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Serious Crimes Committed at Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province

February 03, 2007 |   By a practitioner in Heilongjiang Province

(Clearwisdom.net) Here I will expose the savage persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners between 2004 and 2006 at the Harbin City Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp in Heilongjiang Province.

In October 2004, officials in Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp organized prisoners to beat practitioners. The deputy head of the labor camp, Liu Lun, actively advocated persecuting practitioners by force. The following officials were involved: Head of the administration section Wu; Secretary Yu; Head of the education section Wang Yuou; Heads of No. 4 Division including Hao Wei, Zhang Bin and Wang Jiali; guards in No. 4 Division Ao Ping, Ding Yanfeng, Gao Hui, Liu Wenhui, Li Zhiyong, Niu Tiejun, and others.

1. Practitioner He Qinghui Suffered Skull Fracture on the Spot From Beating

On the afternoon of October 11, 2004, several guards were called to the No. 4 Division to join in the savage beating of practitioners. The following prisoners also participated: Wang Rong (who suffered karmic retribution and died of a brain hemorrhage, as reported on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website), He Wei (who died in a car accident), Zhou Fei, Yu Zhen, Zhong Xiaotao, Zhou Liantao, Guo Lei, Liu Yie, Liu Zhihong, Ye Qingbin, Youzhididiti, Xiao Hua (an alias), Liu Jinhai, and others. Guard Ao Ping decided who would be beaten. He first named practitioner Mr. Yao Shiguo, who had resisted being brainwashed. Ao Ping ordered prisoners to drag Mr. Yao back to the prison cell and beat him. They threw cold water on him to wake him up after he lost consciousness due to the beatings, which were repeated three or four times. Then the other twelve practitioners, including An Xuelun, Kuan Fangqi, Gao Jizhu, Chang Yongfu, and He Qinghui, suffered brutal beatings and threats in turn. Na Zhunxian was threatened as well.

Practitioner He Qinghui's skull was fractured from the beating. Brain fluid leaked out and he suffered severe mental trauma. (He is currently still at Kangfu Hospital in Harbin making slow recovery. He has lost most of his memory, reacts slowly, and cannot move normally) A kind prisoner named Yang Yubao carried him from the second floor to downstairs and the deputy head of the No. 4 Division Zhang Bin used his own car to take him to the hospital. When guard Ding Yanfeng, who was the driver, helped carry Mr. He to the car, he kicked him viciously because his blood and brain fluid spilled in the car. That night, Deputy Head of the labor camp Liu Lun continued to organize the persecution of practitioners and tried to force them to write the three statements.

The next morning, practitioner Mr. Xu Zhenfeng risked his life to protest the persecution, and practitioner He Qinghui was still on the verge of death. The wave of brutal persecution had to stop.

The head of the labor camp, Shi Yingbai, hypocritically wanted to investigate He Qinghui's "accident." The fact was that he wanted to cover up the truth. Pretending to investigate He Qinghui's incident, Deputy Head of the Administration Section Tao Dajian talked to the prisoners involved in beating practitioners one by one in order to get them to agree on what to say and to cover up their crimes. He instructed them not to mention any guards that were present during the beating. Prisoner Youzimaimaiti from Xinjiang Province didn't get the point and told the truth, and as a result was subjected to brutal beatings from other prisoners. The labor camp lied to He Qinghui's family members and said that his injury was caused by a fall. Even Prosecutor Ren, who was assigned to reside at the labor camp, was involved in the cover up. He talked to the prisoners in person and recorded their false statements. Due to Shi Yingbai's plotting, the serious crime of a detainee being disabled due to torture was covered up.

Not long after this, the head of No. 4 Division, Hao Wei, was awarded the title "Advance Model in the Municipal Judicature System." Hao Wei was very hypocritical and vicious. In mid November, when practitioner Mr. Na Zhenxian was extremely weak, he rejected the request to release Na for medical treatment.

In November 2004, practitioners in the No. 1 Division held a hunger strike to protest the persecution. They were subjected to force-feeding and other forms of torture. The persecution was led by the head of No. 1 Division, Yang Jintang, and the deputy, Yang Yu. The practitioners who were abused were Xu Baolin, Zhang Delong, Hao Yunshu, Yu Wenxiang, Mo Zhikui, Tian Ying, among others.

In late 2004, the labor camp organized blood draws from practitioners for medical checkups. When practitioner Mr. Mo Zhikui refused to cooperate, the guards in the No. 1 Division beat him and then drew his blood.

2. Evil Guard Zhao Shuang

In late March 2005, practitioner Mr. Na Zhenxian was transferred to the "restriction division" (No. 5 Division) to suffer further abuse. One day guard Zhao Shuang started brutally beating practitioner Mr. Sun Hongda for his "wrong eye expression." Guard Wang Fuhai viciously shocked Sun Hongda on his head, mouth, back of his head, face, and neck, which badly burned Mr. Sun's tongue, and he had difficulty eating for several months. While Sun Hongda was held on the ground by five or six prisoners, guard Zhao Shuang rode on the top of Sun and tortured him, pushing and pulling him. This made Sun Hongda suffer extreme pain in all his joints, and he had difficulty moving around for several days. Deputy head of the labor camp Liu Lun witnessed the torture but walked away as if nothing had happened. Zhao Shuang also brutally slapped Sun Hongda's face, which caused Sun to lose hearing in his left ear for several days.

