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NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular

Chinese New Year Spectacular Dazzles Philadelphia Audiences (Photos)

( Two of five scheduled Philadelphia performances of the Chinese New Year Spectacular were held on Saturday, January 5, 2008, at the University of the Arts Merriam Theater. As the attendees chatted during intermission and as they left the theater, they sounded lighthearted and happy. Hundreds in the audience completed surveys, all but a few rating the show very highly.

Here are just a few comments provided by members of the audience:

It's wonderful! The costumes and choreography are fantastic--it's just spectacular.

-Mura Barrett, Registered Nurse, West Chester, PA


Mura Barrett, R.N.

Becky Jenison, a preschool teacher from Collegeville, PA, brought her two adopted daughters, Emily, age eight, and Sarah, age four. Ms. Jenison noted that the children had not previously been able to sit still for a performance past intermission. At the Spectacular, they very much wanted to stay.

"Great, great," commented Ms. Jenison about the show. "I liked when the angel girls came out in the beginning--they did it so elegantly." Emily said with a shy smile, "I liked when they played the drums."


Becky Jenison holding Sarah, with Emily by her side

"I like it a lot. The drum - the strongest part of the show--you feel it the most."

-Gregg Fehrman, structural engineer.


Gregg Fehrman and his wife Joanna

Loi, who emigrated to the United States from Vietnam, attended with her young daughter and sister. The segment she liked the best was "The Fruits of Goodness" because of the stunning imagery and the theme-- Buddhas and other celestial beings transformed two wayward youths into good, thoughtful young men.


Loi and her young daughter.


Law Student: "It's Very Moving" (Photo)

( Sahar Abdur-Rahman is a teacher. The day she heard that the Diving Performing Arts was on tour and would perform in Philadelphia, she was excited. "I must bring my sister to the show," she said.


Sahar (middle), Amala (right), and their mother see the Divine Performing Arts show in Philadelphia

On January 6, 2008, the mother and two sisters drove from Baltimore, Maryland, to see the Divine Performing Arts show in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

After the show, the younger sister, Amala Abdur-Rahman, a law student at the University of Pennsylvania, said, "It was very moving and colorful. I liked it very much, especially the dance with the tea cups on their heads." She said she liked this performance because "It required a high level of skill to keep the cups on their heads and still dance. I liked the whole show." Her sister, Sahar, said she liked the "Snowy Mountain, White Lotus" dance most because it was so beautiful.

"On the Path to Return Home" - A Radio Interview with the NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular Audience in Philadelphia

( New Tang Dynasty Television's (NTDTV) Chinese New Year Spectacular presented five shows at the The University of the Arts Merriam Theater, the final one on January 6, 2008. The Divine Performing Arts Touring Company won high acclaim and received rave reviews from the audience. Attendees from all walks of life expressed their appreciation for the performances. The following is a transcript of interviews with audience members that was broadcast on the Minghui Radio Station.

(Female) "Full of energy, wonderful, brilliant, truly excellent."

(Male) "I loved the dances, costumes, music and language. I loved it all."

[Voice-over] The show attracted many Chinese people. They are very excited and feel very proud [to see traditional Chinese culture showcased in the Spectacular].

(Male and Female) "Very good, very good! Excellent!"

(Male) "I came last year, and I'll come in the future."

(Male) "The performance was really excellent, wonderful!"

(Female) "I was moved! How I loved it!"

(Male) "There were many Westerners in the audience today. They applauded enthusiastically."

(Female) "I think it is very good. Everybody should take the opportunity to see it."

(Mr. Gong, a physicist from Shanghai) "Originally, when I saw the comments in the newspaper, saying such things as 'world-class' and 'magnificent,' I had some doubts about it. Today, after having seen the show, I really feel they were not idle boasts. It is truly touching, and of such a high level, that it transports us to an artistic realm. I studied music and have played violin since my childhood, and I'm quite critical when it comes to the arts, but I think, today, I'm satisfied. It's a moment of satisfaction."

(Female) "I hope you will have opportunities to go back to mainland China to perform for people there. What the Chinese Communist Party claims [to be "culture"] is not culture. You are truly promoting traditional culture, the culture of the Chinese nation. You won recognition for the Chinese people. It's really terrific! "

[Voice-over] A Chinese dance teacher has seen NTDTV's Chinese New Year Spectacular in previous years. This year, she recommended the show to 50 of her friends.

(Female) In total, there are 50 people here in our group, including family members.

[Voice-over] Western people were captivated by the inner connotations of the authentic Chinese culture depicted in the performances.

(Male) "I enjoyed the Chinese culture, and also respect it."

(Female) "This is a proud culture."

(Male) "We've definitely learned more about traditional Chinese culture. We only know the Chinese culture [influenced by the rule of the Chinese Communist Party], but it is not authentic traditional Chinese culture and [doesn't approach] its spiritual level, so it's good to see more traditional aspects of China and its heritage."

[Voice-over] The performance transcended all the boundaries of nationality, race, age, and belief. People from all walks of life praised the high artistry of the Divine Performing Arts, and were also amazed and moved by its interpretation of divinity.

(Male) "Even if the beautiful Chinese characters and subtitles in English were not on the backdrops, we could still sense the descent of the divine. That is very important. Because of it, people are complete and happy."

(Female) "I loved the spiritual meaning of the whole performance."

(Male) "From your inner being, you will think about who you are, how to live, and what kind of life to choose."

(Female) "The performance and performers emitted energy; you could feel that the performance literally touched our hearts. I loved it."

(Male) "My deepest impression was 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.'"

(Ms. Dai Yuzhen, an accountant from New Jersey) "Honestly speaking, my favorite is that Falun Gong [dance/drama]. The storyline seemed so real, and I was touched. People are so kind, but the Communist Party persecutes them. It goes against the law of heaven!"

(Female) "It really affected me. It reflected the persecution of people who have beliefs, but the divine and Buddha's realm helps people maintain their beliefs."

(A person from India) "A show like this gives people an impression of being on the path to return home. [It causes us to] adjust the focus of our lives."

(Female) "I really want to go to New York to see the performance by both the Divine Performing Arts New York Company and their Touring Company."

(Male) "It's the second time that I came to see the show. I'll definitely come again next year."

(Female) "I'll be back next year."

Dallas Audience Moved to Tears by NTDTV's Chinese New Year Spectacular (Photos)

( The Divine Performing Arts recently presented three Chinese New Year Spectacular shows at the Nokia Theatre in Dallas, Texas. The performances won acclaim from people of all walks of life, and many audience members stated that the dancing and music were not only graceful but touched them to tears.

Psychology Professor: the dance about the persecution moved me to tears

Dr. Yung-fei Kao

Dr. Yung-fei Kao, who is in the Psychology department at Northeastern State University, Oklahoma, came to see the show with her friend. She said that the whole performance was very good, including the dancing, music, and backdrops. What touched her to tears was the dancing showing three women Falun Dafa practitioners who were persecuted in China. She said that the performance was so real that she could feel the suffering, which she said, "touched people's hearts."

Accountant: the dancing was very nice

Accountant Diana

Accountant Diana brought her three daughters to see the show and said that the dancing was very nice. She said that the stories depicted in the dancing were easy to understand. Her three daughters liked the dance "Drummers of the Tang Court."

Survivor of Hurricane Katrina: "I am fortunate to see the show."

LLoyd Coleman from New Orleans

LLoyd Coleman from New Orleans is a survivor of Hurricane Katrina and currently resides temporarily in Arlington, west of Dallas. Lloyd said he missed his home in New Orleans. He said that he was fortunate to see the nice show. What he liked most was tenor Guan's song. He understood the meaning of the lyrics from the English translation on the backdrop, even though the song was sung in Chinese.

Two ladies watched the show and wished to come again next year

Martha Mannewitz and Britney Kent

Martha Mannewitz and Britney Kent are sisters-in-law. They also attended last year's Chinese New Year Spectacular show, and after hearing of this year's show, they were excited to inform their family, who bought tickets for them as a Christmas gift. Younger sister Britney said that the whole show was phenomenal. They said that the theater was so huge and the tenor's song was so loud, powerful and touching. Martha said she liked the dance "Risen Lotus" - where a beautiful girl was beaten by thugs wearing th communist party symbol, but she rose to heaven later. Martha was touched.

Both said they would come to see the show again next year.

Korean Ph.D student in Electrical Engineering: "Chinese culture is so profound."

Woonki, a Korean student from the University of Texas at Arlington, studying in the Department of Electrical Engineering, exclaimed that Chinese culture was so profound and the moral values shown in the performance should be followed by all human beings.

Texas: Mayor Loves "The Power of Awareness" (Photos)

( On the evening of January 9, 2008, the Divine Performing Arts (DPA) touring company put on its third Chinese New Year Spectacular at the Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie, Texas. The audience sang the show's praises. Some expressed their agreement with the elements of justice, conscience, and faith reflected in the show. Others said they were encouraged and inspired to ponder the origins and truths of life.


Curtain descends on the third Chinese New Year Spectacular in Grand Prairie, TX

Audience rewards every performance with warm applause

The audience was absorbed in the show

A rapt audience

Mayor of Garland Ronald Jones and his wife had profuse praise for the show

Randall Mock, MD, said the show was great

Mayor of Garland Ronald Jones missed the VIP reception because of a business trip, but saw the third show with his wife. They praised the show profusely. They said the entire show was outstanding but they especially loved the dances. "The unique 3D backdrop was amazing and the high-tech stage design made the background look so real."

