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Mr. Yang Jianpo from Hebei Province at the Brink of Death; Family Visits Refused

January 29, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Yang Jianpo from Langfang, Hebei Province has been on a hunger strike for 350 days since he was arrested under the persecution. A few days ago, Hao Baoxin, leader of Division 4, again refused to permit family visits, citing the "new regulations of 2007."

In the afternoon on January 16, 2007, Yang Jianpo's family members came to Division 4 at the Jidong Prison in Tangshan City, requesting to see Yang Jianpo. Their earlier attempts at visiting had been denied with the excuse that they did not have their ID cards on them. This time, all his family members had brought their ID cards and asked the prison to allow them to see Yang Jianpo. After the reception room duty officer contacted the authorities, he told the family members that the authorities did not approve their visit. They were not allowed to see him.

Mr. Yang's family members argued, "We have been through all the required procedures and are immediate family! Why can't we see him?" The officer said, "You'd better go and sort it out with our superiors. We can't help you." The family members then went to see the prison authorities. However, the division leaders and heads of various sections were not in their offices. They had hidden somewhere else in the prison compound and refused to see Mr. Yang's family members.

There was nothing Yang Jianpo's family could do except wait outside, hoping that they could talk to the leaders when they were on their way home. Later on, Education Section deputy head Wu Likun emerged. Mr. Yang's family members asked him why they were prevented from seeing Yang Jianpo. Wu said, "Yang Jianpo shouted 'Falun Dafa is good' in prison, and when relatives came to see him he always talked about how wonderful Falun Dafa is. That's why you are not allowed to see him. If you want to see him, you'll have to go and see division leader Hao!"

When it was nearly 3:00 p.m., the family members saw prison doctor Bi Jixiang come out. They asked him about Yang Jianpo's health. Bi said, " It's still the same." The family members asked him what he meant by "the same." Bi said, "You'd better wait to ask the leaders. I can't help you with this matter."

They waited until 4:00 p.m., when they saw Division 4 leader Hao Baoxin and others come out to go home. Mr. Yang's family members walked up to him and asked to see Yang Jianpo. Hao Baoxin not only refused their request but also threatened Mr. Yang's son. When he saw that Yang's son was not afraid of him he said, "Go back home and get a letter from your local police station to certify that you are Yang Jianpo's family members; then you can come back with your ID cards. This is the new regulation for 2007."

Yang Jianpo's family members argued, "We have come here more than ten times. Surely you know we are Jianpo's family members." Hao Baoxin said, "This is the new regulation." After this, he left.

Yang Jianpo has suffered repeated persecution over the past few years. On February 20, 2004, he was illegally arrested by agents from the Guangyang Police Precinct in Langfang and sent to the Kaiping Forced Labor Camp for persecution. When he was released on June 8, 2004, his weight had dropped to just over 40 kilos (88 pounds), and he was emaciated. Yang Jianpo, Cao Baoyu and other Dafa practitioners were arrested once more during the 2006 Chinese New Year when they had gone to clarify the truth to government officials in order to rescue other fellow practitioners.

Mr. Yang suffered severe abuse until he was at the brink of death. Both Langfang City Hospital officials and officials at the Chinese Medicine Hospital issued critical condition notices, and the Langfang Detention Center also issued his release notice. However, persecutors at the 610 Office in the Guangyang District withheld the notices and sent Mr. Yang to Guangyang District People's Hospital for further persecution. In the evening of April 27, 2006, Cao Baoyu died at the same hospital as a result of the persecution. Yang Jianpo was then unlawfully sentenced and locked up in Division 4 at the Jidong Prison. Yang Jianpo has been on a hunger strike since February 5, 2006 to protest the illegal detention and persecution.

We urgently appeal to kind-hearted people in China, to international human rights organizations and to the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong to pay attention to the situation of Dafa practitioner Yang Jianpo, and to urgently rescue him as his life is in danger.

Relevant Contact Information -

Central Hospital of Division 4, the Jidong Prison, Fengnan District, Tangshan, Hebei Province, Postal Code 063507
Tel: 86-315-8515168

Personnel at Division 4 at the Jidong Prison:

Hao Baoxin, Deputy Head of Division 4: 86-315-8501878 (H); 8313628 (W), 86-13323250363 (cell)
Bi Jixiang, Song Shuxin, doctors of the Central Hospital

Phone numbers of the Prison Administration Section:
Song Chenliang �" head of the section: 86-315-8327666, 8519996

General Division of Jidong Prison
Head, Peng Yanjie: 86-315-8310888 (H), 8327888, 8519548 (W)
Head of the 610 Office of the General Division, An Yue: 86-315-8501899 (H), 8327668, 8519568 (W)

Administrators of Jidong Prison

Head of prison, Song Chenliang: 86-315-8327666 (W), 8327966 (Dormitory), 86-311-83807666 (H) in Shijiazhuang City; 13930530566, 13832978666 (Cell)
Political Commissar, Peng Yanjie: 86-315-8327888 (Office), 8502668 (H), 86-13903157108 (Cell)
Party Secretary of the Discipline Department, An Yue: 86-315-8327668 (W), 8502888 (H), 86-13503150211(Cell)
Deputy head of prison, Sun Yuejin: 86-315-8327898 (W), 8310669 (H), 86-13653155866 (Cell)
Deputy head of prison, Hou Baochen: 86-315-8327686 (W), 8310686 (H), 86-13803329986 (Cell)
Deputy head of prison, Wang Xiaode: 86-315-8327868 (W), 8501993 (H), 86-13603256338 (Cell)
Deputy head of prison, Li Bing: 86-315-8327688 (W), 8310688 (H), 86-13933327929 (Cell)
Deputy head of prison, Xue Yanlin: 86-315-8327999 (W), 8501855 (H), 86-13803306117 (Cell)

Guangyang District 610 Office head Zhao Jiafu, deputy head Wang Huijun, and Guangyang District government office director Liu Jianzhong (86-13503162571- cell) are the agents directly responsible for the death of Dafa practitioner Cao Yubao and for sending Yang Jianpo to Jidong Prison.