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Police Tear Down Mourning Tent After Practitioner Wang Jianguo's Death

July 21, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Wang Jianguo, 32, along with his wife Zhao Qiumei, ran a snack store in Chaoyang Street, Jilin City, Jilin province. On March 2, 2006, the couple was illegally arrested by Nanjing Police Station officers due to their belief in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance." They were taken to Jilin City First Detention Center. Police confiscated their belongings, including cash and merchandise worth more than 30,000 yuan. On April 10, after Mr. Wang's breathing and heartbeat stopped, he was sent to the Jilin City No. 222 Hospital for "emergency treatment."

Why did Jilin City First Detention Center "rescue" a dead person? In fact, before his arrest, Mr. Wang was very healthy, without any illness, but within 40 days in Jilin City First Detention Center he was dead!

With nowhere to redress this injustice, his family members set up their own mourning hall and held a memorial service for people to come to express their condolences. On April 30, police dismantled the mourning hall canopy.

The canopy built inside Mr. Wang's courtyard

 Police dismantling the canopy and emptying the courtyard

Jilin City No. 222 Hospital's emergency medical treatment record for Mr. Wang Jianguo

The doctor's emergency medical treatment record (ID: 6156):

Wang Jianguo, male, 32, Han nationality. Work unit: detention center
Time in: 15:58, April 10, 2006
Method of entrance: Carried

Patient History: According to detention center officials, during the past month the patient refused to eat. But after talking to him, he eventually took in small amounts of thin liquid food all the while losing weight. Came in for treatment on the morning of April 10 and Director Guo in outpatient service checked on him. Returned him to the detention center for treatment. Got seriously ill around 15:20; difficulty in breathing, pulse weak. BP:80/50. Came in at 15:58.

Check up: T:0C P:0 Times/Minute BP:0mmHg Consciousness: 0 Pupil: Left 4mm Right 8-10mm

Patient arrived at the emergency room at 15:58

Check up: Patient's breathing and heartbeat stopped, pulse dissipated, right pupil 8-10mm let 4mm, no reaction to light, no heart rate, no breathing sounds, no injury seen on the chest, back, arms, or legs. Gave sucking 02, chest massages, Electrocardiogram, and muscle coramine shot. No effect.

Preliminary diagnosis: 1. Malnutrition. 2. Respiratory cycle failure. No head CT performed after asking the director of the detention center.

Rescue Situation: Already dead when came in.

Time left: 16:45, April 10, 2006

Nurse: Zhang Lianfei

Concerns about the death of Mr. Wang Jianguo:

Before his arrest, Mr. Wang was healthy and strong and had no illness. Why did he die after 40 days in Jilin City First Detention Center?

The patient record that morning indicated that Mr. Wang was on a hunger strike for two days. But in the afternoon, the record showed that he had refused to eat for more than a month. Which statement is true? If he had been on a hunger strike for two days, then it is unlikely that he would have died from starvation. If Mr. Wang had been on hunger strike for more than a month, he must have been extremely weak. Then why didn't they keep him in the hospital instead of sending him back to the detention center to be persecuted again?


The medical record stated: "respiratory cycle failure." What had caused his "respiratory cycle failure?" When Mr. Wang was carried to the emergency room of the 222 Hospital, the doctor declared the patient already dead. But in order to shirk their responsibility, Jilin City Detention Center authorities wrote "Died after failed rescue" on Mr. Wang's death report, which was sent to Jilin City Chuanying Police Station. Mr. Wang was dead when they carried him to the hospital, so how could he be rescued? Was it to cover up their crime of murder?

The report from that afternoon stated: "the director of the detention center did not allow a head CT." Why didn't he allow a head CT? When family members checked the body, they saw lumps on the back of Mr. Wang's head. Were they from a beating? Injury marks on his face and forearms and the fact that the upper part of his back was purplish red also suggested he was beaten. Given these serious injuries, why were the stated causes of death limited to "malnutrition" and "respiratory cycle failure?"

The deputy director of the detention center, Cong Maohua, told Mr. Wang's family members: "We injected him with glucose. He had problems with his head. His breathing was not normal and he had problems with his lungs." Mr. Wang was very healthy. In fact, he used to practice martial arts and never had a lung problem. On his medical record there was no mention of a lung problem. Why did Cong Maohua say he had lung problems? Could it have been that the detention center was force feeding Mr. Wang and that the feeding tube was wrongly inserted into his lungs, which introduced liquid into his lungs, and that he died from a lung infection? Since the detention center did do force feeding, how could his death have been attributed to malnutrition?

When someone dies, setting up a memorial service for people to come to express their condolences is an ancient Chinese tradition. With Mr. Wang Jianguo's unfortunate and unjust death, his family members had nowhere to publicize it, so they set up their own mourning hall. A couplet was hung, saying: "Gray haired people say good-bye to black haired people, who knows the injustice" and "Be a good person. Heaven will not tolerate persecution." Written on top was: "Died miserably in a detention center after 40 days."

Around five o'clock in the morning on April 30, 2006, the director of Jilin City Police Station, Changyi Branch, along with 40 to 50 officers, including five or six policewomen, drove more than 10 cars to Mr. Wang's home, located at the 4th team, Hongyuan Village, the Changyi District. Police blocked all the roads in front of Mr. Wang's home. At that time Mr. Wang's parents were not at home but several relatives were there. Police broke into the yard, surrounded the relatives, and told them not to move. They said it was an order from higher officials. They started to take down the canopy and said: "This mourning hall gives really a bad impression."

Police confiscated everything both inside and outside of the mourning hall, except for Mr. Wang's picture, including the two contradicting medical records, an analysis of the suspicious circumstances concerning Mr. Wang's death, the couplets, a big "Unjust" character glued to a piece of black cloth, the wreath, the basket of flowers, an incense burner, and paper people, paper horses, food, and fruits for the memorial service, as well as the materials for the canopy including the wooden frame.

July 1, 2006