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Crimes Committed in the Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners at Jilin Prison

March 03, 2007 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from China

(Clearwisdom.net) Since the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) began to persecute Falun Gong, Jilin Prison (Jilin Province No. 2 Prison) has illegally detained and persecuted many determined Dafa disciples. Their means of persecution are very cruel. From the facts that we have obtained, we would like to expose the crimes committed by Jilin Province Prison. This prison is regarded as a so-called "civilized" prison by the CCP. We would like to expose these crimes in order to thoroughly eliminate the evil factors there.

The Force and Violence Behind the "Salutary Influence of Education"

When practitioners were illegally detained in the prison, the authorities tried to force each one to write a guarantee statement. Whoever didn’t comply was forced to stay in a "strictly controlled" confinment area. A Korean-Chinese practitioner, Jin Chengquan, was detained in solitary confinement for more than a month in 2003. During that time, he suffered all kinds of torture and insult from the criminals assigned to him. (The prison guards and officials arranged for criminal inmates to "watch," persecute, and torture practitioners.) For example, when Jin Chengquan was washing his face, the criminal inmates dragged him by his hair and pushed him against the wall, burned his eyebrows with a lighter, snapped his eyeballs with their fingers, used pins to prick his fingertips and foot arches, refused to let him fall asleep, and even squeezed his testicles. After torturing him, the evildoers forced him to write a guarantee statement; and only then was he allowed to meet with his family. Otherwise, he would have been deprived of the right to meet with his family. After suffering this cruel persecution, formerly healthy people have become very thin. The guards had the criminal inmates persecute practitioners through a variety of means including bullying, cheating, corporal punishment, insults, torture, framing, beating, and abuse. They ruined the practitioners' spirits and annihilated them physically in order to "transform" them, and they gained political and economic benefits for doing so. Practitioners were deprived of their right to see their relatives, and they were not allowed to protest to the prison authorities. Furthermore, the evildoers kept the statements written by the practitioners, to conceal their crimes.

Li Yongsheng and Wang Yuanchun from the Education Section at the prison used "strict control" to try to force practitioners to "transform." Furthermore, they instigated the criminal inmates to pressure the practitioners and torture them in order to "transform" them. The "transformed" practitioners were forced to stay with the criminal inmates, who then attacked them. In fact, their method was to continue pressuring the Falun Gong practitioners in order to "transform" them thoroughly.

The Prison Arranged for the Criminal Inmates to Torture Practitioners

Jilin Prison arranged for the criminal inmates to cruelly persecute practitioners. Moreover, the prison has never put a stop to this kind of brutal persecution.

The "Strictly Controlled Division"

The criminal inmates were worse in the "strictly controlled division." Practitioners who were sent to the "strictly controlled division" were called "self-examination persons" and were monitored by the convicts. The practitioners held there were deprived of all rights, and they suffered a fascistic mode of control. The practitioners were forced to sit on a wooden board for 15 or 16 hours each day. They had to sit upright and not move at all, not even their necks a little bit. If they didn’t sit upright, they would suffer a brutal beating. Some practitioners' buttocks festered, and some acquired pulmonary tuberculosis and pleurisy. They ate only a little piece of pickle and small, tasteless crumbs of buns for each meal. They were not allowed to go to the toilet at night, and even their breathing was limited. Some practitioners had lung problems, and when they coughed, they were cruelly beaten.

There were "stretching beds" in the prison, also called the "fixed beds." These "stretching beds" were used to torture practitioners by holding the person on the floor of the solitary confinement and fastening his limbs with four metal cuffs so that the convicts could kick, step on, burn with boiled water (as was done to Mr. Wang Fengcai), and prick the practitioner with pins. The cruelest torture was to put the practitioner on his back and fasten him down. Then they shoved quilts, water bottles and boards under his back. They called it "adding pressure." The torture was to elevate the person, stretching the limbs tightly. The flesh of the wrists and foot joints were torn up slowly, and the bones were exposed. At the same time, the lower back was elevated and the head was lower. As a result, breathing became difficult, and oppressive pain could make the person die immediately. Some practitioners suffered this kind of torture for one or two hours, and some were injured severely and sent to a hospital to receive treatment. Some practitioners were fixed on the bed for more than ten days, twenty days, one month, and even two months. As a result, their muscles began to atrophy, and they could not stand upright. When they walked they had to support themselves with their hands against the wall. Their hands and feet were frozen stiff, and they became very thin. Some practitioners suffered this kind of torture several different times.

The shortest term in the "strictly controlled division" was more than a month. The longest term was ten months. Typically, practitioners were detained in the "strictly controlled division" for three or four months.

