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Falun Gong Practitioner Wang Yanfang and Others from Yanqing County, Beijing Have Been Persecuted in Labor Camps and in Mental Hospitals

August 14, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Wang Yanfang from Xiangying Town, Yanqing County, Beijing was detained at the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp twice and suffered from brutal persecution, both physically and mentally. One of his feet frequently lost all sensation. In July 2006, he was arrested by the police while he was doing truth-clarification work. During April and May of 2007, he was arrested twice by the police. He became destitute and homeless afterwards to avoid further persecution. On July 30, 2007, he was arrested and sent to the Zhangjiaying Mental Hospital in Yanqing County.

Mr. Wang Yanfang, over 30 years old, is from Xiangying Town, Yanqing County in Beijing. He lived in the downtown section of Yanqing County. He was illegally sentenced to forced labor twice and was sent to the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp in Beijing to be persecuted. He often shouted "Falun Dafa is good" at the labor camp meetings and when the higher level authorities visited the forced labor camp. Guard Liu Jinbiao and others brutally assaulted him using electric batons. He fainted many times and wounds were all over his body. However, he has remained steadfast in his faith.

From May to October 2000 at the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp, the guards used many electric batons to attack him at the same time until the electric shocks burned his skin. But he insisted on his belief. The police then tied his arms and feet between the upper level and lower level of the two-layer bed frame and used the electric baton on him for a long time. His face was completely distorted. But he still did not give up his belief. Afterwards the police sent him to the "group training unit" to persecute him further. But as soon as he had the opportunity, he started to practice the Falun Gong exercises again. He even practiced Falun Gong in front of the team leader of the labor camp. The guard was very angry and afraid. Guard Xu Jianhua from the group training unit tortured him and also incited criminal prisoners to beat him. They tortured him day and night and did not allow him to sleep or drink water.

During his detention, Wang Yanfang used a hunger strike to protest his persecution. Then guards tortured him even more intensively. In November, the camp sent him to the second brigade.

After long-term torture, Wang Yanfang became silent. The guards laughed at him and called him "psycho". On January 18, 2001 when his term was about finished, the police released him with the excuse that he was mentally ill, but he was still continuously harassed by the local police station.

In March 2001, Wang Yanfang went to Tiananmen Square again to practice Falun Gong. He was arrested and illegally sentenced to two years of forced labor. He was detained at the Beijing Forced Labor Camp Dispatching Center. He was brutally tortured after he used a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. Later he was transferred to the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp. At that time, one of his legs became numb and frequently lost sensation, which caused him to fall down suddenly. Even so, the guards still forced him to stand in line every day. Police Liu Jinbiao used an electric baton to shock Wang Yanfang until he fainted.

A Falun Gong practitioner who also suffered persecution in the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp described the brutal persecution as follows:

"The persecution is extremely brutal. Practitioners are frequently wounded, disabled and even killed. For example, Peng Guangjun was persecuted to death. Lu Changjun's spine was broken and he was disabled. Wu Jun, who used to work in rocket research, was tied to a bed board continuously for 100 days. Every day, the criminals who were sent to monitor him insulted and yelled at him. He suffers from muscle dysfunction due to the torture and he needs help to walk. The police also lied and said that Wu Jun has a mental disorder. Politics and Law University student Gong Chengxi was forced to stand for long periods of time, forced to squat, given electric shocks, force fed and not allowed to sleep. Farmer Yang Shuqiang's eardrum was perforated and bled, and his back and legs were badly injured due to the persecution. Liu Xiao and Lin Chengtao from the Fundamental Research Division of the Xiehe Medicine Science and Technology Institute of China were persecuted to the point they became mentally ill.

Wang Yanfang was detained at the Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp twice and suffered from the brutal persecution. One of his legs was numb and he sometimes lost consciousness. It was also very difficult for him to walk. I even saw two criminals dragging him over the ground under the guards' commands. His shoes were lost and his two bare feet were dragged along the ground.

In the end of April 2007, Wang Yanfang was followed, reported and arrested when he passed out truth clarifying materials in the evening. He continuously shouted "Falun Dafa is good" and he did not cooperate with any of the police's requests, even after being beaten and kicked. The next day he was released. But his legs were injured by the police and he could not walk for several days.

On May 15, Wang Yanfang was arrested again. On May 16, he was sent to the Yanqing County Mental Health Hospital for persecution. The doctor said that the police had already paid a deposit for 40 days. Then he started a mental examination of Wang Yanfang to prepare for torturing him. According to the doctor, Wang Yanfang was tied to the bed and forcibly injected with unknown drugs.

After Wang Yanfang got out of the hospital, he became destitute and homeless. It was reported that on July 30, 2007 he was arrested again and sent to the Zhangshanying Mental Hospital in Yanqing County for further persecution.

Telephone numbers:

Beijing Yanqing County Detention Center: 86-10-81197830, 86-10-60158680
Chief Wu Fengzhong: 86-10-81197991
Li Liju 86-13716188335 (Cell)
Yanqing County Police Department: 86-10-81192222
The Yanqing County National Security Team: 86-10-81198004, 86-10-81198121
Li Jinhe: 86-13701073860 (Cell)
Jiang Shuliang: 86-10-69142709 (Home)
Managers of the Yanqing County 610 Office Liu Lianshan and Liu Herong: 86-10-69103007
The Principal of the Fourth Elementary School in Yanqing County, Duan Jinxing: 86-10-6914592, 86-13701179884 (cell)
Yanqing County Hospital: 86-10-69103020