Mayor Jones was very touched by the dance showing the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. He thought universal values should be observed by every country and every person. He said he liked "The Power of Awareness" very much. "Justice and conscience were upheld. Justice defeated evil." He said that a show with such traditional cultural was very significant to the Dallas area, because it gathered people of different races, cultures, and civilizations to share a unique, uplifting experience.

Mrs. Jones said the show was way beyond her expectations. She wished she had brought her children to experience Eastern culture.

Dr. Randall Mock, a surgeon, hurried to Dallas to see the last show after one of his staff members who had seen the show recommended it to him. He said the show was beyond his imagination. He liked every story, song, and dance. After finding out the show would tour to 65 cities, he said, "If it goes to New York, I will take a group there to see it...If it goes to Houston, I have a brother in Houston. I will certainly tell him to go and not to miss such a great chance."

Dallas Audience: Portrayal of Falun Gong the Most Touching (Photos)

( The Divine Performing Arts (DPA) concluded its three shows in the Nokia Theatre at 10:40 p.m. on January 9, 2008, as the curtain fell amid warm applause. The audience, primarily from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, couldn't get enough of the show and look forward to the return of the DPA next year.

Many audience members were especially moved by the dance showing Falun Gong practitioners' strong faith despite persecution. They said it was the most touching and unforgettable performance.

The Divine Performing Arts concluded its three shows in Grand Prairie to warm applause

An attentive audience

The audience

The audience

Gary, a software engineer in Fort Worth, said with excitement that it was an artistic treat. He liked all the selections. He loved the masculinity and enthusiasm of "Drummers of the Tang Court" and hoped to have more opportunities to see such shows.

Mr. Chen said he was touched by every performance. After seeing the show in person, he felt he had gained something spiritual. Seeing the persecution (of Falun Gong), he felt that he was closely related, like he was awakened.

Kerry, a music student at the University of North Texas, loves Chinese culture. She said the show was very much worth seeing.

Rosemary Mccoi and her daughter both thought the program about the persecution of the Falun Gong practitioner and her ascent to heaven was most touching and unforgettable.

Dallas Audience Praises the Gentle Elegance of Performers (Photos)

( On January 8, 2008, the Divine Performing Arts performed the second show of New Tang Dynasty Television's Chinese New Year Spectacular, in the Nokia Theatre at Grand Prairie. Audience members from diverse cultural backgrounds showered the performance with praise for the realistic 3D backdrop, colorful costumes, and the musical blend of Eastern and Western culture.

Bishop Chris Spellmon was greatly touched by the show, and said, "The entire show was great. My favorite dances were 'Drummers of the Tang Court,' 'Nymphs of the Sea' and 'Lady of the Moon.' The costumes were beautiful."

Biship Chris Spellman (right) said, "The entire show was great."

Attorney Margaret Vandervalk and photographer Elizabeth Szilagyi felt that the backdrop, costumes and dances were beautiful.

Two American ladies appraised the expression in the performances. Photographer Elizabeth Szilagyi said, "The backdrop was great, the costumes were beautiful." Attorney Margaret Vandervalk followed up by saying, "I really like the 'Mongolian Cups' in which they dance with the bowls on their heads." Both ladies felt the program was very good.

Law professor Lim Cornehls, who attended the show with his wife, said enthusiastically, "My favorite act was 'Decent of the Celestial Kings'." His wife Bobbie Cornehls works as an assistant in a attorney's office. Her favorite dance was the "Drummers of the Tang Court," and she felt that the performers were very beautiful.

This was not the first time optometrist Jeryl Spakes had seen the Spectacular show. Jeryl and his wife admired the gentle elegance of the performers.

After the performance a middle-aged couple expressed their love for the show. Mrs. Spakes said, "My favorite was the 'Drummers of the Tang Court'." She also admired the "gentle elegance of the actresses." She and her husband both felt the program was beautiful. Jeryl Spakes works as an optometrist. He watched NTDTV's Chinese New Year Spectacular DVD last year, and this was the second time he has attended the New Year Spectacular show. Mrs. Spakes asked, "Do you also perform in other cities?" She was very pleased when staff of the New Year Spectacular told her that the Spectacular will perform in 70 cities around the world.

Attorney Kato Jackson very much likes Chinese traditional dance.

Attorney Kato Jackson said, "My favorite dance was 'Drummers of the Tang Court'. I like Chinese traditional dance."

Dentist Dr. Sky felt that the music was excellent, and said, "I liked all of the performances." Mrs. Sky enthusiastically replied, "I liked the 'Water Sleeves' dance. I had never seen an Erhu before, the performance was excellent. I also liked the 'Mongolian Cups' dance."

Dentist Dr. Sky and his wife liked all the performances

Yuh-Jen Lin had watched the NTDTV's "International Chinese Vocal Competition." She and her mother felt that NTDTV's programs were very professional.

Reporters also interviewed many Chinese people at the show. Yun-Jen Lin is a Chinese teacher. "My favorite one was 'Drummers of the Tang Court'. I also liked the Forsythia in Spring', and the 'Mongolian Cups' dance was excellent." she said. Her mother said, "The entire show was very professional." She also said, "I liked the singers," and inquired about the origin of the singers. Yun-Jen Lin reminded her mother, "We have seen NTDTV's 'Vocal Competition' program."

At the New Year Spectacular venue, many members of the audience filled in the survey form. A Chinese-American lady filled the survey with tears streaming down her cheeks. She said to reporters, "The entire program, from beginning to end, was very orderly, very good." Another Chinese lady said to workers, "We really welcome you to Dallas."

Dallas: Chinese-American has High Praise for the Chinese New Year Spectacular (Photos)

( After learning about the Chinese New Year Spectacular show in Dallas on TV, a family of five drove from Oklahoma for three hours to see the show at the Nokia Theatre on the evening of January 7, 2008. After the show, Mr. Jiang said emotionally that the performance was "perfect" both in its presentation and in its spirit.

Ms. Jiang said it was worth driving three hours to see the show

Mr. Jiang said that performance was "perfect" both in its presentation and in its spirit

Ms. Jiang told the reporter that in addition to their daughter, they also brought Ms. Jiang's parents to the show. "All performances," she added, "were touching, especially the 'Water Sleeves' dance. That was so beautiful. It was well worth the three-hour drive. See, my whole family came."

Ms. Jiang's father is nearly 80 years old and worked as an art textbook editor. Mr. Jiang had high praise for the show, "It is perfect in both body and spirit. Spirit and body are integrated."

Mr. Jiang's wife said, "I liked all the performances. Five thousand years of our Chinese traditional culture are being displayed and carried forward for the current generations."

Mr. Jiang said he engaged in cultural-related work beginning in the 1950s and had heard tenor Guan sing in China. Regarding the Divine Performing Arts company, Mr. Jiang said, "I think this group is directed by divine beings. They are not your average performers. Competent performers are just for low level shows--they can perform physically but there is no spiritual connotation from deep in their hearts."

Massachusetts: Boston Mayor Welcomes Chinese New Year Spectacular

( The NTDTV Chinese New Year Spectacular, performed by the Divine Performing Arts, will be staged at the Boston Opera House, in Boston, Massachusetts, on January 10-12, 2008. The Mayor of the City of Boston wrote a letter to Falun Dafa Association of New England to welcome the Chinese New Year Spectacular.

City of Boston - Massachusetts

Office of the Mayor

Thomas M. Menino

January 10, 2008

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the City of Boston, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Chinese New Year Spectacular, hosted by the Falun Dafa Association of New England.

This world-renowned performance, by Divine Performing Arts on Tour, features artistic styles from different dynasties and ethnic regions. I hope you enjoy this lavish stage production that uses the expression of Chinese classical dance, songs and music to showcase the true Chinese traditional culture.

I extend my best wishes for a wonderful evening of art, culture, and cuisine.


Thomas M. Menino

Mayor of Boston


Taiwanese Professor and Former Dean of College of Liberal Arts at Huafan University Anticipates the 2008 Chinese New Year Spectacular in Boston (Photo)

( Dr. Chou Chun-tang, former dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Huafan University, attended the 2007 Chinese New Year Spectacular at the Boston Opera House for the first time and felt strongly about the renaissance of Chinese traditional culture. He anticipated seeing the four shows of 2008 Chinese New Year Spectacular in Boston Opera House and enjoying Chinese traditional arts again.

Dr. Chou Chun-tang is interviewed at the Boston Opera House

Dr. Chou said that Chinese and western culture were distinct. Western culture emphasizes the individual in performance, such as ballet, whereas Chinese traditional culture emphasizes the integrity of human beings and nature. Human beings cannot be separated from nature, but follow the principles of nature. On stage, Chinese culture is depicted with long sleeved, graceful costumes, and elegant dancing.

Dr. Chou continued by saying that the Divine Performing Arts promotes Chinese traditional culture and has audiences who enjoy the purity, grace and sincerity of Chinese traditional culture. He gave examples of last year's show "Mulan" and "The Loyalty of General Yue Fei" in the Chinese New Year Spectacular, describing them as high-caliber performances. He felt that Chinese people should be proud and that this depiction of traditional culture exemplified the Chinese peoples' confidence in facing the challenges of life.

Dr. Chou indicated that one could feel various sea tides, bird voices, and wind sounds in the ancient Chinese music. Chinese art follows nature and does not stress an individual's notions. In the Divine Performing Arts shows, one can enjoy such tunes advocating natural beauty.