In late April 2005, the practitioners who firmly persisted in their belief were transferred to the No. 5 Division. (There were more than 60 practitioners detained at the No. 5 Division at its peak.) A new wave of persecution was going to start. More guards were transferred to the No. 5 Division. Currently, No. 5 Division has the following guards: head of the division Zhao Shuang, deputy Wang Kai, deputy Qiang Shengguo, deputy Li Jianfeng, Yang Yang, Kuo Wangji, Wang Fuhai, Zhang Zhensun, Sun Qingyu, Dou Yuxin (who was reported in 2005 on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website as having a brain hemorrhage), Liu Feng, Zhang Baoshu, and others. Practitioners were forced to work for long hours picking toothpicks all day long with only two hours of sleep. Practitioners were not allowed to sleep until 3:00 a.m. and were forced to get up at 5:00 a.m., and only had a short time to eat during the day. Zhao Shuang shouted, "The money you earn is used to purchase electric batons or medicine if you get sick due to labor. We just cannot allow you to be comfortable. I know I will not have a good ending eventually. I just enjoy my comforts whenever I can. My birthday is July 1 [the CCP's birthday]. If the CCP comes to an end, I will end as well."

Practitioner Mr. Na Zhenxian was almost 60 years old and had high blood pressure. He was also forced to work for long hours with little sleep. These long hours of labor lasted for a month. The following prisoners were involved in blackmailing, insulting and beating practitioners: Qi Kunglei (who was reported on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website when he suddenly died on the 2006 Chinese New Year), Dong Hebin (whose sister was the lover of Zhao Shuang), Wang Yong, Li Xiaodong, Lin Haiyang, Zhong Cunlong, Li Zhexing, Zhen Xugang, Yang Qingguo, Wang Li, Han Zaiyan, Gu Feng, and Liu Weichen.

3. The Death of Practitioner Mr. Na Zhenxian

In mid September, there were three serious persecution cases.

The first case: Guard Zhao Shuang beat practitioner Yu Wenxiang so brutally that Yu's eardrum was perforated.

The second case: Practitioner Mr. Zhou Peihong' arms were disabled due to a brutal beating. Prisoner Qi Kunlei intentionally provoked the conflict. Guard Zhao Shuang viciously broke both of Mr. Zhou's arms and disabled him. The guards on duty, Yang Yang and Guo Wanji, defended Zhao Shuang to save him from punishment.

The third case: Death of practitioner Mr. Na Zhengxian.

The authorities delayed in sending Mr. Na Zhenxian to emergency after he had a severe breakdown. His whole body suddenly started shaking and he was unable to walk when he was waiting in line for breakfast. He asked guard Li Jianfeng if he could rest but was ignored. Prisoner head Dong Hebin scolded him viciously and ordered other prisoners to drag him to the workshop to work. In the afternoon, guard Guo Wanji, who was in charge of prisoners' medical treatments, hypocritically took Mr. Na to see the doctor. The doctor on duty muddled through his work. He just took Na's blood pressure and didn't subscribe any medication or injection, and then let the guard take Na Zhenxian back to the No. 5 Division. At that time, Mr. Na was already having a hard time working. He said that he felt extremely cold and his whole body was shaking.

That night, Mr. Na Zhenxian was unable to take care of himself and was incontinent. Fellow practitioners helped him to change his underwear. The guards didn't care at all. The next morning, Mr. Na was unable to get up to have breakfast. When the on-duty prisoner Wang Kai came back, he viciously berated Na Zhenxian and accused him of faking illness. At 8:00 or 9:00 a.m., prisoner Han Zaiyan found Na Zhenxian's body already cold and reported it to Wang Kai. Na Zhenxian was finally sent to the hospital. Later the labor camp tried to contain the news of Na Zhenxian's death. In the No. 5 Division bulletin, it was reported that Na Zhenxian was still in the hospital.

On Mid-Autumn Day, September 19, head of the division Li Jianfeng bought moon cakes for practitioners, with a guilty conscience. This was done in order to cover up the fact that Na Zhenxian had died due to delayed medical treatment. Zhao Shuang pretended to discuss the medical treatment with Na's family on the phone in front of all the practitioners.

Although the death of Mr. Na Zhenxian was not directly caused by beatings, many factors during his detention in the labor camp detention led his death, including mental torture, brutal brainwashing, long-hours of forced labor, poor food, insults, and delay of medical treatment. Thus Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp is responsible, and will not escape justice.

In February 2006, Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp once again organized blood draws for "medical checkups." All practitioners in No. 4 Division firmly opposed it.

January 10, 2007