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Practitioner Mr. Chang Yongfu, 44, From Heilongjiang Province Died as a Result of Persecution in a Labor Camp and Abuse in Mental Hospitals and from 610 Ofice

February 20, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) His family took Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Chang Yongfu from Mulan County, Heilongjiang Province home around 5:00 a.m. on January 18, 2007. He had been at the Puning Mental Hospital in Jiangbei, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. He passed away later as a result of brutal tortures he suffered at the Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp in Harbin City and at two mental hospitals. He bled from both ears and the corners of his eyes. His nasal cavities contained congealed blood. Blood was found inside his mouth.

Falun Dafa practitioner Chang Yongfu never used to be sick. Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp officials had sent him to the Mulan County 610 Office in order to avoid responsibility, and the "610 Office" in turn admitted him into the Dongxing Town Mental Hospital where he was injected with unknown drugs. The hospital authorities told his family to take him home after the drugs started to take effect. Chang Yongfu passed away at home. Following are details:

Chang Yongfu was 44 years old and lived in Mulan County, Heilongjiang Province. He posted and distributed various Falun Gong materials on July 26, 2004. Officers Jiang Yan, Er Jinzi and others from the No. 1 Police Station in Mulan County broke into his home, arrested him and sent him to the notorious Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp in Harbin City. Guards and inmates beat him savagely many times, and he suffered a nervous breakdown.

The main officials at the labor camp, including those from the Brainwashing Section, the Control Section and a group of guards handpicked from all divisions, gathered in Division 4. Some of them carried electric batons and wore Sam Browne belts [wide leather belts, was named after General Sir Samuel J. Browne, 1824-1901, of the British Army in India] Wang Yuou, head of the Education Section gave a speech to announce the reorganization of Division 4, followed by guard Niu Tiejun, who led a "study" of labor camp policies. In the middle of the group reading, the officials suddenly claimed someone's voice was too low. They ordered the inmates to drag 12 Dafa practitioners including Yao Shiguo, Chang Yongfu, Na Zhenxian, and He Qinghui into a room they had prepared beforehand and brutally beat and threatened them. Some practitioners were severely bruised, some were disabled and later on couldn't straighten their backs. Practitioner He Qinghui was beaten until he suffered a skull fracture, exposing his brain. He became a "vegetable." Na Zhenxian was tortured to death on September 16, 2005.

Camp officials claimed Dafa practitioner Chang Yongfu had mental disorders and sent him to the Mulan County "610 Office." Agents from the "610 Office" secretly took him to the Dongxing Town Mental Hospital in Mulan County. Some time later they transferred him to the Puning Mental Hospital in Jiangbei, Harbin City where they gave him injections against his will.

The hospital authorities told Chang Yongfu's sister to secretly take him home in October 2006. Chang Yongfu had suffered a nervous breakdown. His nose was swollen and his eyesight was weak. He developed insomnia and screamed gibberish. During lucid moments he said he didn't know what drugs were used on him. His whole body felt terrible; his nose, head and eyes hurt terribly. He bled constantly from his nose and he eventually became blind in both eyes.

After Chang Yongfu's death his two sisters went to the Mulan County "610 Office." The "610 Office" agents spoke with the Civil Administration Bureau officials and told the family to secretly take Chang Yongfu's body to a crematory.

This is another crime committed against Dafa practitioners by the Mulan County police, the "610 Office," the Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp officials in Harbin City and personnel from the mental hospitals in Heilongjiang Province.

Below is contact information for officials responsible for the persecution:

Wang Jianhua: head of Mulan County Police Department, 86-451-57088007, 86-451-57082072, 86-13804639505 (Cell)
Zhang Weizhu: political secretary at the police department, 86-451-57082258, 86-451-57080662, 86-13703665595 (Cell)
Wang Xiaofeng: deputy political secretary at the police department, 86-451-57088017, 86-451-57081182, 86-13836076555 (Cell)
Liu Xiaochun: deputy head of the police department, 86-451-57082376, 86-451-57083751, 86-13074508802(Cell)
Cui Xinghua: deputy head of the police department, 86-451-57082376, 86-13903661887 (Cell)
Wang Youfu: deputy head of the police department, 86-451-57083463, 86-451-57084355, 86-13115500009(Cell)
Liu Wenhua: deputy head of the police department, 86-451-57082205, 86-451-57081168, 86-13030037488 (Cell)
Wei Jianqiu: deputy head of the police department in charge of persecuting Falun Gong, head of "610 Office", 86-451-57089771 (Home)
Cao Shuguang: deputy secretary of the Political and Judiciary Committee, 86-451-57083346, 86-451-57082194, 86-13936549595 (Cell)
Mulan County "610 Office": 86-451-57088435