In the Divine Performing Arts, Dr. Chou noticed the pure hearts and graceful gestures of the performers, and he believed that the audience could understand their performances without a deep knowledge of the arts. As the Chinese traditional culture declines in China and Taiwan, Dr. Chou said he appreciated the performers for their showing of Chinese traditional dance and arts.

Dr. Chou graduated from Department of Chinese Language, Taiwan University. He was former liberal arts editor for a couple of magazines. He obtained his Ph.D from Washington University in the US. He was a professor at Cornell University in New York and Huafan University in Taiwan, and director of the Eastern Humanities Thought Research Institute at Huafan University. He specializes in Chinese liberal arts, American poem, Confucianism, Daoism, Warring state thought, and archaeological investigation. He has more than forty published papers.

Chinese New Year Spectacular Welcomed in Boston

( NTDTV's Chinese New Year Spectacular will be presented in well-known Boston Opera House on January 10. During recent days, local coordinators of the show contacted people of all ethnicities and walks of life. From their responses, the spectacular show is welcomed by both Western and Eastern people.

One middle-aged Chinese person inquired about performance times and locations at the "Global Chinese New Year Spectacular" booth. She said that her relatives in New York told her about the Holiday Wonders, which was presented ten times at the Beacon Theatre. They told her that it was well worth seeing, and that she should see the Chinese New Year Spectacular, which would be in Boston.

A Caucasian lady viewed the Spectacular promotion on a DVD player attentively, and said that the show promotion in the subway attracted her to the show. She said that the performance image on the advisement was very graceful, and special, and seemed to come from Heaven, and seemed not to be performed by everyday people. She thought the show was very special and attractive.

A police officer asked a local coordinator, "Is it Falun Gong?" The coordinator replied, "The show presents genuine Chinese traditional culture, which is in consistent with Falun Gong's principles 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance'."

The officer said that there were Falun Gong practitioners practicing in Chinatown.

After a while, he took out a small notebook and said, "I wrote down the words 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance' from the banner in Chinatown. If everyone followed this principle, our society would become better."

Facts of the Persecution

Insidious Nature of CCP Exposed--Practitioner Wu Jiuping Beaten and Thrown from the Fourth Floor by Police Officers in Tianchang City

( Falun Gong practitioner Wu Jiuping previously worked for the People's Hospital in Tianchang City, Anhui Province. On November 22, four policemen and Chinese Communist Party (CCP) personnel went to Wu Jiuping's apartment and beat him until he was seriously injured and lost consciousness. In order to cover up their crime, the police officers threw him from the fourth floor of his building and then left. Mr. Wu passed away about 8:00 p.m. that night after he was taken to People's Hospital.

It was very obvious that the majority of bruises on Wu Jiuping's body were from the beating, and not from the fall. According to a witness, after Wu Jiuping was taken to the hospital, a doctor examined him and found that he had bruises from being beaten. He was completely black and blue from the backs of both of his legs to his waist, up over his back and shoulders. His left arm and left leg were broken, his left thighbone was broken into pieces, his face had very serious injuries, his left eyeball was ruptured, his entire face was black and blue, and he had a wound from a heavy club. Mr. Wu's whole body was bloody and the white clothing he had on was all red. (Wu Jiuping was a People's Hospital medical lab technician. He was wearing his hospital uniform at the time.)

After this event, CCP personnel blockaded the hospital and the funeral home. The relevant departments in the hospital stopped running business as usual. Hospital personnel talked with the individual doctors involved and ordered them to answer questions about Mr. Wu's death in a unified answer, claiming that he committed suicide by jumping. They also followed Mr. Wu's fiancée (a People's Hospital nurse) all day to persuade her to state that Wu Jiuping committed suicide. The CCP regime from Tianchang City, the police, and the 610 Office all exerted pressure on businesses that have Falun Gong practitioners as employees. They threatened other Falun Gong practitioners and people who previously practiced Falun Gong, telling them, "Don't make any noise," or "Don't try to take care of it," as otherwise they "would have to take all the responsibilities themselves."

At about 4:00 p.m. on November 22, 2007, Cong Sichao, the Political and Security Department head of the 610 Office, along with two policemen and the People's Hospital Security Department head Xia Wenshi, went to Wu Jiuping's house to harass him. The bruises on Wu Jiuping's body showed that the policemen had beaten Wu Jiuping to the edge of death, then threw him out of the window, then tried to falsely claim that Mr. Wu committed suicide.

The noise from Mr. Wu's fall was heard by a witness downstairs. The witness shouted to ask someone to come rescue Mr. Wu. But the four people did not come to help him, instead they left the scene silently. Wu Jiuping lost consciousness after he was thrown to the ground, but after a while moved a bit. Not long after this an ambulance from the People's Hospital, with only one person on board, arrived and the person got out of the ambulance and carried Wu Jiuping to the ambulance. He said that he would take Mr. Wu to the hospital for treatment. (It is not clear whether this ambulance with only one person was arranged by the four people who accosted Mr. Wu to take the body away. If this person came to truly help him, why was there no medical staff with the ambulance?)

After he arrived at the hospital, according to an insider, Wu Jiuping could talk, and had a clear mind. After he was put on an IV, he started to ramble incoherently and later he could no longer talk. Wu Jiuping passed away about 8:00 p.m. that night. It was reported that Wu Jiuping's body was taken to the morgue, and it is not clear whether his body was secretly cremated or not.

Mr. Wu Jiuping, about 30 years old, was a medical lab technician in Tianchang City People's Hospital. People who knew him said that he was a good and talented person.

He had been persecuted many times by the CCP, only because he was a Falun Dafa cultivator. From1999 to 2002, he had been illegally detained and then sent to a forced labor camp for two years. In 2003, he went to a village near his hometown to clarify the truth, and someone there reported him. Because that area was under the jurisdiction of Xianggou Village, Yizheng City, Jiangsu Province, he was persecuted by the Yizheng 610 Office and was illegally given a four-year sentence. During the detention period, Wu Jiuping was subjected to all kinds of tortures. He was forced to agree to be a so-called "inside hint," or a spy, and for that he was released one year ahead of time. It was a so-called "probation." The CCP personnel told him that his sentence term would expire in October 2007. After he went back to work at the hospital, the 610 Office personnel, the police, and the security department of the hospital closely monitored and harassed him.

After he came back home from the prison, Wu Jiuping immediately published a solemn statement stating that anything he said or did against Dafa was a result of intense pressure and persecution, and he resumed his cultivation in Dafa. But Yizheng 610 Office policemen, the Tianchang 610 Office and hospital personnel often harassed him, exerted pressure and threatened his parents.

Later, they tried to persuade Mr. Wu to go abroad as a spy. They told him that he was young, had knowledge, and they wanted him to go abroad to destroy Falun Gong and Falun Gong activities. If he did well, they said he would enjoy many benefits after he returned home from abroad. They would take care of all his expenses. If he did not do well, he would have to take care of all the expenses. If he did not come back to China, his parents would have to take care of the expenses. They told him he would have to be trained for six months to be such a spy. Wu Jiuping rejected the offer. The CCP organized people to try to persuade him many times but were unsuccessful. He was then often persecuted arbitrarily.

Recently Wu Jiuping clarified the truth to a patient, and the security personal threatened him. They persecuted him to death this time, taking advantage of Wu Jiuping being at home alone.

After this incident, the police from Tianchang City did not apprehend the murderers and punish them according to law, but instead, they blocked the news of his death, and ordered people who were involved to lie about the circumstances of Mr. Wu's death. Wu Jiuping's family were also ordered to say that the policemen just asked Wu several questions and Mr. Wu jumped out of the fourth floor window because he did not think it through.

Wu Jiuping had elderly parents and two married sisters. Before the persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999, his parents and his sisters were all Falun Gong practitioners and they all knew that Falun Dafa was good. They gave up cultivation due to the CCP's persecution. Even so, they were often harassed by the authorities and were threatened to exert pressure on Mr. Wu. It created a terrible strain on the entire family.

When 610 Office personnel in Tianchang City go to a Dafa practitioner's home to search, if they do not find any "evidence" to use against them, they will take out a piece of truth-clarification literature from their own pockets and drop it on the floor or on a table, and then use the so-called evidence to frame the practitioner. They do this to persecute Dafa practitioners and to get rewards from upper levels of the government and the CCP. Wang Jianping, the 610 Office head of Tianchang City, was promoted from security department head to this position of more power. Cong Sichao was promoted to the position of security department head from being an ordinary officer, due to his efforts in persecuting Falun Gong.

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Ms. Li Rong Died As a Result of Mental and Physical Torture in Prison

( Ms. Li Rong, retired from a factory in Sichuan Province, began cultivating Falun Dafa before July 1999, when the persecution began. She went to Beijing to validate Falun Dafa and clarify the truth twice after the persecution started.

When she came back from her second trip to Beijing, the local police ransacked her home, arrested her, and took away her 23 Falun Dafa books. They made a mess and took her two sons' military retirement IDs. They forced both of her sons' employers to fire them, canceling all their housing funds, retirement pensions, and medical insurance. They were forced to go out of town to find work. Even finding hard labor was difficult without their military retirement IDs.

