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Incidents of Torture in Qidong County Detention Center and Changsha City Women's Prison

December 10, 2007 |  


Tortured in Qidong County Detention Center

On March 27, 2004, Qidong County Police officials arrested me as I distributed informational materials that explained the truth about Falun Gong and exposed the persecution. They incarcerated me in Shaoyang County Detention Center. After I started a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention, the police force-fed me and injured my throat in the process. Six days later they transferred me to Qidong County Detention Center. While there, they hung me by one arm on a window frame for half a day, with my feet not even touching the floor. In addition, they tortured me with the tiger bench for six consecutive days.

Tortured in Changsha City Women's Prison

I was illegally sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison for my belief in Falun Gong and served my term at Changsha City Women's Prison. I experienced inhuman tortures there, such as long-term standing (for about a month) and sleep restriction to one or two hours a night. My feet became so swollen that they oozed fluid.

A. I had to sit on wet ground and was verbally abused

The prison established an "Education and Reform" Team to persecute practitioners. They assigned heavy intensive labor. Practitioners could not sleep if they did not finish their assigned work. On one occasion, I just blinked my eyes once, and the guard poured a bottle of cold water over my head in very cold weather. The prison officials used collaborators to torture us. They tied my hands behind my back, taped my mouth shut, kicked and punched me, and also pulled my hair out. They poured water on the ground and made me sit on the ground for several days and nights with my hands immobilized and my mouth taped shut. They put Master's picture on the floor and made me sit on it. They also put the picture in my pants. I eventually hid Master's picture in a safe place; unfortunately, guards took that picture away when they conducted a body search at the time of my release.

B. I was handcuffed with my arms behind my back and hung up, force-fed, and made to "carry a sword on the back"

The prison guards were very brutal and said they would torture me to death. If I died, Lu Hueiling and Wang Xiaoli, who had betrayed Falun Gong, would testify that I had committed suicide. Yan Meiying tortured me many times and claimed she would torture me step by step. Prison guard Liu Qian tied me to a chair and handcuffed my hands behind my back. I was in position called "carrying a sword on the back " for several days. (This is a brutal torture in which the hands are forced behind one's back, one pulled over the shoulder and the other pulled up from the lower back, and handcuffed). Yi Meiying and Lu Hueiling handcuffed my wrists behind my back and then pulled me up by the handcuffs as they kicked and punched me and pulled my hair. They also pinched me on the wounds they had already inflicted. I was force-fed and forced to take drugs three times per day, four to six caplets each time. I was in the "transformation" team for eleven months and barely survived.

C. List of people who were involved in the torture

Criminal inmates Liu Yan, Wang Ping, Chen Zhili, Cheng Jiawang, Yan Yiang, and a female prisoner surnamed Xie;Guard Zhao Lan; Prison Director Zhou Dan; "Reform Team" leaders, Tang Ying and Li Jun; guards Deng Zhen, Zhou Xiaolan, Li Ling, and a female guard surnamed Zhou

D. Other practitioners suffering torture

I am aware of more than a dozen practitioners who are still in the prison. They include: Me Liqun, Shi Yuhua, Zhang Chentao, Hu Xinyuan, Zhang Xinyi, Deng Honghua, Tan Xiangyu, Ding Shikun, Zhou Yufen, Yang Xiaolan, Zhang Furong, Gao Qieyue, and Zhang Geling.

Ms. Gao Qieyue cut her veins to escape from the brutal torture (Please note: Falun Gong forbids self-injury and suicide.). Ms. Li Deyin died in the prison on May 25, 2006, as a result of torture. Practitioner Ms. Kuang Sue was beaten to death by Qidong County police.