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Beijing Falun Dafa Practitioner Mr. Bai Shaohua Hospitalized for Emergency Treatment

March 18, 2008 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On February 20, 2008, at approximately 3:00 p.m., Falun Gong practitioners Mr. Bai Shaohua and Mr. Yang Hui were driving from the urban district of Beijing to Huairou District and were stopped by police for inspection. They were subsequently arrested. On March 4, 2008, according to someone with inside information, Mr. Bai Shaohua, who was illegally imprisoned at the Huairou District Detention Center in Beijing, was escorted to a hospital emergency room. The name of the hospital and the reason for the rescue are unclear.

Mr. Bai Shaohua's older brother Mr. Bai Xiaojun, a philosophy lecturer at Northeast Normal University, was repeatedly imprisoned at the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp in Changchun and subjected to brutal torture because he persisted in his belief in Falun Dafa and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Mr. Bai Xiaojun died in July 2003. Mr. Bai Shaohua's 70-year-old mother was illegally imprisoned many times because she would not give up her belief, and she was brutalized to the point of blindness. Mr. Bai Shaohua was also imprisoned and brutalized numerous times, including being electrically shocked. His leg was also broken during the torture. In 2005 he was subjected to life-endangering violence at the Qinghe Detention Center in Haidian District. Mr. Bai Shaohua's wife Ms. Ji Lei has also been illegally imprisoned at a forced labor camp. The wardens tortured and threatened her with term extensions in order to try to force her to divorce her husband. The police also arrested Mr. Bai Shaohua's four year-old daughter.

After Mr. Bai Shaohua was arrested this time, he was illegally imprisoned at the Huairou District Detention Center in Beijing together with Mr. Yang Hui. The police in Beijing made up evidence in an attempt to further the suppression. The preliminary hearing officer for the case was Wang Pan (male) and the assistant hearing officer's last name is Qi (gender unknown).

Huairou District Detention Center in Beijing, switchboard: 86-10-61697828
Detention Center Manager Meng Xianghai: 86-10-61697828 extension 51529

Mr. Bai Shaohua is illegally imprisoned in the fifth cell of the third prison area.