The police detained Ms. Li Rong for nearly two years in a detention center. After being released, she was sentenced to four years in 2002 and taken to Chuanxi Prison located in Hong'an Town, Chengdu City. Guards used many different methods of torture on her. Guard Li Xiaohong (female) once dragged her so far that her shoes fell off and her clothes were torn from her body. Li Xiaohong stuffed her mouth with rags and had about five prisoners lock her in a small cell (1) for one year. There was water and feces on the floor, and the door and window were both shut tight.

Guard Li Xiaohong collaborated with doctors to put unknown drugs in her meals, causing her to suffer a mental collapse. The guards then played tricks on her and changed her cell four times. After confining her in the small cell for a year, she was detained in each labor shop for three months. They forced her to sit in the corner, and she was not allowed to move. Ms. Li became mentally traumatized, and her family discovered that she was no longer coherent after she was released. Later, her whole body became swollen, and she had difficulty breathing and was in great pain. She died in November 2007.


(1) Small cell - The detainee is confined alone in a very small cell. The guards handcuff the practitioner behind her back in a fixed position, so that she can neither move nor lie down. The small cell is very damp and no sunshine comes in. A bucket in the cell serves as the toilet. Only half of a regular meal is served each day. During the night rats run around. The stench in the small cell is so bad that it is difficult to breathe.

Mr. Che Hongfei in Critical Condition in Dalian Prison

( Mr. Che Hongfei is a 37-year-old English teacher and Falun Dafa practitioner from Hongqi Town, the Yingkou District, Liaoning Province. He taught English at Hongqi Middle School in Yingkou City and was later hired by Xiongyue High School in Xiongyue City. He has been arrested many times by Hongqi Town Police Station and Xiongyue Public Security Bureau officials.

The first two arrests were initiated by the police at the Hongqi Town Station. He was teaching in Hongqi Middle School at the time, and he was held in Gaizhou City Detention Center for 15 days and then transferred to Yingkou Correctional Facility. He was released five months later, after developing tuberculosis. They arrested him again shortly afterwards, and he was released 20 days later, after starting a hunger strike in Boyuquan Detention Center.

Mr. Che was fired by both Hongqi Middle School and Xiongyue High School. He then rented a room in Xiongyue City and tutored several students in English for a living. He told his students the facts about Dafa, but one of them reported him to the school. Security personnel from the high school stripped him, brutally beat him, and then took him to Xiongyue City Public Security Bureau. The police there tied him to the tiger bench and tortured him. He was then transferred to Boyuquan Detention Center, where he started a hunger strike and was released 13 days later. This was the third time that he was persecuted.

After Mr. Che was released from Boyuquan, he was in a motor vehicle accident and his elbow was fractured. He told Mr. Jin, who had run into him, that he practiced Falun Gong and did not ask for any compensation from him. Mr. Jin was deeply moved. Before Mr. Che had fully recovered, he began looking for a job to support his family.

In late summer of 2005, officers from the Hongqi Police Station told him to come to the station for questioning. He was then sent to Boyuquan Detention Center at 8 p.m. that night. He was brutally tortured again. The guards instigated a criminal inmate to burn his injured elbow. Mr. Che was released eight days after starting a hunger strike.

In February 2006, Mr. Che went to teach English in a private high school in the Hong District of Shenyang City. He talked about Dafa with his students, and again one of the students reported him to the school principal, who later reported him to the police. Officers from the Hong District Police Station arrested him and transferred him to Boyuquan Detention Center. He was sentenced to seven years in Dalian Prison. The prison authorities refused to accept him due to his poor health, so he was returned to Boyuquan Detention Center.

At the detention center, Mr. Che was beaten numerous times by inmates that were instigated by the guards. His pants were torn to pieces during the beatings. He was in critical condition after being on a hunger strike for over a month, and was then sent to Boyuquan Hospital for emergency treatment. While he was in the hospital, court officials forced Mr. Che to sign his name on the verdict and told his family to take him home, stating that from that point on, the authorities would bear no responsibility for his condition.

Officers from the Hongqi Town Police Station monitored him closely around the clock everyday. The guards watched even when he was asleep at night. Nine days later, he escaped and went to Shenzhen to avoid further persecution.

Mr. Che clarified the truth while working in Shenzhen and was arrested by officers from the Shenzhen Public Security Bureau. He was transferred to Hongqi Town Police Station and then sent to Boyuquan Detention Center for one night. He was eventually taken to Dalian Prison and then transferred to Anshan Prison. He has been on a hunger strike for over seven months, and the prison guards have force-fed him from the beginning. He was handcuffed to a bed 24 hours a day, and the other inmates had to clean his bedpan. He suffered a relapse of tuberculosis, and a chest X-ray showed a large shadow in his lungs, but the Anshan Prison authorities still refused to release him for medical care.

On December 27, 2007, Mr. Che Hongfei was in critical condition. Anshan Prison refused to assume responsibility for him and transferred him back to Dalian Prison. On December 29, 2007, his family went to visit him in Dalian Prison. After his long-term hunger strike, he could no longer be force-fed through a tube and has been kept alive with IVs. Mr. Che is suffering from generalized muscular atrophy, arrhythmia, upper gastric bleeding, and severe anemia. He does not have the strength to talk or to open his eyes. He is severely emaciated, and his life is in grave danger.

Mr. Che Hongfei's family has requested his release due to his medical condition. The warden has refused, stating that it is up to higher-level authorities to make the decision.

Dalian Prison: 86-411-86906662

Anshan Prison Director Li: 86-1318808080608 (Cell)

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Police in Anqiu, Shandong Province Mass-Arrest Falun Gong Practitioners

( On the evening of November 2, 2007, mass arrests of Falun Gong practitioners took place in Anqui City. Participating in this arrest sweep were more than two hundred police officers from Anqiu City Police Department, the Procuratorate, the court, the Bureau of Justice, the Criminal Police Division, and police stations in Dongguan, Jiage, Nanguan, Wushan, Dasheng, Guanzhuang, Linwu, Shifuzi, Linghe, Liujiayao, and the Xing'an community office. The police were divided into groups of more than a dozen officers, each equipped with two or three police cars. They forced open the doors or windows of practitioners' homes, arrested people and seized private belongings. Practitioners who refused to open their doors were besieged for a long time.

Arrested female practitioners are currently being held at the Anqiu City Detention Center. A 15-square-meter cell holds 31 people, 21 of whom are practitioners. In the morning they are made to drink dirty dish water, at lunchtime they are given old vegetable leaves boiled in salt water and rancid pickles, and in the evening they have to crowd themselves together on the damp, cold floor. The space is so tight that they can barely turn over.

On December 3, 2007, four practitioners were released. Four were sent to forced labor camps, including Lou Guoyun, Tian Ruixia, Wang Yulan (63 years old) and Ren Zhiling. Thirteen practitioners are still being detained, including Guo Jianying, Wang Huaxiang, Zhang Yumei, Wu Lanmei, Niu Qingkui, Wang Yulan (61 years old), Hao Xiangqin, Li Ruihua, Zhong Xixiu (65 years old), Liu Guilan, Li Cailan, Tian Yufen, and Meng Aixia. They may be illegally sentenced or sent to forced labor camps.

Six or seven male practitioners are detained in the male ward. One of these practitioners has been sent to a forced labor camp, and the circumstances of the others are unknown.

Student Ms. Cao Rui Arbitrarily Expelled From Mudanjiang Agricultural Senior Middle School in Mishan City

( In late November 2007, political science teacher Huang Yuebin (male) at Mudanjiang Agriculture High School in Mishan City, Heilongjiang Province, publicly slandered Falun Gong in class. Freshman student Ms. Cao Rui stood up during the class and pointed out that Huang Yuebin was not correct, in that Falun Gong was not really as he had depicted it. In response, school officials reprimanded Ms. Cao for "disturbing the class."

On December 17, 2007, the school required its student body of more than 5,000 to sign a pledge distancing themselves from Falun Gong, in order to "advocate science and oppose evil cults." Cao Rui refused to sign the pledge and was expelled by the school on December 19, 2007.

During this process, Cao Rui's family tried to reason with school officials and requested that she be allowed to attend school. In response, one of the school representatives said, "This is a school managed by the Communist Party and no other beliefs are allowed." The school authorities even called in the police to help them expel Cao Rui from the school late at night.

Key personnel involved:

Principal Wang Xi: 86-467-5071777 (Office), 86-13339563487 (Cell)
Party Secretary Ge Fangqi: 86-467-5071999 (Office), 86-13351971999 (Cell)
Assistant Principal Lu Shijie: 86-467-5071228 (Office), 86-13946836548 (Cell)
Assistant Principal Liu Defen: 86-467-5071666 (Office), 86-13836560379 (Cell)
Teacher in charge Li Zhiyong: 86-467-5071617 (Office), 86-13946836547 (Cell)
Grade Director Huang Yuebin: 86-467-5071602 (Office), 86-13796936612 (Cell)

Additional Persecution News from China - December 22, 2007 (16 Reports)

( Today's News from China includes incidents of persecution that took place in 15 cities or counties in 8 provinces. In this report, 49 practitioners were subjected to mistreatment during their detention and at least 15 practitioners were illegally arrested.

