her hand with the bamboo strip, which caused severe bleeding.

On the afternoon of the following day, the police wanted to take her photograph, but she didn't cooperate. With officers Zeng and Li Xiaomao grasping her hands, they both punched her on her temple. They tortured her all day and then sent her to the county detention center. There, guards wanted to ask her something but stopped after they saw her black and purple, swollen, and deformed hands. Four days later they interrogated her, but she didn't cooperate with them. Domestic Security Division agents brutally beat her, stepping on each side of her feet and slamming her head against a wall. They interrogated her for three hours. Her face was distorted and she was barely recognizable. The officials detained Ms. Jiang for more than 50 days. Her family paid bribes in the amount of 17,000 yuan to have her released.