"Study Class" and "Psychological Rectification"

The prison used the so-called "study classroom," "psychological rectification center," and "psychological consultation room" to persecute practitioners. Contrary to what the labels imply, the prison administration used these areas to turn good people into bad people. Each group in Jilin Prison has a "study class," where criminal inmates try to force Falun Gong practitioners to "transform". They try to make each practitioner write a guarantee statement or be forced to sit on a wooden board as a punishment. If the practitioners don’t obey, they are beaten and abused at any time. Sometimes four criminals beat one practitioner. Some practitioners’ ribs were broken from being kicked (for example, Mr. Shi Guohong). The convicts used a wooden board to beat their backs, and the practitioners bled from many places (for example, Mr. Liu Chengjun was tortured to death.) Some had their front teeth knocked out and were severely injured. Mr. Cao Zhonghua and others were not allowed to sleep. Mr. Zheng Weidong was not allowed to fall asleep for nine days. The practitioners were not allowed to speak, communicate with others, or walk around. The practitioners who didn’t obey would suffer the torture of the "stretching bed."

The "Psychology Rectification Center" was initiated in April 2004 at Jilin Prison. This was used as another way to persecute practitioners in order to try to "transform" them. In September 2005, Li Yongsheng from the Education Section talked to practitioner Mr. Gao Zhengang, with the excuse of "rectification" and "consultation" in order to try to "transform" him. Li Yongsheng took three "rectified" former practitioners, Bai Ye, Yan Feng and Wu Qingdong, who had all become collaborators, to transform Mr. Gao Zhengang for more than one month. However, they didn’t succeed. Afterwards, Li Yongsheng arranged for a criminal from the "strictly controlled division," Xu Zhigang, to persecute Mr. Gao. Xu Zhigang took several criminals to beat and abuse Mr. Gao. It is just as the other criminals in Jilin Prison have said, "The criminals in the strictly controlled division have a license to beat others." Under such pressure, some practitioners relented and wrote a guarantee statement. Moreover, they ordered the practitioners to write whatever the evildoers said, and the "transformed" practitioners were forced to "transform" other practitioners.

The No. 1 Ward and the No. 10 Ward

There are two sections in Jilin Prison that are for "transforming" Falun Gong practitioners. One is in the No. 1 Ward. There are 17 or 18 people involved and Li Yongsheng is the leader. They have mainly used brutal means to try to force practitioners to give up their belief. Since July 2006, they have put nine practitioners into solitary confinement, charged with reading Master’s recent writings and articles. These practitioners are Jiang Tao, Wang Jian, Zhang Beiqi, Tian Rukai, Liu Hong, Sun Qian, Wang Hongliang, Liu Yang, and a Dafa disciple who is 73 years old from Songyuan City. Sun Qian has been put on the "stretching bed." He was released from solitary confinement when he was at the edge of death. Another section is in the No. 10 Ward; it consists of 17 or 18 collaborators. They are led by Wang Yuanchun from the Education Section. Since October 2006, the Education Section has directly led convicts to try to "transform" practitioners. The collaborators know that the practitioners haven’t read Master’s recent writings and articles, so they quote out of context and distort Dafa's teachings to misguide the practitioners. Some practitioners finally agreed with their opinions when they were persecuted to exhaustion. Some practitioners even became collaborators and were used as tools for persecuting others. The practitioners here who refused to "transform" were put into the "strictly controlled division" to be persecuted (such as was done to Zhu Dexiang).

Using the Policy of Implication to Make the Guards and Criminals Brutally Persecute Practitioners

In Jilin Prison guards' salaries and criminals' sentences are linked to persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. According to prison stipulations, a guard will gain a bonus of one thousand yuan for accomplishing the duty of "transforming" a practitioner. The criminals who take part in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners can get different premiums or added points. Gaining three points can commute their sentence by four or five days; they can even get ten points. Otherwise, the criminals, the group, and the district group will be implicated. If the criminal inmates persecute non-practitioners, they will have points deducted. This policy of implication ensures that the criminal inmates will hate determined practitioners. Some criminal inmates who know the truth about Falun Gong and don’t want to cooperate with the persecution will have points deducted. In order to leave prison earlier, some criminal inmates have become devoid of normal human conscience.

These facts about the persecution of Falun Gong at Jilin Prison are a testimony to the loss of conscience there. The inhumane persecution must be stopped. We call on all international societies to pay attention to the prisons, forced labor camps, detention centers, and concentration camps in China and to conduct a field survey. Also, we call on the goodness in the Chinese people, urging them to pay attention to and stop the cruel persecution of Falun Gong that has lasted for seven years.