  1. [Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] Detained Practitioners Transferred
  2. [Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] Practitioners Forced to Perform Slave Labor in Masanjia Women's Forced Labor Camp
  3. [Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] Guards Force Practitioners' Visiting Families to Curse Dafa
  4. [Fuyu County, Jilin Province] Ms. Gu Shuxia and Ms. Ma Shuying Arrested and Money Extorted from Them
  5. [Liaozhong County, Liaoning Province] Mr. Han and His Wife Arrested
  6. [Lanzhou City, Gansu Province] Additional Information on the Arrests of Ms. Lu Guiqin and Her Son, Mr. Guan Longshan
  7. [Weifang City, Shandong Province] Ms. Zhao Shuqing and Ms. Gao Hongju Arrested
  8. [Wuhan City Hubei Province] At Least Four Practitioners Still Detained in Erzhigou Detention Center
  9. [Zhangye City, Gansu Province] Mr. Liu Zhiye and His Wife Arrested in Baiyin City
  10. [Liaoyang County, Liaoning Province] Mr. Wang Jingchun Transferred to Prison in Dalian City
  11. [Zunhua City, Hebei Province] Xingwangzhai Township Education Office Participates in the Persecution
  12. [Baoding City, Hebei Province] Li County Court Moved Falun Gong Practitioners' Trial Time Two Days Ahead, from December 26 to December 24, 2007
  13. [Jinan City, Shandong Province] Practitioners Treated Brutally in Zhangqiu Second Forced Labor Camp
  14. [Hanchuan City, Hubei Province] Mr. Yu Qiaoliang Subjected to Severe Mistreatment
  15. [Fushun City, Liaoning Province] Mr. Liu Hanyong Facing Forced Labor
  16. [Fuxin County, Liaoning Province] Two Practitioners Arrested

1. [Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] Detained Practitioners Transferred

On December 22, 2007, the Shenyang City Second Prison Administration began transferring detained Falun Dafa practitioners to other facilities, except for a few whose terms were close to expiring. More than a dozen practitioners were transferred to Dongling Prison in Shenyang City, and another dozen were transferred to Shenyang City First Prison. The reason for the transfers is unknown.

Formerly detained practitioners (all male) in the Shenyang City Second Prison:

Plant Nursery First Ward: Mr. Zhao Hua from Fuxin City, Mr. Wang Tao from Dalian City, Mr. Liu Jianfeng from Dengta City, Mr. Wang Chengtao from Fushun City
Plant Nursery Second Ward: Mr. Jiang Zhengchao from Heilongjiang Province, Mr. Xuejun from Dalian City, Mr. Li Quanchen from Dandong City
Plant Nursery Third Ward: Mr. Ma Ronghua from Shenyang City, Mr. Wang Liyang from Chaoyang City, Mr. Hao Xiangjun from Fushun City
Plant Nursery Fourth Ward: Mr. Hu Guojian from Fushun City, Mr. Wang Honglin from Benxi City, Mr. Song Wenliang from Fushun City
Plant Nursery Fifth Ward: Mr. Zhang Peng from Anshan City, Mr. Li Shujun from Huludao City

Printing Factory First Ward: Mr. Zhang Yalin from Chaoyang City, Mr. Yan Jun from Fushun City, Mr. Liu Guichun from Dalian City
Printing Factory Second Ward: Mr. Wu Bo from Fushun City, Mr. Dogn Qinfei from Tieling City, Mr. Jiang Bo from Dalian City
Printing Factory Third Ward: Mr. Zhai Xuying from Fushun City, Mr. Xu Zhengqiang from Dashiqiao City, Mr. Shen Shanyi from Dalian City

Rubber Manufacturing First Ward: Mr. Zhao Jiyuan from Shenyang City, Mr. Bai Rongchun from Shenyang City
Rubber Manufacturing Second Ward: Mr. Gao Yuqin from Anshan City, Mr. Ha Enli from Shenyang City
Rubber Manufacturing Fourth Ward: Mr. Huang Gang from Fushun City, Mr. Meng Hua from Fushun City
Rubber Manufacturing Sixth Ward: Mr. Sun Yongsheng from Fushun City, Mr. Li Yanzeng from Shenyang City
Rubber Manufacturing Seventh Ward: Mr. Hu Weidong from Fushun City, Mr. Jiang Dexin from Benxi City, Mr. Zhang Gonghua from Hubei Province

Service Ward: Mr. Wang Hongfeng from Heilongjiang Provicne, Mr. Huang Xiaojie from Fuxin City

Plastic Coated Windows/Doors Ward: Mr. Zhu Changbin from Dalian City, Mr. Xiao Guangqiang from Liaozhong County (under Shenyang City)

Old and Disabled Ward: Mr. Wang Zhiguo from Chaoyang City

Hospital Ward: Mr. Li Weiji from Tieling City

Shenyang City Second Prison Director Wang Bin (male): 86-24-89296501
Deputy Director Piao Bingchui (male): 86-24-89296588, Deputy Director Su Shi (male): 86-24-89296516

2. [Shenyang City, Liaoning Province] Practitioners Forced to Perform Slave Labor in Masanjia Women's Forced Labor Camp

The guards in the Third Ward of Masanjia Women's Forced Labor Camp require practitioners to perform forced labor 14-15 hours per day. Women over 60 must work until 9:00 p.m., and others must work until 10:00 p.m. The food provided for practitioners is not very nutritious and often includes bad quality cornmeal.

Starting in August 2007, guards in the Third Ward ordered practitioners to cut 110 pounds of garlic per day. This lasted until October. Practitioners' hands became very sore from this work, and they could not sleep due to the pain. Their hands have still not recovered.

Guards have assigned practitioners to make paper flowers since October 2007. The flowers sell for 15 yuan each, and are exported to Holland. The camp administration makes tens of thousands of yuan from the practitioners' slave labor.

Many practitioners were transferred from Beijing and Dalian City to the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp.

3. [Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province] Guards Force Practitioners' Visiting Families to Curse Dafa

Starting in November 2007, the administrators of Qianjin Forced Labor Camp (located in Houhujiatun Village, Xinnong Town) assigned a special person to shut down the phones in the visitation room and force each visiting family of a practitioner to curse Falun Dafa and Master Li, otherwise they are not allowed to visit. Whoever doesn't comply will be "talked to" by a male guard. They must curse each time they visit.

4. [Fuyu County, Jilin Province] Ms. Gu Shuxia and Ms. Ma Shuying Arrested and Money Extorted from Them

At around 5:00 p.m. on December 18, 2007, Fuyu County Domestic Security Division Leader Luo Hongjian and agent Cheng Peng arrested Ms. Gu Shuxia (in her 40s) and Ms. Ma Shuying (in her 60s). Beitao Village Committee members in Taolaizhao Town led the way. Agents took them into custody at the Fuyu County Police Department. Luo Hongjian forced their families to pay extortion and write a guarantee statement. Ms. Ma Shuying's son paid 3,000 yuan under pressure, but when he requested a receipt, Luo said, "This is not a fine, there isn't a receipt." Ms. Ma was released the same day. Ms. Gu Shuxia is still in the Fuyu County Detention Center.

5. [Liaozhong County, Liaoning Province] Mr. Han and His Wife Arrested

On December 20, 2007, as practitioners Mr. Han and his wife were mailing truth clarifying materials, they were followed by Domestic Security Division Leader Li Wei and others. They were arrested at their apartment building.

Domestic Security Division Leader Li Wei (male): 86-13604909119 (Cell)
Agent Xing Dapeng (male): 86-13840401688 (Cell), 86-24-87887878 (Home)

6. [Lanzhou City, Gansu Province] Additional Information on the Arrests of Ms. Lu Guiqin and Her Son, Mr. Guan Longshan

Practitioner Ms. Lu Guiqin, 67, is a retired employee of the Lanzhou City Carbon Materials Corp. On July 20, 2007, she was arrested by officers from the Haishiwan Police Station and Domestic Security Division of the Honggu District Police Department. On December 18, 2007, her family received an arrest warrant. Her son Mr. Guan Longshan, 35, was formerly employed by the Hailong New Materials Limited Company. He is also a practitioner and is still detained in the Gongjiawan Brainwashing Center.

7. [Weifang City, Shandong Province] Ms. Zhao Shuqing and Ms. Gao Hongju Arrested

On December 17, 2007, Ms. Zhao Shuqing and Ms. Gao Hongju, who live in the Police Family Housing, were both arrested when clarifying the truth at the Xiaohebei Market in the Development Zone. They are detained in the Weifang City Detention Center.

8. [Wuhan City Hubei Province] At Least Four Practitioners Still Detained in Erzhigou Detention Center

9. [Zhangye City, Gansu Province] Mr. Liu Zhiye and His Wife Arrested in Baiyin City

Mr. Liu Zhiye, 33, is a teacher who was employed by the Zhangye Nursing School. He was sentenced to forced labor once and had to leave home with his wife, also a practitioner, to avoid being arrested or forced to go through brainwashing. At around 1:00 a.m. on December 17, 2007, officers from Zhangye City arrested the couple at their rental house located in the Pingchuan District, Baiyin City. Their family said Mr. Liu Zhiye was taken back to Zhangye City. They found their home in a state of disarray. Police took their notebook computer, printer, wireless card, and MP3 and MP4 players, valued at about 3000 yuan, from their family-run shop.

10. [Liaoyang County, Liaoning Province] Mr. Wang Jingchun Transferred to Prison in Dalian City

On December 20, 2007, practitioner Mr. Wang Jinchun from Liaoyang County was transferred from the Fushun Second Prison to a prison located in the Nanguanling Neighborhood in Dalian City.

11. [Zunhua City, Hebei Province] Xingwangzhai Township Education Office Participates in the Persecution

Practitioner Ms. Xu Shuqin is a teacher employed by the Wanfuzhuang Village Elementary School. On October 1, 2007, she was forcibly taken to the Zunhua City Detention Center.

