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One Day in the Life of a Falun Gong Practitioner in China

September 03, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) In northern cities of China, people usually go to bed at eight or nine o'clock at night. At around 12 a.m., I get up and join the worldwide practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts. At 3.50 a.m., I get up again and practice the exercises at the same time as my fellow practitioners. I do not have the exercise music tape, so I recite the formulas myself. When I practiced the fifth exercise today, I noticed that there were many distracting thoughts, so I tried to suppress them. Morning is a good time to do the exercises because my family is still asleep. As I practice the exercises alone in the kitchen, I feel as though I melt into the energy field of my fellow Falun Gong practitioners in China. After sending forth righteous thoughts at 6 a.m., I begin my Fa study. I was born disfigured. In addition, I was persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) several times which resulted in my backbone being injured. So I have to kneel on the floor to read the Fa.

Then my family gets up and goes to work. After doing some housework, I prepare some truth-clarification materials and get ready to leave. Before leaving the house, I say: "Thank you Teacher for protecting me. I will definitely return safely." When I go out, I advise the Chinese people to quit the Communist Party and tell them the truth about Falun Gong. Today I saw a blackboard with the words "There will not be a new China without the CCP" written on it. I immediately had a thought that I should eliminate this slogan so it would not contaminate the world's people. I quickly erased one of the characters, so that it read, "There will not be a new China with the CCP."

I had made plans go to an eighty-year-old practitioner's house to study the Fa. When the CCP began persecuting Falun Gong, this practitioner gave up the practice due to fear. Many of her illness resurfaced. I shared my understanding with her for several years and now she has returned on the path of cultivation. We began studying Zhuan Falun together. I read and she listened. Sometimes, when I read the wrong words, she would correct me. I was very grateful for that.

After the Fa study, I prepared to leave. I asked the practitioner to give me two large pieces of newspaper. I wet the newspaper and put it in a plastic bag. I thought to myself, "If I see any posters with the wicked CCP's slogans, I will eliminate them." When I walked past a residential building at around 2.30 p.m., I saw a blackboard with the same slogan as the one I saw in the morning. I then used the wet newspaper and erased a character, so as to make it read, "There will not be a new China with the CCP." A big man then appeared and looked at me menacingly. I thought, "I should not be afraid; he should!" I kept walking and maintained strong righteous thoughts and walked past the residential building and into the market.

I arrived at the bus stop. There is a blackboard near the bus stop and it also has the wicked party's slogans. Five years ago, I was reported to the police when I tried to erase the evil party's slogan on the same piece of blackboard. I was therefore persecuted. My heart was slightly moved, but I immediately re-evaluated my heart. I approached the blackboard while sending forth righteous thoughts. Coincidentally, another person was standing there erasing the blackboard. By the time I arrived at the blackboard, it was all cleaned. I immediately realized that Master was encouraging me for maintaining a pure heart this time.

The bus arrived, and I met a university student. I began clarifying the facts to her. I gave her some truth-clarification materials. She was very appreciative and decided to quit the Communist Youth League. When I was about to get off the bus, I saw a lady on the bus smiling at me as if we were old friends. I knew she was someone that I had a predestined relationship with. The bus was very crowded and noisy. I realized that I should seize the opportunity, lest I regret it later. I went to her quickly and advised her to quit the CCP. She agreed and loudly said, "Thank you!" I had advised several people to quit the CCP today. I am very touched whenever someone decides to quit the Communist Party. I even tear up sometimes. I know our benevolent Master is giving opportunities to all sentient beings.

I read the Minghui Weekly at night. There are many articles about the truth clarification activities that practitioners who are outside of China do. One of the articles I read was called, "Golden Lotus Flowers Blooming in the Storm." I was very touched after reading it. The practitioners overseas are truly magnificent. Our fellow practitioners in China should also do well.