Xinwangzhai Township General Principal Xiao Yongliang forced Education Office accountant Mr. Li Jun to watch his practitioner wife, Ms. Shi Jinling, around the clock. He did not allow Ms. Shi to go out or to contact anyone, and he burned all her Dafa books. He does not allow Ms. Shi to do the exercises at home and forces her to watch the evil CCP TV programs. He often curses and beats Ms. Shi, and he even almost suffocated her once. He said that beating her is the job Principal Xiao has assigned to him. Ms. Shi works in a nursery school. School Director Pang Yanhua, female, watches her at work, does not allow her go out of the school gate, go home without her husband there, or allow her to close the door while she is teaching.

Xingwangzhai Township General Pricipal Xiao Yongliang, male: 86-315-6052507 (Office)
Accountant Li Jun (male): 86-13315505297 (Cell)

12. [Baoding City, Hebei Province] Li County Court Moved Falun Gong Practitioners' Trial Time Two Days Ahead, from December 26 to December 24, 2007

13. [Jinan City, Shandong Province] Practitioners Treated Brutally in Zhangqiu Second Forced Labor Camp

14. [Hanchuan City, Hubei Province] Mr. Yu Qiaoliang Subjected to Severe Mistreatment

Practitioner Mr. Yu Qiaoliang has been detained in the Hanchuan City First Detention Center since he was arrested in mid November 2007. On December 20, 2007, his family and other practitioners went to the police department to request his release. Legal Office Chair Chen Changsheng, who is in charge of the forced labor camp, said his case was reported to the upper level, the Xiaogan City Police Department.

Hanchuan City 610 Office Chair Zhang Huaming, male: 86-13907292038 (Cell)
Hanchuan City Police Department Deputy Director Li Dianwu, male, in charge of persecuting Falun Gon): 86-712-8382162-4208 (Office), 86-13907292960 (Cell)
Legal Office Chair Chen Changsheng, male: 86-712-8382112, 86-13971941672 (Cell)

15. [Fushun City, Liaoning Province] Mr. Liu Hanyong Facing Forced Labor

Practitioner Mr. Liu Hanyong, who is in his 70s, was brutally beaten by officers from the Jiangjun Police Station, to the point where his life was in danger. He was hospitalized and released. The Fushun City Police Website reported that he will be sent to forced labor 15 days after his release from the hospital.

Jiangjun Police Station in Shuncheng District, Fushun City: 86-413-7804089
Domestic Security Division Leader Lin Zhonghou, male: 86-413-7645877 (Office), 86-413-7577555 (Home), 86-13700138171 (Home)

16. [Fuxin County, Liaoning Province] Two Practitioners Arrested

On December 16, 2007, the police arrested Ms. Wu Xiuxiang and Ms. Du Guirong and detained them in Fuxin County Detention Center.

Fuxin County Police Department Director Liang Wei, male: 86-13904181809 (Cell), 86-418-2839588 (Home)
Domestic Security Division Leader Wang Peng, male: 86-418-8819029

Media Coverage

The Orange County Register (California): IN THE SPIRIT: Falun Gong Practitioners Defend Beliefs

( Some say it offers spiritual and physical benefits; China's government begs to differ.

As the high wispy clouds were turning pink, and the ducks were waddling across the dew-covered lawn toward the pond, humans were arriving at Heritage Park in Irvine to begin their morning meditation and exercises. These are practitioners of Falun Gong, a controversial practice that blends parts of Taoism, Buddhism and qigong (an ancient Chinese exercise).

Bundled against the chill, each of the dozen individuals took a spot near the small wooden pavilion and began with slow, graceful arm movements as soft, soothing music played on a tape recorder.

Some claim that this practice brings spiritual, mental and physical benefits. But others say Falun Gong is an "evil cult."

Founded in 1992 by Li Hongzhi, Falun Gong was considered a system for spiritual and physical betterment and openly taught in China. But in 1999, the Chinese government accused members of the group of being opposed to the Communist Party and outlawed the practice. At that time it was estimated that there were more than 70 million members in China alone.

Today, some claim there are 100 million practitioners in at least 80 countries, but the exact number is difficult to determine because it is largely an individual practice and there are no records of membership. Though Li occasionally gives lectures, Falun Gong is generally taught by its practitioners.

In the late 1990s, some Orange County residents began to gather in Heritage Park to learn about and practice Falun Gong.

Diana Mathias, 57, of San Clemente and Yan-bo Yang, 48, of Irvine were in the earliest groups, and both continue their involvement today.

The two collaborated on responses to several questions. Here is an edited version.

Q: Falun Gong has been called a religion, a meditation and exercise program, and, by the Chinese government, an "evil cult." What is Falun Gong?

A: It's a high-level cultivation practice to improve one's health both physically and mentally. It leads to spiritual enlightenment through a better understanding of the universe and the meaning of human existence. It consists of five sets of gentle and simple physical exercises and meditation and follows the natural principles of the universe. Falun Gong is practiced by people from all walks of life throughout the world. For the Chinese government to call it an "evil cult" is just an excuse for the regime to persecute the practitioners.

Q: What does Falun Gong mean?

A:Falun translates literally to "law wheel," and Gong means a high-level energy. Falun Gong is also called Falun Dafa.

Q: Falun Gong protested China's float in the Rose Parade last week. Why?

A: The Rose Bowl Parade is a place for beauty and the purity of heart people associate with flowers, and it is not the place for a regime that commits extreme human rights violations to promote itself. It is not acceptable that the Chinese Communist regime is continuing the killing of Chinese people and the eight-year-long brutal persecution of Falun Gong, yet at the same time attempting to deceive the world with such a float. To allow the Communist Party of China to send in such a propaganda vehicle, but not condemn its human rights violation, is a shame. To welcome it is similar to cheering for Hitler's Berlin Olympics.

Q: What is the structure that holds Falun Gong practitioners together? Is Li Hongzhi the leader? Who funds the groups?

A: This is a very unusual group. There is no formal structure, no hierarchy, no membership list and no dues. There is practically no cost for the practice and it is self-funded. If someone sees something that needs to be done, for instance to make a sign for the exercise site, they use their own money to do it. The information about the practice is provided on the Internet for people all over the world, so we don't have the usual branch offices, etc.

Q: Is there a holy book or key book that guides Falun Gong practitioners? And what are the key beliefs?

A: The systematic teaching is provided in Zhuan Falun, which can be purchased from bookstores or downloaded at no charge from the Internet at It teaches the universal principle of "truthfulness, benevolence and forbearance."

Q: In 1999, Falun Gong was outlawed in China. Why?

A: At that time the Communist Party of China estimated that there were more Falun Gong practitioners than there were members of the Communist Party, and they did not like that. The party has a tradition of control and suppression. It won't allow a group that's growing independently to a larger size than itself.

Q: Has the treatment of Falun Gong practitioners improved in China in recent years?

A: No, the Chinese Communist regime is still persecuting practitioners in jails, labor camps, mental hospitals and other facilities, and trying hard to block the information. It has been documented that thousands of Falun Gong practitioners have been tortured to death and many are subject to live organ-harvesting atrocities. Outside attention and pressure, especially from media and governments, can help to restrain and eventually stop the persecution.

Q: How has the practice of Falun Gong been received in the United States?

A: Very positively. Many people come and learn the practice. Most universities have Falun Gong clubs. We've also received hundreds of proclamations from mayors and governors and in state and federal legislatures. It actually has been spread to about 80 countries and regions in the world today.

Q: What is the biggest misconception people have about Falun Gong?

A: If people have negative thoughts about Falun Gong, we've found it is due to the propaganda. One example is the use of medicine. There is a big difference between the "need" and "want" of medication. If one can cure disease and physical problems through the true practice of Falun Gong, why would one want medication? On the other hand, if one cannot truly practice and is seriously sick, he or she should seek medical treatment and take medicine.

Q: How do you respond to criticism that this is just another New Age religion, a fad, and will not be around in 20 years?

A: It is not a New Age fad, it is based on the principles of the universe and has its deep roots in the ancient practice encompassing the key teachings of the Buddhist school and the Taoist school. It teaches people how to cultivate virtue and improve their health. That's why practitioners do not give up, even under very brutal persecution. As time goes by, more people will realize the beauty of the practice and continue the practice.

Q: Is there anything that we did not mention but that you think is important for understanding Falun Gong?

A: Keep an open mind and read Falun Gong's book, talk to practitioners and make your own judgment. Understand that the Chinese Communist regime attempts to justify their human rights violations by using propaganda. Time will reveal the truth. Please help speak out to stop the persecution and save the lives of Falun Gong practitioners who are innocent but suffer in the already eight-year-long persecution.

California Columnist Exposes Chinese Consulate Harassment of Local Government Officials

( A columnist for The OC Register, southern California's second largest newspaper, published an article on January 9, 2008, exposing the Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles' letters to coerce local officials not to support the "Chinese New Year Spectacular" to be staged this month in San Diego and Los Angeles. One elected official was angered by the letter and wrote back to tell the Chinese Consulate that he was insulted by the letter, and he also reminded the Chinese Consulate that "free societies tolerate criticism" instead of suppressing it.

The article stated that the Chinese Consulate urged the chairman of the supervisors board in Orange County, Chris Norby, in its letter to "(make) sure no congratulations, no recognition letters, no attendance or no support in any form from the Hon. Board of Supervisor or your office be given to the 'Falun Gong' for such events this time and in the future."

Supervisor Norby told the reporter that at first he was puzzled by the letter. "But then the more he thought about it, the more ticked off he got." He describes Falun Gong as a "harmless organization."

"They're trying to dictate to democratically elected public officials what we should or should not do, Norby said. So he fired off an angry letter to the folks at the Chinese consulate, telling them he was 'insulted' by the letter and reminding them that 'free societies tolerate criticism' instead of suppressing it. He hasn't heard anything back."

"But according to press reports, in recent years a number of local government officials throughout California and the country have received similar letters and phone calls and even personal visits from Chinese diplomatic officials, warning them not to do anything nice for Falun Gong - issuing supportive proclamations, letting them march in parades and so on - because it could imperil Chinese-American relations. Some officials have caved in; others, like Norby, were annoyed and angry."

"'They (Chinese officials) don't only want to control people in China, they also want to influence foreign governments, at all levels,' says Yan-bo Yang of Irvine, a Falun Gong practitioner. 'This (letter) is typical of what they do.'"

"Now, I know that despite China's repression of groups like Falun Gong, or anybody else who criticizes the government, for economic reasons a lot of people in America want to make nice with the Chinese. After all, without China who would provide us with cheap, lead-based toys and poison pet-food products?"

The article also stated, "...the Chinese government has no business trying to influence or intimidate our local officials, on any subject. Our government should tell their government to butt out."

Practitioners Exchange Insights and Experiences

See Jealousy Clearly--Let Go of Self to Perfect and Complete Dafa

( Master said:

"When I teach the Fa, I often bring up the issue of jealousy. Why is this? It is because jealousy is displayed very strongly in China. It is so strong that it has become natural and one does not even feel it." (Lecture Seven from Zhuan Falun 2000 translation version)

Just as Master said, I have a strong attachment to jealousy. I developed an introverted character and a feeling of inferiority. In addition, I am inarticulate and aggressive. Therefore, the manifestation of jealousy is more obscure, strong, long-lasting, and persistent.

Then, what is jealousy? It is just as Master said:

"Jealous types look down upon others and don't allow others to surpass them. When they see someone more capable than they, their minds lose all perspective, they find it unbearable, and they deny the fact." (Chapter III in Falun Gong, 4th Translation Edition)

"If someone's good news is made public, others will right away become very jealous. Some people are afraid of mentioning their awards or some benefits from their workplaces or elsewhere, lest others feel uneasy upon learning the news. Westerners call it 'Oriental jealousy' or 'Asian jealousy.'... This jealousy is somehow related to the absolute egalitarianism that was once practiced: After all, if the sky falls, everyone should die together; everyone should have an equal share if there is something good; everyone should have an equal wage increase, regardless of the percentage of the raise.... Because the two temperaments are different in mindset, they bring about different consequences when doing things. If a Chinese person is praised by his supervisor or given some good things, others' minds will be uneasy." ("Lecture Seven" from Zhuan Falun)

In everyday human society, jealousy has been displayed very prominently, is all-pervasive, and seems to be present everywhere. Strong jealousy makes people narrow-minded and intolerant. It also makes people irrational and abnormal. After reading the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, I realized how obvious Jiang's jealousy is and just how wicked and destructive it is. The Nine Commentaries- Part 5 states: "The CCP was extremely jealous of the way Falun Gong was spread and managed" "When the founder of Falun Gong, Mr. Li Hongzhi, who was born an ordinary citizen, gave a lecture, the lecture hall would be filled with professors, experts and Chinese students studying abroad. Many people with doctorate or masters degrees flew thousands of miles to listen to his lectures. When Mr. Li lectured eloquently on the stage for several hours, he did it without using any notes, and afterwards the lectures were transcribed and made into a book to be published. All these things were unbearable to Jiang Zemin, who is vain, jealous and petty."

Everyday people exhibit jealousy over personal fame, profit, and sentimentality. Therefore, they have conflicts with, hurt, and fight with one another. Jiang Zemin, who is stupid, wicked, and lies, is jealous of Falun Dafa and Master Li Hongzhi, and afraid of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance," so he hates Falun Gong. Therefore, this clown was taken advantaged of by the old forces and wicked beings, and used to carry out the unprecedented and most evil persecution of Dafa and Dafa disciples.

I have a strong jealousy of fellow practitioners. It is so strong that it has become natural and I do not even feel it. For example, I am jealous of practitioners when they accomplish important Dafa work and I am too far behind to catch up with them. I am jealous of the practitioners who obtained the Fa early and cultivated well and have great experiences. When I know that some practitioners attended Master's Lectures I am envious and jealous of them. Over the past few years, because I did not relinquish fame, self-interest and sentimentality in cultivation, I did not cooperate well with fellow practitioners and did not do the three things well. Thus, I have run into the tribulations for a long time.

In recent years, the practitioners in our region have not cooperated well. Some practitioners in one region separated into several groups and the incessant, complex conflicts were severe for a long time. After watching Master's "Fa Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners," we were greatly shocked and found huge disparities and severe issues among us.

Over the past year, I have studied the Fa with a calm mind and relentlessly looked within. As a result, I am gradually seeing myself clearly. Jealousy makes me selfish, resentful, narrow-minded, and prone to being swayed by considerations of gain and loss. I complain that I am treated unjustly and then I feel inferior and depressed and denigrate myself. In addition, I do not believe in Master and Dafa at all and even complain about Master. The evil demon of jealousy leads me to the brink of danger.

After studying Master's "Further Elimination of Attachments" (from Essentials for Further Advancement), I more throughly understand Master's words: "Some people really will leave you disappointed by not fulfilling their potential" and "...don't want to leave a single person behind" in "Fa Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners." Master's boundless benevolence has deeply moved me, and Master's earnest advice has made me feel too ashamed to show my face.

Recalling that painful experience, I am grateful that Master's "heavy hammer" woke me up. I must see clearly the roots of my jealousy and all kinds of manifestations of this jealousy and its relationship to other attachments from the point of view of the Fa. Then I can eliminate jealousy completely. I realize that endless human desire and the competitive mentality and jealousy interact with and strengthen one another, so it is difficult to let them go. I understand that the heart that insists on comparing leads to jealousy and a feeling of inferiority. Not eliminating the attachment to competition can easily lead to jealousy.

As a cultivator, it is really terrible to regard personal cultivation as the most important thing, to care so much about the levels and Consummation in cultivation, and to pursue reaching higher levels. It will lead to demonic interference from one's own mind. If this cultivator cannot achieve his goal and despairs, he will drop down, even though he has already reached a certain level. The gigantic trials and tribulations he has incurred will be unendurable and will destroy him. In fact, these are the excessive thoughts of beings in delusion.

Fundamentally, all human feelings are the manifestations of a cultivator's fundamental attachment--being attached to self--and come from the fundamental attribute of the old cosmos, which is "selfishness." As Master's disciples, we should listen to Master's words, let go of human attachments, and seize the day to save sentient beings. As Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples, we must validate "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance," and forge Dafa in the new cosmos. As great enlightened beings in the new cosmos, we must exhibit the attributes of the new cosmos--selflessness and altruism.

Maturing on the Path of Cultivation


1.Learning how to handle the relationship with my husband

I used to be very sentimental when I was young. I grew up in a household ruled by my father's violence. At that time I always hoped to have a happy family, but that was not my destiny. Plus, I am rather stubborn. I could not endure any of my husband´s shortcomings because I wanted everything to be perfect. I treated our relationship with deviated emotions. All that time, I only wanted to take but not to give. On August 1, 1998, I started to cultivate in Falun Dafa. When clarifying the facts to my husband, I would use Dafa as an excuse to make demands and then expect him to improve. I did not get rid of my attachments and only wanted to obtain something from Dafa. The result was that the situation did not change. I even clung to the thought that Master said the whole family will benefit if one person in the family practices Dafa. I thought I would surely benefit. I kept cultivating with attachments like these. Even the demon of lust came to interfere. There was no peace in my family for several years.

Under great tribulations and pressures, my cultivation was not easy. I was confused. I longed to have someone to talk with, so the thought of getting divorced kept coming up. Although I kept studying Master´s new articles and my mind nature was somewhat improved, I was tested when three men came into my life. I was stuck and could not escape. I realized that the demon of lust was seriously interfering and wanted to drag me down. However, I did not let Dafa guide me, so my mind went further astray. I was separated from Dafa. Due to my shame, I did not dare to talk about my situation with anyone. One day my mother told me that she saw in a dream that the evil took a big tube of blood from my body. I was really frightened! I am a Dafa disciple in the Fa rectification period. How could I lose myself? I want to cultivate! When I strengthened my mind and adjusted my actions to eliminate the interferences, all of them disappeared from my life.

In 2003, my husband went away and did not come home for several months. He went to Beijing to stay at a friend's place. It got my attention: I am a Dafa disciple in the Fa-rectification period! I am leading the way and I should save him. If I do not save him, who else will offer him salvation? When this thought came up, I felt that my xinxing was improving. Master is watching me. I should follow the cultivation path Master arranges for me. I started to send righteous thoughts continually to eliminate all the evil factors that had exploited my attachment to sentimentality and to have him return home. After two months, he came back. He changed totally. He started to take responsibility and be attentive to our child. He also quit gambling. He gradually became better. He now reads all the Dafa-related articles and he especially likes Zhengjian Weekly (the weekly digest of the Chinese website). He also got a job and became a man of great enterprise. When the Nine Commentaries was distributed, I first gave him a copy and solemnly asked him to withdraw from the Youth League. He agreed with pleasure.

Once I put a copy of the article "Cultivate the Heart and Get Rid of Human Mentalities" in a cabinet before going to work in the evening. I was afraid that he would not understand this article so I did not want him to read it. The next morning when I got home, he laughed and said the person in the article was very much like him: everyday after coming home from work, he would go to bed at once with no other thoughts. "Did you write that article?" he asked. I realized that he had read it. I did not know his heart so I did not answer him at first. He asked, "What do you think of it?" I asked, "Are you satisfied with the way I behave?" He said he was quite satisfied and he would support my efforts. Currently, we still get along with each other very well.

I further experienced gaining in cultivation without pursuit. Loss is the real gain. Because we are Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period, we have different paths. We should get rid of human mentalities and walk on our own paths following the Fa. We should be strict with ourselves in every test and examine ourselves carefully. Did I follow Master´s requirements? I am a Dafa disciple in the Fa- rectification period. I am a guard of the Universe. I have to be responsible for my own cultivation!

Thank you, Master, for saving my family.

2. Establishing a truth-clarification material production site

The population of our county is quite small. After the evil CCP started the persecution of Dafa, one practitioner took the responsibility of delivering truth clarification materials. Not long after that, this practitioner was sentenced to three years in a forced labor camp. Suddenly we lost our source of materials. Practitioners in the county were deeply worried. When I saw that the detained practitioner's relatives were blaming us, I was filled with regret: "If all the practitioners were more mindful of the safety of others and cared about the whole body, things would not be like this. Why don't I take charge?" Later, another practitioner found me and hoped that I could take responsibility for delivering materials. In the process, many attachments that I was hardly aware of disappeared. Before, I did not know how to think from the the perspective of the Fa, so I always just followed my mother's advice. When my cultivation improved, I raised my own understanding and enlightenment during interactions with practitioners. After cooperating with fellow practitioners for a while, I could treat many things with righteous thoughts.

However, the evil continually persecuted Dafa. When we were preparing to set up our own material production site, a fellow practitioner was arrested the second day after the copy machine arrived. Several other practitioners and I tried to figure it out on our own. We encouraged each other and started to copy materials. In the end, practitioners from out of town came many times to teach us how to get on the Internet, and how to download, print and bind, until we could handle it on our own. I learned a lot during this time.

The contact person in our county was charged and sentenced to four years of imprisonment. Before he was arrested, I always wanted to talk to him when we needed to coordinate or make a decision. After this contact person was persecuted, I was afraid that fellow practitioners might want me to be the new coordinator. I decided that I would refuse to take the title of coordinator. Later I realized that my selfishness had taken over and I had been afraid that others would misunderstand me because I was young. However, cultivation cannot stop, and maybe this was what I was able to do. Incorporating fellow practitioners' skills, I coordinated several projects. All of them turned out very well.

There is a young practitioner who obtained the Fa after July 20, 1999. Her righteous thoughts are very strong. With fellow practitioners' encouragement, she started to take charge of the material production site. She works hard every day and tries to provide enough materials on time. At the same time, she gives financial help without complaint. We have direct contact with each other. During our sharing I would point out her shortcomings with benevolence. Now she has become mature and is able to view things with the guidance of the Fa.

Recently I watched the "Fa-Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners" DVD. I realized when Master talked about cooperation with the whole body that the key is to look inside and to see the bad things as opportunities to improve. Dafa practitioners are a whole body. We should consider things from the perspective of the whole body and adjust our thoughts and actions using divine thoughts to understand Dafa. We should not go to non-practitioners with our interpersonal problems because that may cause them to form an negative view of Dafa. Everyone is valuable and deserves salvation. Everyone is in the Fa and has to position themselves. Now I have my own computer. The evil cannot stop us from making truth clarification materials everywhere.

3. Clarifying the facts and helping people to withdraw from the CCP

After the persecution started, my co-workers could not understand how I could believe in Dafa. Even those younger than I criticized me. At first, I did not try to explain anything to them, but just used my behavior to validate Dafa. I tried to do well in my work and did not struggle with others. I treated everyone with benevolence and let Dafa guide the way. At appropriate times, I talked about the beauty of Dafa and the evil persecution. After years of clarifying the facts, all of them have changed greatly. They call me a beautiful golden lotus flower. All the co-workers in my office have withdrawn from the CCP, and almost everyone in my company has withdrawn from the CCP with my help and the help of my fellow practitioners. Several have even started cultivation in Dafa.

After cultivating in Dafa for more than nine years, there are so many understandings to share. I have never written an article before. Now I realize what a big loss that is, because I have forgotten many things. This sharing I wrote today is rather superficial even though it took me all night to finish it. Please point out anything inappropriate.

Cultivation is not a game. Getting rid of attachments and human thoughts are the process of uplifting the mind nature. Everything we gain is from the compassionate power of our Master. In the Fa, we cultivate a clear and steady mind, kind behavior, true nature, and sincere words. Time is passing quickly. During this limited time, I will do the three things well together with all Dafa practitioners. I will be more diligent and offer salvation to more sentient beings to fulfill my wish from long ago in history.

There Is Nothing Dafa Cannot Do

( My name is Qimei. When I was little, I was often very sick, so I didn't read too many books. I was quite fortunate to learn Falun Dafa in 1996, and within a few months, I reached the energetic state of having no illness. Everyone said that I had changed into a totally different person.

Now I'd like to share with fellow practitioners about how I helped my grandson with the teachings of Dafa. My first grandson is 14 years old, and is named "Jiujiu"(jiu means nine). He gave himself this name the day he quit the Communist Party Young Pioneers. I laughed at the time and said, "'Nine-Nine become one' - one day you will become part of Dafa." Last year he was a freshman in high school. After studying for half of the term, his behavior changed. He became very bad-tempered and did not like anything he saw. Neither his teachers nor his classmates dared to say anything to him. During class, he would listen only if he wanted to and sleep if he wanted to sleep. His teachers were afraid to say anything to him, and his parents became very worried. They tried to educate him with theories and they used different kinds of helpful techniques, but he did not listen. The teachers told his parents not to push him too much due to his adolescence, but he became more annoying day after day. One day when I was alone with hime, I gently asked him, "Are you pessimistic?" He replied angrily, "It would be better if I died than lived." I said, "Master told us in Zhuan Falun, 'It's way too easy to control an ordinary person's head' (Zhuan Falun, translated by North American Practitioners). What you are saying or thinking right now is not of yourself, but the evil spirits from the other dimensions that are controlling you. Because you quit an organization affiliated with the CCP and are able to step into the new century, they will interfere and persecute you whenever you have bad thoughts, even a little bit." He nodded with understanding, and things seemed to get better. But after the winter vacation began, he became even more ill-tempered and he lost his temper often, without reason. His parents, aunt, and uncle had no idea what to do with him. Later his aunt wanted to take him to see a psychiatrist, but he refused and lost his temper. At this moment, I remembered Master's words,

"While working, your tone of voice, your kindheartedness, and your reasoning can change a person's heart, whereas commands never could!" ("Clearheadedness," from Essentials For Further Advancement)

Thinking of this, I said to him gently, "I suggest you read Zhuan Falun."

He agreed, and that night he locked himself in his room, reading Zhuan Falun. He only came out for dinner, and finished reading the whole book before 10:00 p.m. That night Master's Law body purified Jiujiu's body. He showed symptoms of a cold, and his sweat had a terrible odor. He recovered within a day, and I later asked him how he felt. He said that the diseases he used to have had all disappeared. From then on his agreeable personality was evident and he was able to study by himself. Periodically I poked him intentionally to see whether he would become angry or not. He smiled and told me that that would not work. His parents and teachers are now very happy. He was even elected as class monitor this term, and his teachers have praised him many times. He is now reading Zhuan Falun again. He told me that he follows Master's teachings when he studies, does his duties in class, and helps classmates to accept "Truthfulness, Benevolence, Tolerance" and Dafa. He is hoping that he will elevate and assimilate to Dafa with his classmates.

Solemn Declarations

53 People Declare that their Words and Deeds Under Forced Brainwashing are Null and Void

( A "solemn declaration" is a person's public statement declaring to the world that whatever he or she has done or said under duress or deception that was against Falun Dafa is null and void. Most of these statements have come from Falun Dafa practitioners in China who wished to express regret that, in the face of physical torture and brainwashing, they had signed documents renouncing Dafa and guaranteeing not to practice again. Also, as more and more people in China learn the truth about how they have been deceived and lied to by the Jiang regime, many non-practitioners are also submitting "solemn declarations."

Here are some examples of the Solemn Declarations:

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340 Awakened Non-Practitioners' Solemn Statements

( More and more people in China are awakening to the truth and realizing that they were deceived by Jiang and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) into participating in the persecution of Falun Gong, either directly as government officials, police, labor camp guards, etc., or indirectly as practitioners' family members, who in many cases may have cursed Dafa, burned Dafa books, or interfered in various other ways to prevent practitioners from following their beliefs. As a result of this awakening, the Minghui/ Clearwisdom website is receiving increasing numbers of heartfelt messages from non-practitioners who wish to publicly express remorse for their wrongdoing and announce their intention to rectify their words and deeds in the future. The editors will periodically choose representative messages of this type and publish them as articles entitled, "Solemn Statements from Non-Practitioners."

Here are some examples of the Solemn Declarations:

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